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  1. Battle wow let's play. . .


  2. NOcara vs FaceOff I'm not racist, I choose the first name that has been added, what do you choose? Why?
  3. Bau

    514 NOCARA

    NOcara vs FaceOff Wtf let's be serious. . What is the name of power with English language? It's not a word, it's just a name for power, I do not understand why everything has to be in English. For example: It's an idea of Portuguese food or an animal or fruit, it's an idea and it's the name of that power, now let's say George calls me why should Gioni call me? There are small examples to be considered. I think in powers can any name added, a more appropriate name for that powers. Anyway, he did a good job, I think it's a successful power!
  4. Thanks and excuse everyone! (hug)

  5. Bau

    PX power

    Okay, my bad. . . . However, if this power will bring profit, let's say 1 xats or 10 xats, less or more. Everyone will abuse this power. will buy low-priced powers and will only sell to make profits. Only if "every time you convert with this power you lose 1 or 10'xats of each use. for risk no one will convert powers, just me lazy I will do this. LOoL xD
  6. Bau

    PX power

    Hello, good suggestion but. . . This idea is good, but I do not think it will be useful. I can use it because I do not like to trade, but people in the trade do not think they use that when they can profit from the powers. eg "BIG power cost 5k in store, and on trade 20k. is just an example. Trade will still have a big fall if this power comes out. I do not support this idea. "Sorry' Good luck!
  7. Happy birthday @Er @Matheus @minerva56
  8. Happy birthday @Math
  9. Happy birthday @Jean
  10. Bau

    Whoever posts last wins!

  11. Bau

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulation Princess
  12. Haha xD You would drink an oil bottle for 1000 €? xD
  13. Happy birthday @Cyan @Tiin

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