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  1. Already Back Crow! B.A.U
  2. Standard Penetration Test! W.A.B
  3. Hello Everyone. Another little game to be funny!! Rules »«» as not to overuse and put letters is neither a combined sentence in letters added. Play »«» add three letters: - Player1: Example - I.L.Y And the following is must read these letters, and write - Player2: I Love You OR I Like You C.N.T - Player3: Create New Topic! Y.A.B Start Play!
  4. I still got out, but I'm still here Good luck in Life Anar (Y)
  5. No! Do you like Bau ´´XD´´
  6. :$Chelly (yum) 

    happy birthday, happiness, love and good luck, health and money, the rest slowly gain.
    to have a large family, healthy and beautiful...(hug):$

  7. Red riding hood and the big bad wolf.. LOL
  8. Congratulations @Daniel on ur new Elite OHH @Brandon to, won this Elite XD.
  9. Happy Birthday Bau♥ :$

  10. Happy Birthday Bau!  13yqjh4.jpg
    XD wrjk3n.gif

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      Thanks (hug)13yqjh4.jpg

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      Happy Birthday Bau!!!

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      Thanks Lemona (hug) 

  11. Really ? Ok good luck everyone. i think a @Meow need this power free This is innap ? XD OMG inappropriate image XD
  12. Thanks you Bau (hug)

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      You´re welcome Fiona (hug)

  13. I'm here just to say hello. :$(cute)
    Do not tell Meowww okay?:$
    It is very bad , a cat :(8-)

  14. I need you, but you must not know this. egu7ah.jpg
    I need you, but you do not want to know this.