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  1. Bau

    Hey Ronal, nice i did, not? xD - click and -  Check Image

  2. Are you leaving the xat? Or just stop responding to the ticket? LOL Say it's not true, you're the person you've done with me, it's just bad to change my behavior, so you made me a better person than I am, not knowing, I just changed because of you, I wanted to be as good as you, or even better! Good luck Brandon, and thank you. Proofffffff HERE :$ xD
  3. Hehehe http://prntscr.com/m0f03x Gift xat not fórum xD
  4. The first 5 people who send me a xat gift get 5 days in return! Note, may be a gift of 50 xats or 100 xats , you choose! hehehehe xD
  5. Are you with these 3 names? Forgot to add Zoom . . . xD Sorry MAXO - I can not answer this question, I have not only 3 trusted buddies, so I hurt my buddies. (Friends).
  6. Friends are the ones who can offer even if they do not get anything in return.

    Now my friend, says this is not true? (ok)

    1. Maxo


      yes those are reel freinds 

  7. Happy birthday @HelperNate @Ryan
  8. if you are main owner : since when are you a main owner ? - I have nothing to answer here because there is no Admin xat. - But I'll stick with the slightest scale here. Main Owner. xD - Long ago, when man was man and xat.com were just people if you are guest answer this : where are you from ? - Okay, I'm currently answering for the guest. - PORTUGAL.
  9. Bau

    debug chats

    Hello MAXO. Thank´s and merry Christmas. Here u can check the debug chats! xat.wiki/chat « EX: ARCBOTS chat, MundoSmilies chat And others are debug Chats. Debug chat = The ball is blue. Plus is a trusted chat, not any chat can have the blue ball. (Not just this) YES - Debug Chat: Example Here NO - Debug Chat: Example Here I think that's what you wanted to know, right? If not, please ignore my comment and await the correct answer. Merry Christmas (hug)
  10. I do not think it's necessary to start the drama. All messages that do not match the theme, being hidden or deleted! Thank you. Merry Christmas.
  11. Hello XATers. One days for every user who does not have days! Start - 24/12/2018 - END - 25/12/2018 How to participate? To join xat.com/ARCBOT, Wait until you get a Days! I remind you, just people who do not have days! Happy Christmas!
  12. I want to say that the limit of like post has ended, (shrug) tomorrow I continue to like all participants, Thank you for your understanding and Merry Christmas, happy new year! (blowkiss)(a) 

    1. Bau


      Look like that http://prntscr.com/lz37m7  or like that http://prntscr.com/lz37f9 Transparents Reaction xD 


      Thnak´s (hug) 

    2. mary17


      Thanks anyway! =)

    3. Bau
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  13. Hello XATers - I want to make a contest from Radio iBau! We will use: Generator Congratulations on Christmas and New Year. Christmas greetings to those who celebrate on December 25th and January 7th. (Good luck in this contest to everyone). What are the prizes, we all want to know, right? Of all competitors, only 10 users will be elected, who will receive 500 xats each. Who can participate? You must have a register in xat.com «(Only Who Has the xat.com Registry It is valid to participate in this contest. Who will offer xats to winners? Fonduri (304771992) Date this contest ends. 31/12/2018 - TIMEEND If I win when I can receive a prize? Anytime, the prize never expires! How to participate, regulation (Rules). Add the login name together with the ID. Example: Fonduri (YOUR ID HERE). How can you be disqualified? If you add more than one register to the contest. If you create Drama in this contest. If you're talking nonsense. Good luck everyone! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!
  14. I need someone in the volunteers to open a ticket.
    Who offers this support?

    Note:  it's not for me, it's for a Girlfriend!

    1. Bau
    2. Junior
    3. alex


      Click the link Junior provided, but it would be all the better if she makes the newticket response herself.

      If she needs her ID, do !ID regname here in the Bot's PC or in main where a FEXBot is found.

  15. Bau

    527 KACTUS

    It can not become reality because your idea is not cactus, just joking with your idea. Ohh, The idea with cactus has become reality, ok ok. xD Anyway, This power is beautiful, even if some of them look like a watermelon.
  16. Who does the best offer for everypower, I buy! ^^
    See who is able to sell Everypower. (goo)

  17. 60k is nothing, I have lost faith and respect for xat, what about this? Cost more than all the millions that you all have in xats on xat.com. I know what happened, many who win xats and money from xat have lost, but this Chat xat.com is for fun or for two three people to get rich? hmm
  18. Fonduri (304771992) - Happy birthday Loja Chat (cool)
  19. I do not know is true or not, I do not think people will leave xat.com due to cheap or expensive power. There are other millions of reasons, I do not want to discuss them now, probably many of you know the xat.com situation. You all document your own situation without appealing to the situation of others. Thanks for your sincere opinion, but I do not agree
  20. Fonduri (304771992) That´s nice Mister, Good luck everyone. . . Marek
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