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  1. New power (Catastrophe)

    include some natural phenomena - OK solar eclipse, lunar eclipse - Yes/No earthquake, - Yes/No tsunami - Yes/No hurricane - Yes/No - I think this exist! xD to be these smilies, transformed into something funny not to look real, but to be something smiley, but may have different names. Here you have an answer.
  2. Happy birthday! (hug) 

  3. Happy Birthday! (hug) 

  4. win 100 xats Everyday

    Hello winners! The remaining time to collect your prize. - http://bit.ly/2eMkvOA - tomorrow is the last day I'm active, because I have to go, please contact me and collect your prize. In some parts of the world already send this message today, the day - 21/09/2017 Please colect your prize! Note: always when someone receives the prize, this message will be edited, and delete all those who received the prize. @Matti - @Danny2024 - @DjCrazy - @Felipe_ - @MisteR - @Elsi - @Elea - @Calvin - @Guppy @Angelo - @yerimar - @i1Category - @Ronal Today winners! 20/09/2017 - @Angelo - @L3OZ1N - @yerimar - @Elea - @Elsi @Danny2024 - @Fiona - @i1Category - @Guppy - @Ronal Thanks to all the participants and the winners: http://bit.ly/2eMkvOA Good night!
  5. win 100 xats Everyday

    HERE: @iMoHd
  6. win 100 xats Everyday

    Congratulations to the 5 winners today. Please colect your prize! Chat Mundo Smilies: https://xat.com/mundosmilies Chat ARCbot: https://xat.com/arcbot Winners: http://bit.ly/2vLjhd9 Time to more winners: http://bit.ly/2eMkvOA Contest END 20/09/2017 - The last day to collect the prize is 21/09/2017. Good night!
  7. Questions and Answers.

    Red, Blue, Green. You are a liar? - when did you last lie?! xD
  8. Questions and Answers.

    Nice, i like this to! but where si your question! (ono)
  9. Questions and Answers.

    25 - Age what is your favorite food? name, and show the picture, if you have.
  10. Questions and Answers.

    in xat yes, personally, not, but would be brilliant to do this, to know ourselves in real life. xD In which country do you like to live?
  11. who knows to make giff? :p

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bau


      3D - 4D
      Who make ?!
      Send me  Contact!

    3. Ediz
    4. Bau


      aaa :d

      you make a giff! LOL
       Nice! Offer? _How much? it´s not for me :$ I want to give a present to a girl xD (cute) 

  12. Questions and Answers.

    Hello, This game is simple. (any question you want and answer) Rules: Do not add any questions or answers that contain something inappropriate. You can also add a friend or person to ask questions, see the example below. (one or more) Example how to play this game! i´m user1: Question You all - User2: Questions and Answers You all - user3: questions @Bau @Bau and answers We are friends?
  13. /message PC/PM

    Why mike,cupim,stif and not me xD (joking) About your idea! (great idea) Not a power! Not paid stuff! Enjoy xat.com free! Yeah very good idea, But why not free stuff? (to send message = pay )- whyyyyyyy ? Tomorrow to write message = paid! I think everythink about command xat, need to be stuff free! (Before I was building up ideas containing commands xat, I came to the conclusion that it was silly). free is better! Please no! No power.
  14. win 100 xats Everyday

    yeah! everyone can!