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  1. Aleee (101834553) Good luck everyone!
  2. Happy intentional woman day and good luck everyone! Aleee (101834553)
  3. NoSense

    Why? / Because!

    because winter for some is romantic this way why internet is subject to charges?
  4. NoSense


    i think u are mine sister
  5. maybe it's better if I start being bad and make it pay to all those who offend me!!



  6. 4 new?

    Wow lol 

    lol OMEGALOL 

    yes LoL! (wailing)

    loool (maniac)(a)



    1. Anas


      4 new? LOL (hippo)

    2. NoSense


      Lmao get a new LOOOOOOL


      are you sure only 4? (hippo) no kiss?

  7. NoSense


    Thank you guys!! i'm happy you like Thanks Solange , anyway is just a drawing so i don't really know if they do really xDD but your support is useful to me even if I take a vacation and stop drawing
  8. NoSense


    I state that the design also pleases me but who knows, I think the current smileys makers are good!
  9. NoSense


    I'd like it too, but I need a proper program and a teacher, they have already asked me if I can practice
  10. NoSense


    Hi Guys I wanted to suggest an power, Kmummy!! I was thinking of a style like khair , here some examples that I have designed to give an idea of the power: Smilies: Kmummy(ninja) - kmummy(main smile) - Kmummy(mad) not came very well - Kmummy(bat) the bat comes out of the hand - Kmummy(femaleblush) I do not think it's as pretty as smilie anyway - Kmummy(flame) - Kmummy(spider) the spider walks on the face and the eyes darken - Kmummy(funscare) -kmummy(pumpkin) - kmummy blush male for now I put down only these smiles, if you have ideas to suggest, I will be happy to draw them!! is just an idea!!
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