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  1. Hello Something new is to be appreciated, Good work. Thank you to all who have worked to bring life to this idea. Regards Bau
  2. Bau


    Hello Today I come back with a new idea on the forum, first of all I apologize for my annoyance. My idea is a power named (cork) to exist in it smilies and you can add texto. Name Power: Cork Functions: Smilies and TEXT Price: IDK Status: Limited - (maybe Unlimited) Some examples on the GOOGLE (cork) = (czip) - (cangry) - (clove) - (chehe) - (cwink) - (cops) - (cparty) - (csmile) - (ccool) - (cback) Regards Bau
  3. Hello xat´ers

    I think it's a mistake to add a shortname that was bought a long time ago!

    For example, if I go out of xat and go back to xat over 5 years, I still want to use this regname, why is there buying a name already bought?
    Choose another, and the problem is ready to be solved!

    I was embarrassed by this request.
    Good luck to you. . . .


    1. oj


      if u want to keep your stuff, dont go inactive :D

    2. Bau


      Good point, but who knows what life is reserved for us tomorrow. hehe

      It was my opinion :$ 

  4. All the rich were poor, all the poor can be rich, Think well. . . .

    1. Anas


      I'm thinking.. cya after 12 hours (sman)

    2. Bau
  5. Wow - What do you have to say about that ?! xP

    From: xat.com/xat42


  6. Are you waiting for the right moment? OHH NO
    Watch out, maybe it's too late. (ok)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bau


      Are u 42 :o http://prntscr.com/nokux4

      OH no, Was active 42 minutes ago xD (hippo)


    3. Anas


      I'm 21. (hippo)

    4. Bau
  7. Hello The winner: #comment-106742 - @SHAW HOW This WORk? Enjoy
  8. Hello @Borbo (hug) 
    This contest is over, you have won 500 xats, please enter xat / Bau / Funduri / ARCbot / xat5 / troca -  with me to receive the prize.
    REGname: iBau or Fonduri

    Regards Bau

    1. Anas



      Jk :$ 

    2. Borbo


      I received my prize, thank you @Bau (hug)

    3. Bau



  9. I received the power, Thank´s HelperNate.
  10. Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your username and your id in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; Time END Deadline for publication: 12/05/2019 | The winner will be chosen in Fonduri xat wih ARCbots BOT. Good luck! XATFamily We will choose the winner with bot help, if you want to see who is the winner and get her prize if you win, go to xat.com/Fonduri OR Bau/Ajutor/ARCbot/Troca/xat5/trade Good luck everyone!
  11. I'm always glad when I'm healthy. (a)

    1. Anas


      I'm always sleepy (wailing)

    2. Bau
  12. UPS Maverick - It does not really matter your vote for me. (You are 1, but the people on my side are hundreds and hundreds). OR NOT xD Thanks for the answer, I do not want to upset anyone, to split someone I do not want. I want you to always stay together. I opened this topic with peace without any harm. (I want to be understood correctly, and not wrong). The Vote It is negative, it is a positive - I'm the same person. Maybe in the future we will be from the same team, but I will never forget how many negative votes I receive from you. (Thanks, that makes me much stronger). . . . You have the right to opinion, and we do not have why ?!huh Today you can be a contributor, but tomorrow I do not know, today you can choose for me, tomorrow for you. (With what foot you go with the same you go back, with what hand you help, with that hand you get help). You may have something personal with me, but that does not excuse that you make the wrong decision from xat.com. . . The world in question asks what happened, if we have a war between us. LOL I want to explain, we have nothing, we're just talking about the future, no need to worry, it's all good! Thank´s for your all support. Maverick, once again thankful for your response and sincerity, I will try to improve myself. Regards Bau
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