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  1. I received umbrella power, thank you Laming and Stifler.
  2. NoSense


    Thank u (it's only a drawing) the best can i do for the hat's:
  3. NoSense


    in the meantime I added 3 possible new smilies!! fmushrooms - fskull - funicorn Fairytale glasses (fglasses) i'm not sure if is nice but i try - butterfly dies (funny) !! - Fairytale flower (with a cute face) ..
  4. Hii.. something special i think can be create looking at the current smileys but i'm not sure.. @Junior
  5. NoSense


    Thank you, i leave some smileys at smiley makers ?!?! like umbrella..
  6. NoSense


    Hello Guys!! good morning I think we are a bit fed up with the usual powers but many of these are a source of inspiration ...well....i WANTED to propose (as always) a new fairy theme..I state that the design is not that great, but something can be arise as always. the problem remain in the name, and the new smileys (lovely fairy? MagicFairy?..) I'd like it if any of you give me new ideas and suggestions on how or change this suggestion, I noticed that you are very good and imaginative ones!! (I count on it, I recommend.) the smileys proposed by me are: - Lovely fairy Hand butterfly - - Irish wings (or wings here is shown only one wing but in reality thet are two) Laying butterfly Fairy Hat 2 Fairy Dancer Girl Irish fairy Fairy Moon butterfly dog Many Hat's : REPEAT I FIND YOU VERY GOOD IN SUGGESTING, APPEARANCE SOME OF YOUR IDEA, AND NOT ONLY CONGRATULATIONS..see you soon! Ps: some lips are black!!
  7. NoSense

    power (fire)

    A little poor for a suggestion..
  8. NoSense

    562 HAIRB

    Are you guys tell the bald don't have him aggressive charm?!?!
  9. NoSense

    Medieval Power

    I Like all the details that you put in this suggestion, the idea of doing it as an animegirl and aprincess tickles my curiosity, doing it different from normal smileys can be a point in your favor, 19 smilies more others to make it more powerful (more are the smilies and more the power inspires interest), I like the idea I repeat to you, nice also the hug...the hat crown I found nice, sword, is well set up, congratulations
  10. Scorpion Green or Gold?
  11. Hmmm...










  12. NoSense

    Selfie (POWER)

    I think it's better you don't suggest vevrok, many make fun of you and don't look at themselves
  13. Bla bla bla..


  14. NoSense

    Selfie (POWER)

    What you think @Cupim ?!?! FUNNY...
  15. Pizza Pineapple??!?! ajahahaja




  16. i don't know Solange, this typology is very strong, it is a style that some bad artists use, and I don't really know what I thought while I was doing it, to say the true, I wanted to do something like heroes, but I went to theme halloween, you have also seen my other drawings, only that this design scares me too!! ALSO i have added 3 more smiley here the draw:
  17. i want always your good sister, @DjCrazy
  18. Thanks @Solange and @Lemona for the idea of helping Mike with this power!! i really like it especially umfem2, umfem1 somes on mine were included, the first impact was a bit ugly, but it's normal when the power is from your examples, i like also the idea new of UMBOW really cute!! special thanks at @Anas I haven't seen him for a long time... and @Anti for having made it real !! Thank you!!
  19. Thanks Ch3rry it's just a drawing, imagine moved...
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