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  1. Hey xatFamily We already have 2,000 people next to us, as we said, we did. We have a random winner 5€ paypal, Congratulations @Adelisa More info about it you can find here https://facebook.com/XatBau/TheWinner5€ This topic will be closed now, Thanks.
  2. Hello xatFamily Who wants to try their luck to win 5€ on paypal? Today we come up with something new for all users who use paypal to try their luck to win 5€. How so? 1) Go to https://fb.com/xatBau « 2) Find the post where the contest is, add a comment mentioning a friend from facebook '« or CkickHERE Rules/Requirements - Please do not add many comments [not to cause spam] - At least one friend must be mentioned in the comment [you can mention how many friends you want] - When we reach 2000 people on our page we choose a winner. - If you have any misunderstandings,
  3. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that it has always been part of power angel, smiley (pray) I'm probably wrong, I'm sorry. Yes it has to be free, if it was free until now, something that was free, does not make sense to be now added to the power to be forced to buy if you want to use this smiley. I agree with this idea 100% Do you remember this smiley?
  4. Hello XatFamily As we know It's not role, just an image, it's just a title for people to see who they trust. - Can this provoke discussions between users? - Could this be a good idea? - Other people may be sad if you do not have this title name _____________ Why did I come up with this idea? [Because I'm not sure if this idea is good, that's why I came to ask everyone] - It can bring more activity! How?! - IDK - Because something new is always welcome - Because it can be helpful for new users, to know who they can trust [ Also, a trusted person does not mean a person
  5. Hey Duygu, Amazing post for people to describe their dreams. - To always be healthy, and so I will be happy. - To be able to tell everyone how much I love them. - To be able to always help everyone in need. - To be able to thank everyone for all the support offered. I hope you all feel good, a beautiful new year, Thanks.
  6. Bau

    618 ACID

    The first power this year, I think it was time to have a new power, be it ugly or beautiful, it will be popular or not, xat needed a new power, I don't know why, that's my opinion. Good power! - Wiki´s UP new power details xat.wiki/acid , Thank to Daniel and Stif!
  7. Hi The prizes was received by the user, this topic will be closed. Regards Bau.
  8. Hello xatFamily, Sorry for delay! We didn't have many visits on XATchat, maybe there were almost 200 people. [almost 200 days were transferred and 10,000 xats]. __________________________ - The winner «» (newyear) - @TheYaguito Enjoy
  9. Hi The prizes was received by the user, this topic will be closed. Regards Bau.
  10. Hello xatFamily ARCbots Random Post FORUM xat! »The winner« @DJFUNNY Soon more contests/events! Thank everyone.
  11. Hi The prizes was received by the user, this topic will be closed. Regards Bau.
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