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    HALOES Design

    hi guys, i wanted to warn you that i asked rob if he could color me these smileys...the first 8 are coming soon (probably) I chose this suggestion because I thought I would see you happy, if you don't like it, then patience... they are just colored still images, like my other tips then I will also make space for the others!! enjoy the wait!!
  2. Thank you @DjCrazy @Dimple for making another contest, @Marwa for be a part of us!! thanks to all those who came to join us in this contest!!
  3. Missing 2 hours, we waiting you for the contest questions on Xat5. 1 host Marwa, 2 host Dimple, 3 host DjCrazy, 4 host Alex: 50 questions winner of 200 xats each / win 2 skip 1.
  4. what do you think guys !! I'm crying with laughter @RobFerrari @TheYaguito @Solange @Magic @Vilen @SapphireOfficial









  6. Congratulation at all I tried to do my best, I think someone was upset, normal when you have a host like Alex !! I am very sorry because I really appreciated the commitment of some phenomenos, ale sends you a kiss... anything you can text me and talk to me..see you at the next contest.

    was a nice contest!!

  8. Winner’s Results and some added “Suprises” For best “xat5 background” of 1-5th winners results. Point (P) 1rst. DonQuijote(926430628)= 45.5 point/ 10,000x 2nd. youngandsweet (1510340348) = 44.6 point 4,000x 3rd. LLLViLeNLLL (1480407219) = 42.1 point/ 3,000x 4rth. xNoosphere (1484726668) = 41.8/ 2,000x 5th. iiiYaguito (1531497660) = 41.7 point/ 1,000x For the 13 none winners recieve 500x each •Flake (160987981) •xSapphires (1542014769) •KERLEN18 (1527271733) •iiADJii (822328288) •xR0B (129030692) •ZyzzSergeyeviich (1537792729) •TtDGod2011 (314215649) •iiiMadness (1541936065) •SoyCreativo (49207072) •KARY (137919842) •iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) •Magic (10000020) •TED1 (10001000) For the 5,000x winners results by owned choosing. • @Maverick The best bg’s decision - xR0B (129030692) • @Paul The best of the best bg’s - DonQuijote(926430628) • @Dimple The best cute bg’s - Flake (160987981) For voting/react “Like Heart” winners result ⭕️(Base on what we saw on the day after the time/contest end) •xSapphires (1542014769) for 30 vote- 10,000x •Flake (160987981) for 25 votes - 2,000x •iiiYaguito (1531497660) for 24 votes - 1,500x •KARY (137919842) for 20 votes - 1,000x •xR0B (129030692) for 19 votes - 500x For Best Active Participant on xat5(xat_test) chat •iiADJii (822328288) - 2,000x •xSapphires (1542014769) - 1,000x Congratulation! Contact @Paul at Xat5 to receive your prize. Participants have TOTAL xat recieve: •DonQuijote(926430628)=15,000x •xR0B (129030692) = 6,000x •Flake (160987981) = 7,500x •xSapphires (1542014769) = 11,500x •iiADJii (822328288) = 2,500x •iiiYaguito (1531497660) = 2,500x •KARY (137919842) = 1,500x • youngandsweet (1510340348) = 4,000x • xNoosphere (1484726668) = 2,000x • LLLViLeNLLL (1480407219) = 3,000x
  9. I wanted to congratulate everyone for the time spent, the work first of all, you made this contest special !! I am very happy with all the backgrounds and your willingness to win something or to prove something dear to you !! but what I like most is that you have been many, 18 enter !! this is the fruit behind a truly loved one like dimple... you were unique, really .... well, now it's time for the judges to guide your work and thus have the following prizes, I think there will also be a surprise !! we will let you know as soon as we are ready, thanks again !!
  10. hi guys, we have the first winner for the most hearts taken !! the winner of 10.000 xats for the best heart reaction is: @SapphireOfficial with 30 hearts!! Congratulation!!
  11. hi guys, nobody else wants to give a heart to these talents?!?!




  12. thanks at @slint ....sorry but i'm busy keeping xat5 alive, and other things to do, then I congratulate you here! nice suggestion
  13. There are only 10 hours left and I will announce the first winner !! •10,000x - For Best “Like” [Heart] button reaction!! get under it!
  14. i have always to understand the others?

  15. last 3 days guys, nobody else wants to show his estrus? for now I am happy with the work done, congratulations to all !!
  16. Hello guys, I wanted for those who are interested there are 8 days left !! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20210723T23&p0=5624&font=cursive step forward !! alex
  17. hello I wanted to report the three biggest glitches of lag in xat com: xavi, radio and nameflag xavi: puts a lot of lag if you use it radio: it is a slowed lag, when you use the radio, the images tend to appear over time, the lag remains even after the radio is closed, example I have the radio on, I see the lag, I close it and the lag always remains even in another chat (I need to go to another with everything closed chat and go back to have everything as before) nameflag: if you use the nameflag it is similar to the talk of the radio but it only concerns the appearance of the images in the main chat, and you have a little more fluid continuation I think these are the main defects to be solved, solved these can look elsewhere
  18. i don't remember well, but was before they release carve power, i have known a girl in milan and i was more young than now!! i remember also which then i went in Doriana82, or was it before!!
  19. ALEX

    Rose Gold Pawn

    Nice Job @Flake I imagine you at work to make this pawn XD, ...... there are many details that I like, like the red gradient...and the graphics in the pawn (very nice), beautiful also the glitter is the part that I like the most... the name is original!! however it is your idea! @Loba good one!! Congratulation!!
  20. ALEX


    11 fondos goodluck!!
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