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  1. Like this, and marry me LOL
  2. Happy birthday. (cat) 

  3. Suppose that my messages are invisible.
  4. So cute. Atention: Its just for Discussion.
  5. Followme foe♥

    1. Bau


      okay i have now fallow you :$ 


  6. Ohh Noo Really ? why not me ? Congratulations BoyGirl of Trade´s
  7. It must be added for distributing forum ´´share´´ « it comes to be added here on the forum, and has become more populated and known. nothing to lose, everything to gain. I think this has to do known, this means that chat has to be one step ahead. Add this ..... Etc
  8. Very interesting, official xat. or just xat unofficial. Rs. of course not official chat
  9. simple, «» Power for rich People.
  10. Hello, Never post your number of ticket puplic. I think this its bad. You can go on private on Volunteers, can it consult her, as it is better for you. I think you have to wait when you arrive turn, to respond to ticket. You need to have patience, one can not do anything before. when a volunteer reach your ticket, you'll receive our answer. in contact to private volunteer to receive more information. Thanks.
  11. Hmm . NOo I think its good just for share, what happens on forum. Twitter e facebook. But for login, its badly idea. Idk
  12. English please LOL
  13. I think about why this page is not yet translated. :$

  14. I know I do a good job, To say this. good luck. congratulations. Isa
  15. I know nothing, I know anything.