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  1. - Does this happen to you ?!
  2. Happy birthday @Amnaa @iMano
  3. Boas @renjiirukia Para Sua segurança, nunca manda publico o numero do ticket! Espero que resolve seu problema!
  4. Hello

    I'm looking for a banner for xat. 

    Just For Today!


    1. Anas
    2. Bau


      Hey Anas

      I want to know the price and if you have examples I want to see!


    3. Anas




      I'm just watchin, i have no idea about banners or even backgrounds xd! 


      Good luck :$  

  5. I remember this moment as it would be yesterday. LOL - How many years has passed since then? This day we all wanted to add everypower, but not many had complete. So we decided to let everyone just purple active power, it's an unforgettable day.
  6. I do not know if this will help you! I do not know if it's helpful. Good luck for everyone! I want a banner for youtube, who wants to do it? Contact me. May be animated / normal. For more information, talk privately! Sorry for spam Shizuo
  7. Fonduri (304771992) Good luck everyone!
  8. We offer 4.4.0  -  4.4.1 For forum! (applause)

    Admin is required to accept the update. (only if he wants acc that.)


    1. Thuk


      Thank you Invision Community! :$ 

    2. Bau


      You´re welcome Harpezinho! (goo) hehe

  9. Bau


    Hi Stif, Yes, that's what I'm trying to do. Thank you.
  10. Bau


    Hello, First of all to explain, I want to apologize to the whole team. . . I sent Answers to the ticket after two minutes, I remembered something that I did not add, but I sent a single message, but it shows that 3 messages were sent. If you can delete this, please do it. Thank you. Has something like this happened to you ?!
  11. Hey @Admin , Can you do something to shorten waiting time for the ticket?

    Not to be misunderstood! (I want everyone to be okay, and be able to fun on the xat without trouble!)

    There are people waiting for a day, two, a week, a month or even a year!
    Is that normal ?!

    Why a minor issue can not be resolved quickly, or even be an option to allow us to have full access to our profile!

    BIG Thank´s
    And now I want to thank all volunteers for the good job they offer at xat.com
    And I want to thank all smilies creators, and ideas for xat.
    I want to thank all those who helped when I needed!
    I want to thank all the people who have patience, and we are still together on hard times.

    1. Maxo


      personally i posted a ticket before i waited for 1 month and this is normal as @Sydno said because there are a lot of tickets posted not only mine or yours ... ticket needs time to get an answer for it, also depending on the nature of the problem presented 

    2. Bau


      I know, and I say you're right Sydno. Thank´s!

      When someone is new to xat.com, this is about it, but, for example, I or someone who, for 10 or more years, connects to the same Internet on the same login or maybe two or three Accounts!

      Is it normal to be treated as an unknown?
      I think No, maybe yes, you know.
      We all are the same!
      I'm not racist, but with how much money I've bought xats or other people, we have the chance to wait for more time than a person who has never bought xats! Or even a thief has more luck. (rolleyes)

    3. xLaming


      Most companies can afford REAL TIME SUPPORT, xat needs a lot https://www.zendesk.com/chat/ :)

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  12. Happy birthday @ider @Mighty1
  13. Fonduri (304771992) Good luck everyone!
  14. Happy birthday @Alyn @Pabloo
  15. 6 - But I do not see any difference! It seems to be clear. . .
  16. I don't think you got the point. It's not about Sold Sale. Sold OR Inactive Sales Maybe both are correct, but I think this is closer to the truth! - Sold or Inactive sales It's my opinion. xD :$ :$
  17. I understand, but everyone in his opinion. If everything is closed, it does not need to be written Closed!! Because they are inactive and are already closed, the result is that they all remain closed. Sold or Inactive sales - It's better, I think, it's about selling ids, (sold) and inactive ids that can be found.
  18. Hey - It's better for Sold or Inactive sales. Because it's about sales. All are closed on this page! I opened as a suggestion, because many suggestions are forgotten, so I will always remembre! - Here's a mistake, i think so. - https://forum.xat.com/forum/34-closed-or-inactive-sales/
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