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  1. Happy Birthday LAMING-Top!!



  2. Happy Birthday MInolem  !!



  4. who will win the winner of 5000 xats?!?! PRIZES COMPLETE!!
  5. i understand so the carbon pawn can will be a kind of black pawn but with some adding , nice idea!!
  6. I know you are good bro @Mafia1




    after AQUA i never see a talent so special u make your art in all u do,  :$  be careful anyway she is very special for me!!


    (hug) 8-) but something from you i really like bro!!

    1. NoSense
    2. DUYGU


      These look great

    3. Mafia1


       I try make Something different :$




  7. U Need carbon pawn for be like someone like 42? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. I extend the date until November 29th midnight italian time as solange advised me!! Have Fun!!
  9. DARK FRI DAY !! nice job Mihay
  10. Hi Guys, this contest consists of creating pcbacks with the details that I will give you below: the pcback must have the name Alex (colors of your choice): - you have 3 choices, 1: background above + name ALEX and somes effects 2: background of your choice with the picture character above (example on the right) and name ALEX - or... 3: add some photos to your liking (above the name, next to it i think can feel good) with the option 1 and 2: you can do it even if you like the background or the p
  11. prepared the xats because the ID 777777 it will be ONLY mine !!! Alex
  12. Hi guys how are you? yesterday I spent a few minutes drawing one last suggestion for this power: BabyhandBag dance: moves the pelvis, it will be a bit difficult to do this power but i enjoyed it... looks like my ex, a little thought !! others options for this power if you want different shapes just tell me..see you Alex.
  13.  penso domani mi dedicherò totalmente al disegno!!





  14. This should like the power in particular, 18 drawn smileys, unfortunately I can't do better than this! i leave all the best imagines here... any fixed that make the power "particular" otherwise I leave the choice to smiley makers... the first one is a nice back for females...i modified the mirror and i put a heart halo, while for a second i think a moviment of the sword can be suffice with the smiley that sighs!! in addiction the HALOJOKER: he have lips violet!! and one light and one dark m
  15. Happy birthday MANUELL!!


    i wish you all the best of this world


    Europa League Oops GIF by UEFA



    1. Manu


      Thanks bro 

  16. 4 DIG: 7777 - 2222 6 DIG: 777777 - 999999 good luck at everyone!!
  17. HaloAngryJapanese! I don't know the movements, but it seems good to me...end of suggestion!! See you with new's ideas !! 𝐴𝑙𝑒𝑥
  18. Sold test thanks (victory) i'm glad u haved listen me, good luck and continue...

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