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  1. Question: did you like my work? (drawing) if yes, which was the part of my time where you find the project beautiful!!!!? (i mean the most draw beautiful) can all answer what they want..

    1. Maxo


      yes yes yes GIFi'm waiting another ideas 

  2. as i member of xatFamily i legit posting my "new cute" name (i think is the most beautiul that i has) because alex is alex.. FORYOU (101834553)
  3. :p  :$    (blowkiss) (blowkiss)  (hug)

  4. Please Tom2 @Admin make a Crocodile a reality.. more or less the design (chew) ty..



  5. 2032 view!! Thank you all really!!


    - i'm happy i have so much TALENT..and made you so much TENDER's !!



    p.s sorry for ignoring your suggestion!!

    S_(gorilla)_40 S_(gohearts)_40

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    2. DUYGU
    3. DUYGU


      I am happy to see you again (hug)

    4. NoSense


      JAJAJAJA how sweet |-) i need girl anyway don't stay around me so much (meh)

  6. Good morning everyone, have a nice day (a)



    Next time..

  7. I sold 150 heartbreak @Admin Congrat at @Erick for the idea!! :P see you..

  9. Is a bit of everything this Fairylove, very funny this girl (or man) with hat and butterfly..., are you sure can be a smiley?? maybe it is someone in carnival event..you miss a little of aggresivity but you promising well.. try to drew?
  10. Yeah sister, it's only a drew I don't think they can do it, for the type of xat setting...therefore you don't see as many powers as you think they can be created..you have to be patient and accept what they do, after doing this you will be better! so don't waste time .. nobody helps you as i see .. but I had fun, and I'm glad you like it!
  11. i don't know if you like, but i already drawing something i'm not in perfecting condition sister here your panda and cat ... the wings are uglys!! i do it FAST sorry.. .
  12. I will do it .... promise!! i hope of doing a nice female ok???
  13. Hey i support your idea!! we need something similar and in the meantime new, i think the users are bored of the sames smileys, someone trying to up the power in trade chat but it's a faillure!! so get this like sister!!
  14. Hey Thanks !! maybe i finish the drew (depend if i'm happy...)..any animal you like it @DUYGU ?!?! .....so i drew for u... more cute possible (female obviously) also mens if it pleases you..
  15. Nice stickers i get one!
  16. hi..

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    2. DUYGU


      Yes you are right dear we should be careful

    3. DUYGU


      I very glad you coming back to the forum  (hug) 

    4. NoSense


      Mee too to see again you!!



  17. Pobresita..

    1. DUYGU


      Hi Nosense bro  (hug)  I missed you

  18. i think 42 is a scorpion black (hmm) that's why i feel bad

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    2. DUYGU


      Dobermans not cute, doberman dogs is dangerous

    3. DUYGU
    4. DUYGU
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