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  1. Thank you iWild (L) Happy birthday @Champ
  2. Bau!  (hug)


        Happy Birthday



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      Soo Cute :$ Thank you DuuL (hug) (L)   

  3. youtube

    Hello Kyle1985 You only need to copy link vídeo youtube, and past here! EX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28W_sotzXUw If you want to see the video youtube on the forum after posting, if you want to do this directly you can not. Just on xat it works that thing!
  4. How do you feel about xat?

    How do you feel about xat? Hmm Happy and disappointed. There are no reasons to be disappointed when I'm happy, which is why I was really happy to be disappointed. We are waiting for all the big changes in xat, but that does not mean that in relation to powers and people will change something! (update). When I want something in the store I buy anytime! But those who can not do this? (it's a preoccupying thing that nobody thinks about, but talks without knowing, you know who these people are). Good luck at all, I hope you all are happy and happy with what xat.com offers you. Thank´s.
  5. Big power Unlimited

    Hello Joni I also want to see this, but I do not think this is possible. Impossible is not because many people want to buy power big. From the very beginning I say that all important powers for a users need be cheap! Like: Big,namewave,namegrad,nameflag,namecolor . . . Maybe pawns to, smilies etc Purple, gold, ruby . . .. . 5k Xats - Big power it´s okay! - I do not think it does more than 5 thousand xats. Why did xat.com have many people before? - and now many have gone? I will open a topic just about this, maybe somebody here will open their eyes. (( i support this idea - Unlimited ´5k xats big or less For the pack of xats bought in the store these power prices are too crazy. xat is created by us, your rules, buy xats who wants it, stay in xat who wants, for those reasons leave who wants! The final answer is, he does not really care about people, just with the Money. I do not want to be bad, just give my opinion, even if you do not care! You can add your answer here or below!!!!!
  6. Audio Smilies

    Hello A new idea that can be useful. You can not add personal audio, you can only use it from this farewell list. - xat.com/Audies « What do you say if we can add audio to smilies. Like - (ksnono#sno) #ksnono: Code simple Smilies or power #Sno: Code Audio Goo - xat.com/XAT5 - USE Example - or use command BOT: !test (ksnono) #ohh The idea is we can do that with smilies, not separately. To be a free option, if you want to use smilies you can, if you want to powers, you can only buy power that you want to add sound. Thank´s!
  7. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me and those who did not congratulate me! (hug) (L) 
    Happy birthday to me :$ xD

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      Happy late birthday, Bau! All the best for another year! 



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      Happy belated birthday chu chu, I wish you all the best (hug) 

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      Thank You Crow  - Chu chu (hug) (L) 

  8. Happy Birthday, Bau!

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      Thank you Muffins (hug):$ (L) 

  9. Thank you Cucu (L) Thank You Samuel (L)
  10. Saudações Bau! (hug)

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      Obrigado Mister (hug) (L) 

  11. Parabéns Bauzinhooooooooooooooo (goo)  <3 

  12. - happy birthday !!!

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  13. happy birthday !!!

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