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  1. Sorry for delay @Maxo 
    Happy birthday(hug)

  2. Hello, Thank you all for your beautiful work. I want to announce, 17 days and this contest will end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I haven't seen a Facebook / Club banner yet. Of course this is for your wishes, everyone chooses what he wants to do. I expect to be all in this contests anyway. Allow to do. Icon - Website/club Banner - Facebook,Club Background - Website/xat Pcback - xat Regards Bau.
  3. Bau

    chat edit

    Hi, @theFlower I agree with you, But I don't think it's a good idea for xat.com It has been suggested several times in the past. When creating a suggestion you should to explain why you came up with this idea. Why. - Delete a chat. - Change/edit the name to a chat. We can do. - We can buy power redirect, and add one or more chats to another chat. - We have the opportunity to create another chat, there is no limit, that's fine right? - We can buy a chat, that's fine right? If you do not want this chat, someone may want that chat, you must not change the name, you can create as many as you want. I like the idea, but I do not think that xat is in agreement with this idea, I mentioned some of them above. I want to see what others think about this idea. Regards Bau
  4. I can't always say sorry.(swt)

    1. Anas


      Then say Desculpa! (rolleyes)

  5. Bau

    Ticket Help Topic

    Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it. As Laming pointed out, We don't have a option for reporting inappropriate stuff (atleast as alternative), would be good having the correct option for it. I know this, but I don't think we have to mess with the inappropriate image and the scammer let's make a difference, which problem can be solved more easily? With a secure click, an image can be locked, even an account. But for the scam you need more information, time and this operation can take days. I think being all in one place will be faster and better, so everyone will be able to answer. When is nobody online from volunteers? In the xat room very rarely you see one, in the forum come but not many have account and not many know how to use the forum. It's not hard, but it's not easy.. . I think the ticket must be for any problem to be solved, everything is saved.
  6. Hello To be added where you can choose to raport: inappropriate images - inappropriate images Profil xat - inappropriate images chat roomBG - inappropriate images PCback - inappropriate images giff Others xat.com/ticket HELP Topic: - Inappropriate image This idea came with a purpose, to help people know where it is based to ensure a chat for family and not for enemies. Today was a similar case, I explained what needs to be done, but I think it is time to have something direct for such cases. If we don't care who will take care of xat.com? Rgards Bau
  7. Hello Paulo, when my message was posted here, there was no reply. But I do not say this, when you approve a radio or ignore it, why no customer does not receive an answer with these obligations, mistakes or congratulations. You can call this an encouraging message. I know you are doing a good job, I have nothing to complain about against you or your work, I am just talking about the rights of clients. Yesterday you mentioned that it is good when someone makes a mistake, it is good for a team member to go in private with the person to say what went wrong and what can be done to be all right. This would be good for everyone. @arcenio82 Here you can understand the reasons well, I hope you do everything right. Good luck on the future PlayerRadio Also Thank you for Answer Paulo.
  8. Same story, unanswered questions.
  9. Bau

    564 - Nin

    Jealous ?! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I opened this topic because - Many people ask, what name has the new power. - Many people ask why the new power is not posted in the fórum. - Many people ask how much this power will cost »And many other unanswered questions« You have to be happy with us all trying to do everything right for the people. You as volunteers should encourage people in the chat, not discourage. It was just added that people know exactly what power is and what information is there at the moment. Don't be so rude guys.
  10. Bau

    564 - Nin

    ID: 564 Name: (Nin) Status: LIMITED Price: 232 Wiki: xat.wiki/Nin Smilies: (Nin) More info: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chats. If you want you can add text with or without color. - (nin.flowers#YOURMESSAGE#COLORcode) - (nin.ouch#YOURMESSAGE#COLORcode) - (nin.what#YOURMESSAGE#COLORcode) - (nin.hide#YOURMESSAGE#COLORcode) - (nin.zoom#YOURMESSAGE#COLORcode) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - (nin.flowers#YOURMESSAGE) - (nin.ouch#YOURMESSAGE) - (nin.what#YOURMESSAGE) - (nin.hide#YOURMESSAGE) - (nin.zoom#YOURMESSAGE) Credit to Sloom, xLaming You do not know how to use this power, or it is difficult to combine smilies, enter here below the link. Soon you can add any color you want, you can copy the created code. https://mundosmilies.com/generators/sticker/nin/ Soon more info will be added. https://i.imgur.com/L2RbM3g.mp4
  11. 999 - Distinguished

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      Bing bing bing 1000 

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      well, until the forum administrator "recounts" all the reputation levels again. :$ 

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      Technically a software does it 8-) 

  12. https://forum.xat.com/profile/38910/?status=12991&type=status Here I am - Donation. I will transfer For you or Sydno?
  13. Stronger than ever.

  14. Hello everyone. I received a message that this contest was not understood, for that I mean you can choose to do a simple thing, or you can choose to do everything, there is no obligation/limit, it is just a contest. The winner will be for quality, not quantity. Not to be misunderstood I added a link to each one. Choose one or more of them, click on it and it will take you directly to where the image is needed. Only the Icon Photo - To website No link is added because this website is not complete. But you can visit and see what the picture needs. Thank you, and sorry for the misunderstanding.
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