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  1. xAndyx


    1. Bau





  2. You´re welcome @Caiio Happy birthday @darkraiiii :P
  3. Bau

    The King of the Forum

    i Protect me
  4. Bau

    xat family members

    We have a new Leader Booh , let's say welcome! Good luck! Enjoy!
  5. Happy birthday @DjCrazy And @Booh (ono) 18/06/2018. Excuse me for delay. .. LOL You´re welcome @Marek
  6. Happy birthday @Marek @Comet @oj
  7. Bau

    Thank you for the memories xat!

    Hello, I do not know if we have communicated or not, but I have heard of you, and I have not heard anything wrong, all right! That's why I want to thank you for everything you have written here, I like to read everything from the users who helped xat and are always happy with xat.com, even if it is not everything as we all want! Success in your life, and I hope to see you soon.
  8. Hello everyone!

    My status and contest was closed and hidden.
    Later I will open a new contest, maybe next month, maybe later or sooner, I do not know, I'm busy now!
    Thank you (hug) 

  9. Idk what happen with muffins @muffins no more volunteer? Anyway you still be my friend. Please tell me
  10. sadly info. . .
  11. Happy birthday @iMIKI
  12. Bau


    This support should be free of charge. Money is not everything . . . . Ahh ahh Ticket free forever (L).

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