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  1. Happt birthday @Hallie
  2. Used for xat - (balloon) + the code old smilies simple. Pawn - Ruby Game power - matchrace + Darts All I like, but these are some of my favorites.
  3. Bau

    Active and Creative

    Thanks for the reply. This idea is not about changing colors in members and adv. members. It's for a new title, superior to adv. members. Title: Active/Creative +Color. . . .Of course the new title will need a color.
  4. Bau

    Active and Creative

    Thanks for the reply. This title is manual, it's not for like or any specific, just Admin at forum can consider and add who really deserves.
  5. Bau

    Active and Creative

    Hey, Angelo, maxo, Thanks for the reply. It's possible. But I think they all deserve a chance. creative and active, When I say this, there is someone like, iSanty, and many others. Sloom, DjCrazy, thuk, samuel, Blacky and many others, but they already have the title of Contributor, but a long time has helped a lot without having a specific title. Hmm?
  6. Bau

    Active and Creative

    Hello to all. I have a slightly more interesting idea, that is, nothing important. What I'm talking about, I have something to suggest. Rank forum - is there a need for a new rank in the forum? the answer is NO. What I want to say is that a new format in the forum is good to encourage the users and their work. A new color and a new name. I know, how many others do not care, but it is a new way of communicating. Member - Without color ADV. member - Without color Active and Creative - With Color And each month add points, and the most active and creative people. Good luck Everyone. LOOOOoooL
  7. Bau


    Hello @Admin Do not be misunderstanding, why not make a new pawn for celebrities like the symbol of youtube and xat together. So will be promoted to xat.com. It's just an idea, I have no examples. .
  8. Happy birthday @Duunky @Michael @Tigi
  9. Bau


    Who cares?! xD Nice. . .
  10. Bau

    User app and game suggestions

    It's not about embed, game. There is embed, it can be added on xat this game, but I think xat wants to offer something with smilies, the original version, instead of balloons being smilies of powers. Still think the idea is bad?
  11. Bau

    User app and game suggestions

    Bubble shooter. This is my second suggestion. Click on the game name for more information, see what game it is.
  12. Happy birthday @JH0N @Mencee

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