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  1. wow, thank you for following me.

  2. Bau


    I can guarantee the feedback is more active than Mosa3adeh No hate, plis
  3. I understand what you want to convey, but you don't think this name has more than we can imagine. Let's take the right path. Volunteers provide time for xat.com, as well as users. [also users for xat.com] While we are talking, they may respond to the ticket at this time. While other users may harm/scam other users, volunteers with Admin try to resolve user issues. We are also volunteers, but in a different way of expression. All of us who buy xats know that we do more for ourselves, so we can buy powers. ___________ I'm not on anyone's side, but I know how to define the right thing by the wrong thing. I don't see, I can't imagine the slightest reason why NOT. No one gave a reason, why NOT. If you think that others do not deserve what you do not have or cannot have, it is your opinion, but if this bothers you it is a mistake, the problem is with you, not with them. I don't expect to have this pawn, but it would be a pleasure to see others using it. While we complain about what has not been done, we forget to thank for everything that has been done so far. [this makes me sad ] Probably talking like that, we don't know what responsibility means. Regards guys
  4. Hello xat-ers I want to allow the use of smileys for users and when they are in private not only on chat main, as long as they are on chat where that power is Assigned. I don't know how many of you want this, and I don't know why not everyone can use chat power as long as it's assigned, regardless of main chat or private chat. Maybe can be an option in which the main owner can decide whether or not users can use private emoticons. If I assign a power on chat, I want all users to be able to use it on Main/ Private chat. Regards Bau
  5. Hello Achilles I'm pretty sure that if it was from xat.com many had this problem, maybe you have something on your PC installed that forbids you to use xat.com under normal conditions. Have you tried using another browser? for example EDge. . . It may be from the browser, try to update the newest or oldest version, maybe after you install the new version it works like this, or maybe you haven't installed the new version, you have to check everything first. - Clear browsing/ Cookies data [also, if it is very loaded, it can help you] About Chrome If you did everything I said above, and it didn't help, please ignore this comment and wait for someone who can answer correctly and be helpful. Regards Bau
  6. A new version has been added. . .
    So sexy, aww


    1. Bau


      OH noo, Can you fix it :$  @Andre

  7. Hello Today I want to say what I don't like and with that, I want to make a new suggestion. You know when you're chatting and many messages are written, you can't read them all or you want to copy the message, you go up to search for a message when you try to copy or read and someone else sends a new message, all messages go up and appear from new to the first message. I think it's annoying. - Message informing the user that he has unread messages. - When new messages appear and you search for old messages above, it doesn't affect your search. - When you search for old messages, an anchor will appear where you can reach the last unread messages, when you search above, the old messages will not be interrupted by the new messages. VideoEg I can answer any question, if you have you can ask, I will answer soon posible. Regards Bau
  8. If it's not known on youtube or xat.com, that doesn't mean it's not famous or has a history behind it. Youtube,twitter is not looking for subscribers, followers. It was a person with 3 subscribers and was verified on youtube. [I don't remember the name, I'm sure of what I'm saying] I don't compare Youtube to xat.com and I don't criticize it. [It is not how much you have or receive, but how much you do, you give]. It is not 100% necessary to have a youtube or twitter channel to get this pawn. I do not want to disappoint those who said or thought that you have to have millions of subscribers to get this pawn and did not agree with those who have few followers to receive this pawn. My question is who will be able to maintain this pawn, [Admin mentioned that this pawn can be removed without warning or reason]. I think they are more afraid to maintain this pawn and not by those who will receive it.
  9. Rethink sad message. . .
    If there's no tomorrow, people will try to communicate how good I was and that another innocent person left.
    But while I'm here, people don't come to tell me what's really needed, but they regret and regret that you're gone.

    I want you to know that true friends are by your side when you are successful in life, many cannot bear your happiness.
    Because when you have problems, your enemies can feel sorry for you to.

    Enjoy your life guys!

  10. Because rank means nothing to me, it doesn't matter if someone has a pawn or not, if someone is famous and someone else is less famous, if someone helps more and someone less. All that matters is everyone's contribution and being happy with everything you did knowing you could do more, but you did everything you could. I like to see new things added, I agree 100% to be added, all our descendants deserve to feel good, much better than us. [ If we haven't had or won't have, others deserve it. I know, this has been discussed many times and nothing has ever been applied because most were against it, and now, seeing that the admin´s wants to apply this, they are not happy with this idea. Stop messing with the past because it hurts, just look into the future and live with the present. Many want to be volunteers, many were volunteers and didn't know how to maintain. Let's be happy for the admin´s initiative and enjoy everything he wants to do. Regards Bau
  11. Forum´s Back, Enjoy(sman)

  12. Hello, Thanks to Cupim for explaining well. Here is my idea, You can take examples in case it is useful, if there is nothing related to this idea ignore this comment. Regards Bau.
  13. I learned from my mistakes, I didn't wait for someone to make mistakes to learn.(sman)

  14. Hello, This ID has been sold and collected, this page will now be closed. Regards Bau.
  15. Soon. . .

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