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  1. Name: RankUP Group Flix: Yes Smilies: Yes or maybe not, It's good to have smilies, because it will look better and more useful. Price: idk What options and advantages it has?!: - 1: You can see staff history in all years. (NOT message of rank) but History rank, Guest, member, mod, owner, main owner. How much time was active per year, on which day you were most active, much information to be added. - 2: You can write something and put the picture became a guest or member, in a few hours of activity to be a moderator or owner, many other things you can do. - 3: You can add a congratulation or whatever you want, Happy birthday´+ giff or image + text. How can I edit or how it is possible, here is the answer. ID or REGname - Year/Month/Day - msg Text - Image. Added Auto. - ID OR REGname - User xat ID or Register name. - Year/Month/Day - When to show the message - text msg - What text do you want to show to the user - image - What image do you want to show to the user To be: Only main owner can change this text or image or gif To be: Option to be automatic, by time, hours, message activity. More: And be an option to add texto. Example: 10 hours or more of activity at a guest, or member, or moderator or owner, you can write a text and add a picture. Each rank you can add 5 images You can add a png, or a giff, in which you can write - Any texto: Welcome, you have 10 hours active here, if you continue so actively you can become a member, congratulations - Any text: Congratulations you are a member, mod, owner, main, you have 100 hours of active and plus to add the image you want. Start when you create xat or when you buy power. every day, every month, every year. - Note: If you do not write anything in the text, let it be automatically added by - Note: If you do not add an image, be a flix image automatically added by In the history list, show all active users in that year, what rank was, how many active hours This activity information and image rank, occur when the user enters the xat, and disappears after 5 or 15 seconds or more. . . Year: every year, About bot! Now is an option to see activity with a bot, but this idea is totally different, you can add text and image, a few seconds for your team. See activity, but you can not change the image or add text to the xat page as the team can see. With bot you can add text to all (welcome msg) but you can not add text and rank by image You can add the images you make, or automatically made by xat New: History Rank: I want this idea to have this option, very good and useful. - Have the option show time, and add time. - Show time: History (statistica) - Add time: congratulation or Happy birthday or others. When you want to show that message to the user, the day of the month, the year I have no good examples, but I think you understand my idea. Liked to do a flix, To see what staff we had last year or past years xD Guest, member, mod, owner, main rank, have the image that lasts for a few seconds 5 or 15 seconds or more. . . . . It's good to be, rank history list, to see who was with us. When, - year, - month, - day Of course we will not use these images, just are ideas how we can change the rank image This idea can be very much used when you have Dj on xat.. Example your Dj is guest, or member, mod, owner, main hehe - Assign power: RankUP - Go on list groups power xat- Click in the power Rankup. Complete the list - 1. Put ID OR USername Dj user in your xat. - 2. change the image, or leave black. - 3. Put any texto, Hello, thanks dj for your time and music. bla bla bla. (or leave black) - 4. What rank has xat, Guest, member, mod, owner, main oanwe. - 5. Times - 1 to 5000 1h 2h 3h 4h 5h 6h 7h 8h 9h10h Much more MAxim 5000h every year. When you want to show this message, from 1 hour to 10 hours, after 10 hours to 100 hours of another message, you can change each user by 5 different messages and hours. Automatic to be. If you like the idea, please help with more exemples. If you do not understand the idea, please ask, I will try to answer and explain as much as possible.
  2. Hello to all, I can change, edit the name, and the examples, I have the new idea that is similar but diferente. What do you say about it? In a few minutes I will edit this page, it will be another name for another idea. Thnak´s.
  3. It can not bother or hurt anyone.... To understand, do you support this idea or not?
  4. Name: Transformers - Group Flix: Yes Smilies: Yes Price: idk I have no good examples, but I think you understand my idea. Liked to do a flix, a car that turns into a robot. xD More: And be an option to add texto. If you like the idea, please help with more exemples. Together or not with this idea. I think just that car suggestion exists xD.
  5. In private MSG just for fun!
  6. Yes please xD Wow 2016 Other smiles have already been added, now missing pikachu chuu chuuuuu xD
  7. Hello!
    Happy birthday! (hug) 

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      Did you receive any nice gifts?

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  8. First one very cute and nice for Dogs, haha! Nice work.
  9. 4194304 ~
  10. 524288 @Fiona xD To continue playing - 1048576
  11. Powers - Smilies: 63 / 64 by @ANGY Powers - Flix: 3 - By my. Already added, but not informed, I say now
  12. 262144 -
  13. I support this idea, but I do not like it, because it's too perfect, to perfect, I can not find anything wrong here. . Good luck^!
  14. I did not have time to answer here.

    But this suggestion, I have already given here, linked to hidden powers
    Why so far nobody has seen.  
    :'( xD
    And can not trade problems because you can only trade if he puts power to trade.
    Is a brilliant idea.
    My idea is still open, please comment on what you think about this idea. :$:p 


  15. What's new here ?!

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      I have not been 10 hours here, I want to know what's new here,(toj):$