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  1. @Dallas - The winning prize awaits you.
  2. Excuse me, I have nothing against, but I admit that forum rules do not allow this! As i said - What's the difference between them? Beautiful drawings, but I do not think it's necessary to open many topics with the same ideas! Good luck!
  3. Hello Alex. - You sent this idea twice, and other users did the same! What's the difference between them? Beautiful drawings, but I do not think it's necessary to open many topics with the same ideas! Good luck!
  4. Here you are right, xD I do not like this power, but I like who made this power. I'm kidding, well done, good work Junior, as usual!
  5. Bau

    New Group´s

    Hello everyone, and thanks for the answers, it's very important for me to know what others think about this idea! I will not respond to all 1/2/3, but do I want to know how it will be an abuse? it will be paid. How do you lose money and customers, or many xats, if it's only 30 days, and is it a paid method? How can he be abused? I do not, as many others do not think of making a new xat, paying 1000 xats to add 30 days! For what? How can it be abused, how can there be a problem? You have Registername and IDS, You paid once, you can not do it again! Are you going to make 100000 registries and xat.com groups just to add 30 days? Who is crazy to do this? I do not know, I do not understand how it can abuse, because there will be a list of new groups. To promote xat.com costs 1000 xats per 10 hours! You can promote 24/7 if you have a lot of xats! This is not about abuse, or xats, or money, it's about knowing the newly created groups, having access to this information only!
  6. Bau

    New Group´s

    I'm not interested in seeing new xat groups, I just came up with this idea because a lot of buddies ask, do not you know what new groups are there now? And I do not know how to answer. Yes, I understand you are right, but if there is this way of payment? For example 1000xats 30 days. It's just an idea.
  7. Bau

    New Group´s

    Hello XATers. I have a new idea and I think it needs to be added! All xat Groups created for at least 30 days will be added here as a new group! what do you think about this idea?
  8. The same thing I wanted to write! xD - http://prntscr.com/m2sbzu

    Um voto meu tens (sman)


    1. Thuk


      ele não merece Bauzinho :$ 

    2. Bau


      Merece sim, ele nosso amigo :$

    1. Bau


      @mary17 @LaFleur @Maverick - I add your name, you may not receive a notification that I've responded! 

      what happends?! (wailing)

    2. Maverick


      I'd try using another browser to see if that works.


      Other than that, it works fine for me.

    3. Bau


      I use only -   Microsoft EDGE 3 years already.

      -- http://prntscr.com/m2pufj
      --- http://prntscr.com/m2pur1
      ---- http://prntscr.com/m2pv13
      ----- http://prntscr.com/m2pve2

      This seems HTML5 - But why does not it work, how can I get this out?

      Here With Google Chrome work fine. 

      ------ http://prntscr.com/m2pwil

      That means Microsoft EDGE has some problems, I need to restore this, I did not know, excuse the trouble!
      A beautiful night and a rich new year full of health! (hug) 

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  9. Bau

    Announce Transfer

    Require YES but It is not obligatory to answer this in the ticket! Unless you remember, I have a human head is not a pc. LOL xP
  10. I always hate this Auction. Why so many ids? Why can not there be something where everyone can buy his ids? Like ticket, I've talked about this thing many times! Now I just want to congratulate you and wish you great success. A happy new year to everyone.
  11. I have reached the limit of adding friends to the list! Who knows what limit is in your friends list, knows how much I've added! I love you all.
  12. Bau

    Announce Transfer

    Hey Max. When I bring a new idea, I do not expect everyone to understand or agree. It only agrees with me who loves such an idea, we are not all the same, we have different tastes, we love different things, etc. I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm always positive, and I support my idea, I believe in my ideas. . . I'm waiting for better ideas from you.
  13. I have banned @maxo @mary17 for 19h 9m 2s Reason: Because it's funny how you can ban here in seconds, and on xat.com you can not ban seconds. . . You're done reading, and you still do not know what's the real reason. Continue to read and still do not know. The truth is, It is the birth year. H-M-S xD
  14. Thank´s - Happy new year! I will be happy only when I will not work, I will have a lot of money and health, I will have a woman I love, children, I will come here and I will say that this year I will be happy! xP
  15. Who can do something like me? (hippo)http://prntscr.com/m1y937

    1. Bau


      You cheated  (toj)(hippo) xD 

    2. Anas


      LOOOL! is similar tho (cute)

    3. Bau
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  16. Hey Nathan. I'm sorry to hear that. Do a good job to offer this xat to a trusted person who can try and fight for the Chat Shop! - You made a good and fair choice! I do not understand why, give up, something you love, because loja's is an international chat! (and does the same thing as Shop) !? And I have, - xat.com/Fonduri - But I will never give up on it! xD I do not have time now, but in the future I may come back to xat. Once offered to someone, it's not yours. Goog luck!
  17. Bau

    Announce Transfer

    Thank you all for your answers. Helpernate - This has already existed. Leandro - Just as Sloom mentioned, it was someone who asked to be deactivated! Now it will be the same, but diferente! A power of group: It's a brilliant idea, only if you activate this power you can see the transfer message, it can come with extra smilies, 1 days show smilies 10 days other smilies 100 days other smilies and so on refer to days and to xats. Free option. (you will need the power group enabled on xat to use this command). MAXo had the question how this will work! It's simple, You can add a command like / Transfer ON - Choose between ON / OFF ON = When showing transfer messages. OFF = When not showing transfer messages! It is enough for a power group to be enabled on the xat so that everyone can use this command.
  18. Hi, I have a new idea, but it's something that everyone knows, there was a bot before! When transferring a days or xats, write an automatic message: RegNameUserID: Fonduri (304771992) - Sent xat (42) ---- 10 xats - 1 days --- Message: Testing It's an idea of power, or a free option. We may also have a solution, access to transfer history! Already there is an idea about this! I will indicate here the names of people who have added this idea to the past! Me - @Actavus - @Paul - I think there were more people, but I do not know who exactly! Note: The idea was for bots, now it's for power or free option. What do you think about this idea?
  19. Hello, I just want to say thank you to everyone, and thank you for the gifts. - All my thanks, like yours, can be added here! - Check all the gifts: Fonduri.com/gifts @Actavus - @SaMuKaO555 - @mary17 - @Born - @Nathan - @DjDanny24 - @Mihai - @iMoHd - @cfr_tobias - @MisteR Thank you for all these beautiful gifts! Happy new year
  20. Hello to all, were chosen winners! I tell you all a beautiful and rich year and a lot of love, you can come in to receive Premium on chat. ARCBot 🎅 - Loja 🎅 - Bau 🎅 . Thank you to all the contestants at this contest! 1: ✔ @Shizuo - 2: ✔ @Witness - 3: ✔ @Fons - 4: ✔ @Zoom - 5: ✔ @Dallas - 6: ✔ @DjDanny24 - 7: ✔ @Vritme - 8: ✔ @Samuel - 9: ✔ @J0hn - 10: ✔ @Blacky
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