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  1. Buon compleanno @CH3RRY

    happy birthday GIF by Refinery29

  2. Il solito bimbominkia...

  3. How i can delete my account forum?

    1. Sergio


      I'm pretty sure you can't delete your account directly by yourself. I'd contact the forum administration and ask for it.

    2. NoSense



  4. it was clear that the kaoani was an alleged one super power!!
  5. I only imagine for now this one,
  6. this is mine idc!
  7. Nice Idea, this to thank this artist of xat com maybe seeing them as smileys wouldn't be bad! so they have they personal xat com charaters as smiley..nothing to do with your suggestion...just my thought..
  8. Very nice vevrok, this all smileys u posting are very cute and funny!! - i like it, quite a number of smilies, one more beautiful than the other, this could be a rare power! so much beautiful thanks! Sure one of mine COLLECTION!!
  9. useless idea, I don't see anything logical - once you are in black chat, do you feel better or are you just fixed with the color black to feel like someone? - you need black chat to feel like someone I can't understand the meaning...u feel god?? - I only see a guy who wants to seem like someone power-hungry, that's why I say it's useless...you could just be careful not to take the ban, the reason you want black chat is only because you want to look like someone, i repeat it ... there are other things that can help you be what you want, but this seems nosense to me!! - just my opinion!!
  10. NoSense

    598 MAIN

    i agree with @Bau it seems to me a good and very nice idea for many people who are still in xat com!
  11. Dont lost time with Leandro, he only desperate...like others!!

    too much power gives it to the head...

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