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  1. it's not a cache issue because i cleared all my cache but nothing happened.
  2. @Silence ok thanks and also how do you quote on this forum?
  3. @Stah i'm in the pst timezone and i'm using google chrome. @Silence will the latest command also show me how long it will take for a power to be released?
  4. so you know how you see those banners on a xat chat that advertise powers and tell you how long it will take for a power to be released? i'm experiencing problems with that. my banner always says that worm is on sale even though it's not. my banner always looks like this: https://prnt.sc/bnpvfs. i ended up getting frustrated that i was unable to buy worm from the store so i ended up asking someone with everypower if worm had been released yet. he said that the power had been released an hour ago. so i asked him when it will be released again. he sent me this screenshot:https://prnt.sc/bnwhxj.
  5. http://prnt.sc/bnpvfs and http://prnt.sc/bnpvh0 but oh well i guess i'll get worm tomorrow since i won't be on xat in 6 hours.
  6. @Junior shouldn't you know since your a smiley maker?
  7. the worm power was supposed to be released at 5:00 PM PST, but when i refreshed, the power was unavailable. I refreshed a few more times, but the power was still unavailable. I then went to xat.com/trade and said, "buy worm," but no one pced me. so what happened? edit: it still says worm is on sale.
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