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  1. Bau

    Share PRINT - Button

    Here you have! With this personal program on xat.com, no one can edit or make fake the print, it will always be original. Thank´s to everyone For vote -YES. . . .
  2. Happy birthday @Biondi
  3. Happy birthday @Kvra
  4. Bau

    Hide Chat

    This is simple, You use email to configure the automatic password. (RANDOM) Example: Subscribe user chat. Add E-mail: Add Password And just the password can continue, so it needs a registry to enter the xat. To ban this, you can ban email. Without email he will not continue to receive the secret password in the chat. . so it's very easy to get 100% chat control without disturbance. For this question you answered here. Twice I answered this question! Yes, I know these things all help, only members/Registered. . . but the password is totally different, see the answer below.
  5. Bau

    Hide Chat

    Here in black you have some functions that can make this option. (up).
  6. Bau

    Hide Chat

    I did not understand what you mean by IPs. If you think the change of IPs helps to keep going in xat you are wrong. You can do anything, never ever you can get into the radio chat! It's like a website, you need the password for the registry, so here too, you need the password so you can continue on xat.com. . . How I said this may exist, but it uses who wants it. Allow it to be as before, as I did with HTML - You had the password to access my Radio. This is not for you, it's not for them, but it's for who wants it. For example, I want to be a normal radio chat, keep going as it is. I want something more private, then I add the password to be, and I want to be. . . . . Enable/Unable Respect what you think and want, thank you for the answer, I continue to believe it is a brilliant idea. Disable / Enable
  7. Bau

    Hide Chat

    Hello, @Daniel . - You have misunderstood this idea. Only in case you want to remove a user banned in chat. This idea is for who wants a totally private page, you can not see chat, users, who is online, and so on. . . . Hello, @Stif Yes, once, and you can save, or you can always put the CODE (password) when you enter the chat page.
  8. Happy birthday @Juna
  9. Bau

    Hide Chat

    Hello XATers Before you write, read well what I wrote. I mean we have to find a solution for such people! Okay, let's get straight to the subject. When such people come in and stop getting back, what can be done? Directly with Internet IP or other more advanced stuff to add a password directly to the chat, the result is that you need to enter your chat password or a secret code. Every xat will be very protected like this. And in html - css you can do that, I used it before, but I now talk to xat to add an option, where you can add a password that you can only send to your friends. And many other things can be done about those people who do harm to xat.com. If the chat is hidden by the enemies, they will not stop harming you anyway, but you know we're up and always fighting for good. . . . I suggested this idea before, but differently, allow chat to do this, but now I say it is an option at xat.com. We can all do this. Password or a code to enter xat.com! E.g. I'm banned in xat, and I want to continue in xat, I can not without the code created by personal chat. (main owner). If I have that code or password, I add it and after that I can continue on xat.com. CAPTCHA - It's just for bots, now with password or code or bots nor educated people will be able to chat. Code and password - I say this name because it's a secret number. Write a comment below if you understand the idea or not, and if you like this idea! Thank´s!
  10. Bau

    Users upgrade

    - Excellent, yes it's a great option. . . This has the maximum limit of 4. You can not add more than 4 new names (silly) @Stif Is that so, every name has a new register, what do you say about it? You can have 4 logs (accounts) on one page. New user: you are logged in with iBau Account . . . New user2: You are logged in with Fonduri Account . . . So you will have the possibility to have more short names, nice id on a single web page, use it you want when you want, without having many open pages of the net. Whoever wants can use each login on the different website or on one page all the accounts. Do you understand my idea?
  11. Happy birthday @Valstein
  12. Bau

    Multiple logo image

    LOL. I came to say that now is all right! Good night!
  13. Bau

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations @Mystic @6 AND @DjCrazy i see WIki editor and Advanced member, but anyway Congratulations xD
  14. Happy birthday @Echo

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