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  1. Happy birthday @choco
  2. Happy birthday @Arthur
  3. Bau


    I love this power! - Fonduri (304771992)
  4. Bau

    529 KHAIR

    Regardless of the similar power, beautiful or ugly - Buy who wants, I think a lot of people admire this power, included myself, I really want to know who created this power, I say personally thank you. About this power: it's beautiful and smilies are very Cute. And I'm expecting new powers from these wonderful ideas, but anyway, thank you for what it is, it can not always be ours, it would be a big disaster. Here is a lot of powers and just uses who wants it. Now all who have everypower - need to buy this power to keep you collected everypower pawn. Everyone who profits and wins xats the same, they are forced to buy power either ugly or beautiful, they do xats - few or many, and if something does not fit they become angry. Who are you?!
  5. Bau

    SuperValentine - New power suggestion

    Here you have the answer, what can you want more ?! Hey Lucky I thought it was already there xD, I support this idea, it's something nice for lovers.
  6. happy birthday @Blossoms @IlustreConvidado
  7. Bau


    Fonduri (304771992) Great ulala. Good luck for me! xD I need this for REGname: George
  8. Happy birthday @CodyMKW (hug)
  9. Bau


    Let's Discuss Everything about Bots.
  10. Happy birthday @Anas @BerTi-Purple

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