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  1. Who of the xat.com team is using ARCBots !?
    Please tell me!

    1. Lunala


      most of the official xat are using fexbot as a bot provider...:P

    2. Bau
  2. Wow dances better than you all -     party0010.gif

  3. This is only possible if you create two options on the same power, but which might confuse all users to use. Bot does not have that, it's just when you're idle, and kick kick because you stayed for 15 minutes or more without writing. It has this automatic option, but we are not talking about bots but powers. And just admin bots decide which commands can be on xat. I'm not talking about simple things. xD I understand what you mean, and I know well what's going on. We just give our opinion anyway, who decides is the Admin. But, yes it is a good idea.
  4. Noo! Because boot its only for kick in other xat.com But this its for Pools. Only. Imposible!
  5. I'm still thinking about it. But there is an explanation, when there are more than 3 pools, just show the first 2, because the other is not pool of powers, but it is automatically pool when users enter xat. 60 users per pool = use command for new pool. /backpool (id) (reason) Just show pool that are from power. EX: Only two pools But automatically pool created by users, be in command. I explained above, this.
  6. I think the best name is (rrapid) - Because it's banned with reason, and command. Rapid Powers - REasonn Rapid - banned rapid It sounds funny, why it was not done UPgrade. Because Fewer names of powers will have to remembre. xD
  7. You made the drawing almost as I asked, is very well worked. I still think it will be a very useful ban for xat, much more for trade. Nice. And I still think the name sounds better - BackPool
  8. I think that is the same idea that has already been written here. By zuke & By gamesnathanlikes But you have not really understood what function he has, because he has not given many examples, and you are not interested in that power. It was just an idea, you had to fill in, and add function formulas to this power. To be explained more to understand the world. I give the right to @LaFleur It's a good idea, but it has already been given, and if it was written, it was not realized this idea, why is it now? I think these three ideas are the same, but this is more explained.. I think it's a good power.
  9. It's almost the same. That's the reverse The difference is the writing, but the idea is the same. To me is status and name, but here is text that already exists. Why not .upgrade power reverse (Banre) = suggestion from @QueenANIME (Banrs) - (Banrn) = And these powers from me Short name power! Yes this idea its good! i support this!
  10. You stole the idea, joking you did the right job, congratulations.
  11. Hello. I have a new idea and I want to share it with you. That each user can hide powers. Is to hide xats and days, why not to hide powers. Or we can upgrade to the power (show) - before and after - Or you can even just add everypower and allpowers The rest of the powers are not added or even nothing is added That depends on each one's liking. You can not click on powers at the users, so you will not be able to see what powers it has, So that no one can see what powers I have. OR This I want it to be the same as in the picture, so nobody can click on powers. It's just an idea, maybe many of us want to hide powers.
  12. oi fala


    1. Bau


      :'( you are spamming Forum?
      Você esta a fazer spam em todo fórum, porque ?
      Para de Brincar se não o equipe aqui vai bannir você :( 

    2. jheniffer


      oi fala

  13. @Fiona Thank´s I agree with you, of course it must be hat, queen and king.