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  1. so you know how you see those banners on a xat chat that advertise powers and tell you how long it will take for a power to be released? i'm experiencing problems with that. my banner always says that worm is on sale even though it's not. my banner always looks like this: https://prnt.sc/bnpvfs. i ended up getting frustrated that i was unable to buy worm from the store so i ended up asking someone with everypower if worm had been released yet. he said that the power had been released an hour ago. so i asked him when it will be released again. he sent me this screenshot:https://prnt.sc/bnwhxj. in his banner, it shows a certain amount of time for worm to be released. so why is my banner messed up? please help and thanks in advance.

  2. the worm power was supposed to be released at 5:00 PM PST, but when i refreshed, the power was unavailable. I refreshed a few more times, but the power was still unavailable. I then went to xat.com/trade and said, "buy worm," but no one pced me. so what happened?


    edit: it still says worm is on sale.

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