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  1. I definitely spend more time on chatrooms but I do check forum oftens, I think the forum is very good for communication for the entire community, xat chatrooms aren't really designed to hold discussions, thats why I personally like the forum more, but spend more time on chatrooms.
  2. xat should strive to be compared to facebook, in a way they are similar as they both provide a communication service for users around the world, but the thread asks about your favorite xat smiley, although pointing out your favorite facebook emotes is fine too, it could be a suggestion for xat to follow! for myself, I really like all the smileys from manga, they look fantastic.
  3. I think this power is really nice and credit goes to whoever made it, there are a lot of smileys to choose from and they all have expressions (which I especially like instead of smileys dedicated to an object, e.g. mining). Props to whoever made this!
  4. Keeping in mind that Ashley Leggat is an actress and therefore her popularity can't be measured solely looking at her twitter followers. But I do agree, it's judged on case to case basis and I could speak for everyone, I don't want the cyan pawn to be given to anyone with a decent amount of publicity/stardom. And also I doubt xat got in contact with Ashley or TechRax, moreso they found xat themselves (unless maybe xat has secret celebrity friends!) On the subject of pawns, xat could definitely do with more, and seeing how they have tons already made for previous powers on release, I don't see why they couldn't make one or two of them permanent (wouldn't make a mess of things, seeing as this will be the counter argument to release a lot of new pawns, restrict to a few that users really like). It's definitely an easy improvement, allowing users to have more choices.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoy it on xat as much as you do in real life! Good winnings to everyone! (:
  6. seems like everyone nowadays only strives to become a volunteer and it saddens me to see people act differently and sometimes obnoxiously to acheive it, so for all you people who don't want to become a volunteer, care to share your reasons and perhaps give another perspective to those who do. thanks! inb4 not a single post
  7. It wont upset people if they make gold have the same property because purple will still have the property aswell, users with purple will still be on top of the list regardless, by avoiding damaging purple's sales, ur damaging the sales of gold It's not a package at all, it's just purple having the entire thing and gold being left out, for me I would buy gold but I'm sadden by the fact that I can't have both (gold pawn and being top of the list), for others who aren't that keen on having gold, they would just buy purple and hence damaging the sales of gold like said before. It would be a package of purple relied on gold for something, but that's not the case Afford ability and accessibility, if I can afford to spend 50,000 xats (almost double purple) why can't I be on top of the list as well? I'm not saying remove it from purple and add it on gold, I'm proposing to keep and add it on both, it will still be accessible still, for those who have purple already. I would rather keep it as a discussion but whatever u see fit (Admin online so tagging @Admin if they have time to read).
  8. Oh I didn't know about that second part, but still begs to question why I would need to buy both pawns just to get the higher on the userlist, when they both should do the same thing. I should be able to buy gold and be on the same heights as people who use purple, because a) gold cost more and b) I would need to spend a total of 75k to be able to use gold AND be on top of the list which doesn't make any sense So what I'm petitioning is to make gold also put you on top of the list, much like purple. And since like Harrison said, purple is unlimited and you can buy any anytime, there's no harm because gold and purple would share the same property, so if you wanted to be higher on the userlist, you could buy purple anytime from store BUT gold would do the same, no harm done.
  9. If I have topman and another user has purple, the purple user will be higher than me because of purple, regardless of shortname, id or gold. I can get both purple and gold, but only use one e.g. I use gold (the one I like more) but then I'm not on the top of the list, seems a bit unfair for gold to not have the same equal feature as purple considering gold cost more. Although gold is supposed to be 'limited', it really isn't because it's technically classed as unlimited, just not released in store. My suggestion would be to have gold and purple to share the same property, both putting you higher on the userlist fairly
  10. Why does purple put you on top of the list and gold does not? I'm a big fan of gold and tbh, I also like being on top of the list but with this, I can only choose one. Gold cost 50,000 xats and Purple cost 25,000 xats so I don't understand why one has an extra feature whereas the other does not, especially since it cost more. Discuss
  11. Hey, can someone help me with that? How to add your xat username to forum account, I've seen others have it but I don't know how.
  12. Make League of Legends friends from xat.com! Post your summoner names here, please include the summoner level and if you want, division. I'll update the main post regularly. (Other threads for other games can be made, if someone would like to).
  13. I'm curious as to how this happened, discuss possible effects this may have to the future of xat, reasons why it might have been blacklisted etc.
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