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  1. Yes, but I'm more here online, almost always. Why contact me on xat if I'm here online! But you are right, many come in here, check the forum but it's always online on xat. Sorry, I added.
  2. Hi I'm looking for an ids of 3 I know they existed and does not exist! It may be 4 or 5 digts. Add your ids here and I'll choose one of them! Contact xat: Fonduri (304771992) Regards Bau
  3. What do you think we have reason for happiness? 1111 (scn)


  4. Bau


    Hey Paulo I suggested something similar and someone else also. The idea is good, I do not want to say that this subject should not be opened again. I am 100% in agreement with you, this must exist. My idea is to have automatic email from xat for everyone with new or old registration, once a month, or year, with advertising. Example: On/ Off to get notifications about xat.com . . . . And the notifications include everything. Powers / xats, days or even the latest news, including forum. Good Suggestion! Regards Bau
  5. I do not think this is interesting for everyone, so for this reason I have added status, if you do not like this forum information, you can ignore this message.

    Version 4.4.2 of Invision Community is now available and includes a security update.

    Version 4.4.2 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.1.

    Also included: 4.4.1
    Version 4.4.1 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.0.
    This release also contains a critical security update for Commerce.

    Regards Bau!

    1. Anas
    2. Leandro


      Thank you Bau, I was excited waiting for it.

  6. I need an official logo for my website.
    Who is offering?




    Contact me here on forum.


    Regards Bau

    1. Madses


      how much do you offer?

    2. Bau


      I do not know, it does not always matter how much it costs, but the quality. (scn)
      What do you think, how much value is your qualitative work?

    3. Queen_Sofia




      Just a start a contest. Ezz.

  7. Bau

    Can´t sent message

    When I enter HTML5 On xat.com I can not send messages.
  8. Thanks to all for congratulations on my birthday, I love you all (hug):$ (L) 

  9. - Does this happen to you ?!
  10. Happy birthday @Amnaa @iMano
  11. Boas @renjiirukia Para Sua segurança, nunca manda publico o numero do ticket! Espero que resolve seu problema!
  12. Hello

    I'm looking for a banner for xat. 

    Just For Today!


    1. Anas
    2. Bau


      Hey Anas

      I want to know the price and if you have examples I want to see!


    3. Anas




      I'm just watchin, i have no idea about banners or even backgrounds xd! 


      Good luck :$  

  13. I remember this moment as it would be yesterday. LOL - How many years has passed since then? This day we all wanted to add everypower, but not many had complete. So we decided to let everyone just purple active power, it's an unforgettable day.
  14. I do not know if this will help you! I do not know if it's helpful. Good luck for everyone! I want a banner for youtube, who wants to do it? Contact me. May be animated / normal. For more information, talk privately! Sorry for spam Shizuo
  15. Fonduri (304771992) Good luck everyone!
  16. We offer 4.4.0  -  4.4.1 For forum! (applause)

    Admin is required to accept the update. (only if he wants acc that.)


    1. Thuk


      Thank you Invision Community! :$ 

    2. Bau


      You´re welcome Harpezinho! (goo) hehe

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