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  1. Mino1

    Have a nice Weekend bau (hug)

    1. Bau


      Thanks Mino, for you the same. (hug) 

  2. I do not think this is interesting for everyone, so for this reason I have added status, if you do not like this forum information, you can ignore this message.

    Version 4.4.2 of Invision Community is now available and includes a security update.

    Version 4.4.2 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.1.

    Also included: 4.4.1
    Version 4.4.1 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.0.
    This release also contains a critical security update for Commerce.

    Regards Bau!

    1. Anas
    2. Leandro


      Thank you Bau, I was excited waiting for it.

  3. I need an official logo for my website.
    Who is offering?




    Contact me here on forum.


    Regards Bau

    1. Madses


      how much do you offer?

    2. Bau


      I do not know, it does not always matter how much it costs, but the quality. (scn)
      What do you think, how much value is your qualitative work?

    3. Queen_Sofia




      Just a start a contest. Ezz.

  4. Bau

    Can´t sent message

    When I enter HTML5 On xat.com I can not send messages.
  5. Thanks to all for congratulations on my birthday, I love you all (hug):$ (L) 

  6. Mehdi

    Happy Birthday Bro

    1. Bau


      Thank you MEhdi (hug) 

  7. Toxic

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Bau


      Thank you Toxic (hug) 

  8. Luig

    Parabéns bauzão, felicidades!!!

    1. Bau


      Obrigado Luigao (hug):$ 

  9. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Bau


      Thank You CrazuDJ (L) (blowkiss):$ 

  10. iDan

    Meus Parabéns Bau!

    1. Bau


      Obrigado meu caro (hug)  (hug) 

  11. Sagaz

    oi, parabéns.  :p

    1. Bau


      Oi, Obrigado (hug) 

  12. KOPAS

    Happy birthday Bau have a nice day!

    1. Bau


      Thank´s Kopas, the same for you! (hug)  

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