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  1. I caught the admin seeing the last post mike - I think he cares. xD :$  - http://prntscr.com/i0z0k9

  2. Happy birthday @Eleven
  3. /message PC/PM

    Sorry, I did not understand, can you please explain, if you want! What´s new XATBOT. . . .
  4. /message PC/PM

    This already exist!
  5. /message PC/PM

    Thanks for the explanation. Yeah, that's brilliant, but I know there's already a command that's in the example, that's why I was weird. !pc user and message The new command may be something like - !Pcm user and message and - !Pmm user and message. Or to replace the originalcommand, as you said. ( is much better). !pc USer1 MEssage AND !pm USer message !pc user1, user2, user3, message !pm user1, user2, user3, message Yes, the idea is good. Sorry for the inconvenience. ... . .
  6. /message PC/PM

    I think so - - - . . .. . (Can you suggest a command) « Do you mean that this command exists, and can it be used? Yes, I can understand hard, but I try to understand well, I did not say anything wrong! xD Sorry ok?! ((
  7. The Final Thread

    Hello Mike, I do not know you, I do not know who you are, and you do not know who I am, but I know your intention was to help xat, you helped a lot, you do not have to apologize, we support you anyway. You have created very beautiful powers. You contributed to the forum and xat.com very much. Once again thank you for the beautiful powers, and all your help. Do not forget, it remains to talk about css background. (joke) I still use xat and forum very rare, but anyway I love to be present, as long as many people love us and we love many people! Take care of yourself. - I hope my message does not bother anyone here.
  8. /message PC/PM

    You do not need this, you can create this command without permission, without asking. (there is no need to be suggested if there is already an idea). Because many people love that idea.
  9. Whoever posts last wins!

    Key FOR free Volunteer! GP16 - 3492 - 9219 - ADMN
  10. Happy birthday @BenabdaLLah
  11. Without my vote and your vote, other people may be impotent.
    Please think well who you vote for.


    Seriously? I just have a question! - why do not you upgrade to the blastkick power and all the other. We dont need other power OMG . . . Blastkick 1 power = first animation 2 powers = second animation 4 powers = third animation 8 powers = fourth animation Blastkick With update. 2 power = 1st animation 4 powers = 2nd animation 8 powers = 3rd animation 10 powers = 4th animation We dont need , super or mega another power, because the old power can be update! Think about this admin! Ty ))) This xat is really done for rich people, do not you think of people who do not have the opportunity to buy much from xat? OMG Maybe many people want to have xat.com Personal Group with all the active powers on xat, but you do not allow this, I'm sorry to see this happening on xat now. Anyway - power is good make, but not for new power! (( Good work
  13. ID auction ?

    Well, your desire will be accomplished. Dont cry