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  1. He paid 80k on this id, maybe I'm wrong . . . you think he will sell this id with 15k xats. Success, but I do not think so!
  2. You are now a contributor, a moderator, a volunteer, but you have forgotten what it means to be a friend. . .(wailing):(

  3. Bau


    Hey Luig, Thank you for the answer. To be a perfect chat I think you need to have access to everything, even if it is useless, they are going to be used. An example from another world xD - I do not love the Kia car, I just love BMW, That does not mean that there must be just BMW, I know that many love Kia, I think many will and many will not! Exactly with this idea! Now no one wants, after that it will be useful, I am 100% sure!
  4. Bau


    Hello XATers. I have an idea I do not know if you like it! Let it be written in zoom letters! There are smilies zoom. why not TEXT? Command /textz SizeZoom from Example1 - 5Example Message sent USER1: /textz Note:#z3 Today is a contest here! Message received USER2: Note: Today is a contest here! What happens if I just use this command: - /textz Normal text appears, only the difference will be black and it will look a bit thicker, just like in the exemple! Can not be abused, not everyone can write with zoom. Below is the list of who can use this option. - Register USER - You need 2 or more days to work! (Like translator). - Just in official xat, debug xat, and all xat.com reliable! - Like: Mundosmilies, Fonduri, shop, and others. . . - Just the Owner/main owner. We can do this now, but I want to have something original for xat.com. xD Note: Probably in HTML5 this will be allowed! (FREE Option/Command). What do you say about this idea?!
  5. Bau

    Teddy power

    looks like a hippopotamus. Hippo LOL I always said you have beautiful designs, but the suggestion was suggested. Good luck boy! And Others . . . I like to see suggestions the same, but different smilies, you have talento. . .
  6. Thank you everyone. This topic will be closed, everyone received the winning prize!
  7. Happy birthday @Calvin @Davidss1001
  8. Hi, It's a good idea. - I really love this idea! - BUT I want to have a history of transfer! Even if you do not see who has transferred, in transfer history you will see who has transferred! A lot of ideas, and Admin is waiting to be begged to add this to xat! In the future I want to be allowed to transfer even if our friends are offline! More: I want to transfer xats, days and powers. How Everybody will ask, it is very easy, I will add a similar suggestion in the future, just for transfer and I will show you how it will work. . . Thank´s.
  9. Happy birthday @Ronal @Teddy
  10. Write in coment. What are the 5 reasons that make you stay in xat.com? » Please, there have to be serious answers. Thank you. Later I will add these 5 reasons, first I want to see some sincere and motivated opinions!
  11. Hey XATers, @Admin - Topic for everything needed to be edited at xat.com. - It should be replaced by 2018 in 2019 - http://prntscr.com/m45u0d -- --- ---- More information will be added in the future!
  12. @Dallas - The winning prize awaits you.
  13. Excuse me, I have nothing against, but I admit that forum rules do not allow this! As i said - What's the difference between them? Beautiful drawings, but I do not think it's necessary to open many topics with the same ideas! Good luck!
  14. Hello Alex. - You sent this idea twice, and other users did the same! What's the difference between them? Beautiful drawings, but I do not think it's necessary to open many topics with the same ideas! Good luck!
  15. Here you are right, xD I do not like this power, but I like who made this power. I'm kidding, well done, good work Junior, as usual!
  16. Bau

    New Group´s

    Hello everyone, and thanks for the answers, it's very important for me to know what others think about this idea! I will not respond to all 1/2/3, but do I want to know how it will be an abuse? it will be paid. How do you lose money and customers, or many xats, if it's only 30 days, and is it a paid method? How can he be abused? I do not, as many others do not think of making a new xat, paying 1000 xats to add 30 days! For what? How can it be abused, how can there be a problem? You have Registername and IDS, You paid once, you can not do it again! Are you going to make 100000 registries and xat.com groups just to add 30 days? Who is crazy to do this? I do not know, I do not understand how it can abuse, because there will be a list of new groups. To promote xat.com costs 1000 xats per 10 hours! You can promote 24/7 if you have a lot of xats! This is not about abuse, or xats, or money, it's about knowing the newly created groups, having access to this information only!
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