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  1. 2 more smilies (combinated) - romantic valentine hand(teatre theme)!! - romatic valentine kiss !! - last smiley: porfume of rose!! if you have one idea pls post here otherwise i think is just fine so!!
  2. It seems me like with snows i don't have again LoL!
  3. I wanted to clarify something, I design because there is no I do it anymore, thanks for your patience the support you gave me every day you helped me a lot not to go crazy, I love all your comments except some controversy too, but the I accept! I wanted to thank the staff of xat5, the smiley makers for giving me the idea of practicing something really beautiful, the admin for not having banned me yet, I think I have surpassed myself and I am happy!

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    2. Shizuo


      '' the admind for not having me banned yet '' (maniac) , i appreciate the smileys you make, and they are the only smiley i enjoy and like, so keep it up man ! (hug)(ok)

    3. NoSense


      i'm bad with codes xD

      but i can always learn.. thanks shizuo (hug) thank u all really u all make the person that i'm today !!

    4. Shizuo


      I'm always here to support you man ! (hug)(a)

  4. I hope the collection including some NICELY santa SMILEYS, thanks for patience i get bored..
  5. the main smiley: Valentine Shoe: (with hair violet bow light shoe pink dark glitter and hearts big's) FIXED THE MIRROR: It's a collection power! (no Super) see you..and happy Xmas! Fixed the bouquet2:
  6. the valentine's mirror is ready sorry if it's not really perfect, but the idea is to make it gold with black slits and black shades with two pink hearts !! (option for smileys) i want married you (with plume black hair brown mask red heart and rings, she does come here with hand!) bouquet rose2 with a girl with lips pink hair black and earring gold!! the design complete for now , you are always welcome if you have some brilliant ideas! powers richiest: chocolate; heartbreak; valentine; romance
  7. Hello guys is summer here!! any info about the promotion for chats. i mean the discount 75% like 1 year ago for blackfriday!

  8. - Hello ALL, from Alex - I'm ready to show you my new suggestion for this site, valentine theme they are very nice smileys, I think they are a work of art, after the "Satanic God" here I start the attack with the "Super" ....(SuperValentine or RomanticValentine) - I have included, in the drawing, some smileys that have little value so far, such as the bouquet of roses, the cupid, some hats valentine themed and a new "chocolatino" smiley!! the first smiley is mustachioed, with heart-shaped eyes that grow wide and the bouquet of roses! chocolatino, (my pearl) is a smiley enclosed in a transparent bag with a bow and a heart of chocolate with red grapes! Cupid is kawaii style, with blue and purple wings and some glitter (maybe ..) the arrow is golden, do not mind the little heart (it must be removed) kawaii animals (bear and rabbit) that love a heart! (because I'm not happy if I don't do something big) miss valentine, she is blonde she has the luxurious pink hat as "hats power" the blue water bow, the flower necklace and the gray ankle boots with golden zippers! Miss valentine umbrella, with luxurious hat with heart and flowers, bright red hair and glove with nails! - this is the prototype that came to mind and that I realized at the moment, I'd like if you could help me with the other smileys, you can suggest me what you want, I thought of a girl looking at herself in a valentine mirror with very provocative hair .. - how pawn here comes the tricky part because i have no idea! ( but it seems to me the design is really beautiful! ) it's only a suggestion!!
  9. NoSense


    Someone said to also add my other handbag options ( i think it was the Admin i don't know if is nicely anyway! for this i don't posting) i like the idea of kiss of Crow make me smiley!! Handbag2 and Handbag3
  10. hello guys, get ready, for blackfriday a new nice suggestion is about to be born!! (THEME ROMANTIC VALENTINE OR SUPERVALENTINE) 

     I just hope to live up to it (wailing)


    I knocked out some smileys that seem to me missing in xat, or at least they don't have much value!!


    - a smiley with heart-shaped eyes rising and they grow with a bouquet of roses really well designed!



    - a smiley chocolatino, with heart-shaped eyes, the tongue that says I want to eat you, the bag and the heart of chocolate with red grapes!!



    - a cupid in kawaii style (the wings are purple and blue) that prepares to hurl the golden arrow heart-shaped!!



    - a heart and two kawaii animals where the bear looks at you softly and the rabbit caresses the heart!!



    - I need some suggestions to make it very attractive, I thought of a really beautiful wildwest girl and a girl looking in the mirror !!

    you can suggest me some nice ideas?!? remember theme romantic Valentine .. (I want to finish it by Christmas)

    1. NoSense


      in the meantime i added others two (maybe uglys)


      - Miss Valentine boots, with heart-shaped eyes and eyelashes, in manga style and a style valentine hat! (blonde and with necklace, HAT dark pink)



      - valentine umbrella, with a hat valentine theme (red hair) the hat is with a heart and flowers 



      the design complete for now (wary)




  11. - 50 Angry - 10 Gold - 20 Big
  12. NoSense

    ANGRIER power

    Yes is only a design, animate like the smiley makers i can't make it sorry!! but i'm the first that change something
  13. NoSense

    ANGRIER power

    I don't know how much this change can make this power useful, (I simply find it a bit risky and useless) but I modified some smileys and made them more monstrous (as I am of the rest ...)
  14. NoSense

    571 KRIS

    nice Santa Claus I like it very much is tender, beautiful also the writing..congratulation! Mihay or Mike?! thanks for info Stif
  15. no1 is mine friend understand?

  16. NoSense


    I won't let you down, I promise !! I will do my best.. so i suggested the: main smile, babycat, babystrawberry, babybunny, babyhug, babymilk, babymusic, babygym, babybow, babyninja, babycute, babyscary another two: hangbag(with the smilie cute eyes with eyelashes and hangbag luxuriuos with gold chains) and babydrink with braids and a playboy handbag - (fixed the baby cute) @Crow new pawn (all pawns here)
  17. NoSense


    I'll tell you I had thought of such a thing, at the end of the drawing, think, I think it is simple as reproduction I mean in the complex of the figures ... I hope they do it seems to me cute, maybe I will add more ... my father says he really likes the Chinese I drew..maybe it's not the best but with the right animation it can render (the problem is the scorpion tail Hairm) I like the idea that you can see it between the mirror in front and behind !! then oh well there is the other with the bow that looks like my ex with the curly hair!! the biberon barbie seems a little ugly to me(what you think?!?!) the cat I pierced her eyes because by dint of trying to make sweet cat-like eyes i broke the paper !! leandro is identical !! missing baby rabbit bag, option possible, smile and only handbag?
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