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  1. No comment. I found this music now, its good. Romanian music. (romeno) HIHIHIHIHI all of which were added to the world above, they are very beautiful.. Good music.... if you see this message, hello
  2. 1520007480 |/ 1520006504 |/ 1520007578 |/ 1520007617 |/ 1524202001 |/ 1520006700 |/ 1520008018 1520008090 |/ 1520008146 |/ 1520008253 |/ 1520008403 |/ 1520008838 |/ 1520008899 |/ 1520007177 1520009810 |/ 1520042226 |/ 1520050800 |/ 1520052007 |/ 1520052226 |/ 1520052009 1520060014 |/ 1520060077 |/ 1520060106 |/ 1520060121 |/ 1520060270 |/ 1520070050 |/ 1520071002 Contact: IBau (1138434737) And georgeaLina92 (1069659954) xat.com/Ajutor xat.com/Loja Xat.com/xat5 who sees this message, what ids you like it? maybe in the future I bring my small IDs. Now I only have this. Edit (January 25th): List IDs was sold sold and collected (1520042001)
  3. Bau

    New Power (Potatoes)

    it´s a good Example Power This is Formidable for xat. Ps. It is all tied from chips. Okay maybe not, but it is an idea good
  4. Pleaseeee NONONONOO More xat´s always be abandoned Idk..... one person in every chat, it´s not good. or I did not understand anything. Hmmmmm
  5. i´am tired, /promotion no work.
    fix this please. 
    and i become again happy )))
    if you no fix this , i am against happy XP
    Dont worry be happy.hello to all hello to all who see this message. XP

    1. Bau


      yeah. both same error.

    2. Brandon


      The issue should be fixed now. Please let me know if it's not.

    3. Bau


      yes, Now go well.

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  6. Bau

    New Power (Potatoes)

    I searched exmple, I found nothing. Thanks to all who believe it may be an idea good, with your help I saw that there are similar ideas. Now we will see if the idea is good or not. If power does not, mean that idea failed. if you have better idea, put down here and we see.
  7. Boas @Danielxd Voce precisa verificar seu e-mail tem uma message. e tem um link, e so entrar no link e fazer login , normalmente. mais nada. e como pessoal aqui falou. e uma segurança pra sua conta. quase sempre quando voce fazer login vai pedir isso. E normal sua conta esta mais segura.
  8. Bau

    New Power (Potatoes)

    Thanks for the reply, I do not know, we'll see.
  9. New idea for power. Potatoes Example Google: (pokiss) http://prntscr.com/dfffkr (poconfused) http://prntscr.com/dffh1p (pohe) or (pohappy) http://prntscr.com/dffi3a (potired) or (podull) http://prntscr.com/dffijg (polike) http://prntscr.com/dffji9 vs http://prntscr.com/dffjw2 Example hat: po, ps,hs If you have better examples, please post in the comments below. Thanks. Edit: Remeber
  10. For this Reason: my sister has banned here on forum everytime has like me. This is bad @Admin And other AdminIP XD its soo funny that.... @Harrison Respect girl (pce) ops man. XP who have 2 brother and sister or more: added reputation it is considered Abused reputation. really? It is not well....
  11. Etendi. Ja tentou reiniciar seu internet? Tenta comigo ja funcionou. porque quase com todo mundo acounteceu isso. Por isso so vale pena tentar. Desculpa nao ser util para seu problema. Bom dia. voce quer dizer que apenas em xat troca e trade da problema? Wow Estranho neeh......
  12. It's good name as it is now. if I must, change, choose something simpler. (trxmas) or something different.
  13. Bau


    Its not bad idea.
  14. Ola Hugo, se voce ja atualizou flash player e chrome novamente instalado, eu nao vejo problema aqui. se voce fica em muitos xat.com EX: muitas paginas abertas, fica lotado. e pode acontecer este error aqui. se voce falou que atualizou isso. Entao tenta Atualizar o plugin flash tambem, aqui voce pode pegar.click Flash plugin . O internet buga muito funcionamento, e poca velocidade Tenta nao abrir muitos xat.com de uma ves. tem aqui algums concelhos se der Certo Aleluia, sou mesmo Bom em isso, comigo funciona. se nao funcionar Peço Desculpa ((: Vale pena tentar. )): DEsculpa meu portugues.... chrome://plugins/ chrome://settings chrome://conflicts aqui voce vera se tem problemas ou nao. Se eu fazer um tutorial como Configurar isso, mando pra voce, vai ajudar. Pequeno tutorial: chrome://settings depois em baixo, tem definições avançadas… depois vai mais em baixo. Econtra Nome Sistema Depois pode ver aqui como precisa ficar. Click aqui «« Ou Usar outro navegador Opera ou Mozilla.
  15. Bau

    New power (pawnwave)

    Everthing is good. ider is girl and this color is good. pawn´s ;D XD more pawns, more powers, more suggestions its be welcome (It is welcome) Thanks ider. Thanks everyone , who gives good ideas even if they are not used. Maybe in the future. Good job ;)))
  16. Bau

    New Chat Main

    now you are me friend XD
  17. 16M 112 123 but I need to all be banned in Action I can buy without any problems, (cool) i need to win. )) good luck to all ))) XD
  18. Do I think I'll be a volunteer. (hmm)
    what do you think ?! (shock)

  19. I congratulate you become a volunteer. 
    @Maverick girl
    until now you had enemies, from now on you just to have friends.
    many many friends ))
    Big XD

  20. Purple never to replace price gold. Next: ( Geral Discussion ) is for Purple vs Gold vs Diamond. XD Diamond pawn. I believe it to be more expensive as gold Now power Diamond exist, but not Pawn. XD
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