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  1. Win Yoga Power

    Today i will add all the winners. Thank´s!
  2. xat Facebook Page

    Hey! You have more official FACEBook xat? Official Facebook 1 - www.facebook.com/xatchats and this? ?????????????????????? 2 - www.facebook.com/SpellTicket/ 3 - www.facebook.com/Xatcom-319680873910 WTF
  3. Change pawn from main owner

    It´s not a new pawn, is the same pawn owner as a different color! Do not be the owner of the same color of the principal owner. ( understand?)
  4. Old Status: I care more about you, I care less about xat.
    New Status: I care more about xat, I care less about you. ))

  5. Change pawn from main owner

    Are you rich? talk without knowing what. (( You Buy namewave for all, be a nice xat. (if you ignore beautiful and free ideas then let xat.com die). Free Is better, everyone who create new group xat to use this pawn! Not to buy or someone is more important than someone else, it's just an idea to be respected, and to admit it is a good idea!
  6. Change pawn from main owner

    Yes- NOW: because owner, and main owner, the same color. (I think it's brilliant to be different color) No- I do not care. (you care?) xD Maybe- Yes, i care. A brilliant idea, Nice.
  7. Goog night Everyone! ´´Bye´´
    soon we will play farther, I will choose winners of the contest, thank you. (hug):$(goo)  

  8. Hello everyone, I want to tell you that I do not have time now, and for this I will add two or more awards. Probably tomorrow I will choose all the winners. Hello, Yeah, soon I choose all the winners. Ty
  9. WIN 300 XATS.

    Fonduri (304771992)
  10. Goodbye xat

    Take care DEAR
  11. Smile I invite you

    1. Job - working, Music - Listing songs, Family - spend a lot of time together. 2. When I lose somebody! 3. whatever makes me smile, you need to know how to use it. (you can smile at good or bad things) 4. When receiving messages or gifts from loved ones, dear, family, friends. . . . 1-4 Let´s See . . . . Loadind. . . . i´m happy now xD
  12. Happy Birthday @Manu
  13. Hello new contest xat! Prize: Power (Yoga) Rules: Do not use two or more registers. How to play? - put your username and ID from your register xat. Time: This Contest End 13/11/2017 - More info here: http://fonduri.wikidot.com/contest You can also invite your friends to participate in this contest. Good luck everyone!
  14. Happy birthday @xatAzure
  15. Hello, the winner is - Booh (87651608) @Booh Please come here (xat.com/Loja - xat.com/MundoSmilies) To receive your prize, or send a message, and tell me when you have free time to receive the prize.