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  1. Hello Hordezla First of all I want to say, protection for xat is one for which there is no obligation. It is ON / Off option I am in agreement with you, I have suggested this in the past. All about security at xat. I'm still traveling a lot with my work, and only when I get home I can use everypower my registry. That's why I came up with an idea, a pack of everypower, a day, a week a month, a year, and you pay an amount of xats. (Idea was unsuccessful) You said you did not care to be stolen, (here I do not agree) Not all people have the money to buy, many have won gifts, and have no way to buy again. We are all with different goals, fun, friendship, help or even as many others of the business. There is nobody agreeing to enter the account and find nothing, so xats will be seen as a place without security. Better to open a ticket to recover everything so you do not lose everything in seconds.ecover everything so you do not lose everything in seconds. People who do not buy anything from xat.com with money have less chance of recovering their account. Here I do not agree, Reasons for recovery are very bad, who gave this idea is blindfolded. Why does not make secure, such as secondary email? Security at xat.com I see it in a few simple steps. What good friends do you have on xat.com What email do you use or what secondary email you have added. You bought from: xat.com/buy - Xats or not ?! Have you ever had another open ticket in the past? Do you have any other accounts? What is your rank in official xat.com? Do you have a phone number added ?! Which number ? Do you have a forum.xat.com account? Which is the name? Do you have members of your family on xat or forum? What website do you have? What YouTube channel do you have? What is your Facebook? All these questions / answers will be secured, only available in the ticket, by Admin and volunteers. This is my opinion, but I respect your opinion. Regards Bau
  2. Hello

    I want an ID for this account: iBau

    Do you have any ideas ?!

    Regards Bau

  3. If you want to sleep, you have to sleep, after you wake up you will not be sleepy, would you know about it? xD

    Good night (hug) 

    1. Anas


      All i know i'm always sleepy, Gn! 

    2. Bau
  4. Hello Something new is to be appreciated, Good work. Thank you to all who have worked to bring life to this idea. Regards Bau
  5. Bau


    Hello Today I come back with a new idea on the forum, first of all I apologize for my annoyance. My idea is a power named (cork) to exist in it smilies and you can add texto. Name Power: Cork Functions: Smilies and TEXT Price: IDK Status: Limited - (maybe Unlimited) Some examples on the GOOGLE (cork) = (czip) - (cangry) - (clove) - (chehe) - (cwink) - (cops) - (cparty) - (csmile) - (ccool) - (cback) Regards Bau
  6. Hello xat´ers

    I think it's a mistake to add a shortname that was bought a long time ago!

    For example, if I go out of xat and go back to xat over 5 years, I still want to use this regname, why is there buying a name already bought?
    Choose another, and the problem is ready to be solved!

    I was embarrassed by this request.
    Good luck to you. . . .


    1. oj


      if u want to keep your stuff, dont go inactive :D

    2. Bau


      Good point, but who knows what life is reserved for us tomorrow. hehe

      It was my opinion :$ 

  7. All the rich were poor, all the poor can be rich, Think well. . . .

    1. Anas


      I'm thinking.. cya after 12 hours (sman)

    2. Bau
  8. Wow - What do you have to say about that ?! xP

    From: xat.com/xat42


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Matti



    3. Bau


      Happy birthday Matti  :o 

      happy birthday good job GIF

    4. Anas


      Lol (hippo)

  9. Are you waiting for the right moment? OHH NO
    Watch out, maybe it's too late. (ok)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Bau


      Are u 42 :o http://prntscr.com/nokux4

      OH no, Was active 42 minutes ago xD (hippo)


    3. Anas


      I'm 21. (hippo)

    4. Bau
  10. Hello The winner: #comment-106742 - @SHAW HOW This WORk? Enjoy
  11. Hello @Borbo (hug) 
    This contest is over, you have won 500 xats, please enter xat / Bau / Funduri / ARCbot / xat5 / troca -  with me to receive the prize.
    REGname: iBau or Fonduri

    Regards Bau

    1. Anas



      Jk :$ 

    2. Borbo


      I received my prize, thank you @Bau (hug)

    3. Bau



  12. I received the power, Thank´s HelperNate.
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