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  1. Nice Job thanks at Tom for the test .. i really enjoy it!
  2. Entoces...cambio foto, gane?!

  3. ALEX


    I will trying to make one with eyes of clover tomorrow, thanks Duygu, about autumn and laugh.... i will make a better photos also, sorry for the currents ones!!
  4. ALEX


    Alaugh inlove Alaugh bow greeting!!
  5. I was thinking of something more realistic than simple images taken from google
  6. ALEX


    ALaugh Cat2 ALaugh Nail 9 smilies: Alaugh, Alaugh dead, Alaugh fire, Alaugh japanese, Alaugh cat, Alaugh bunny, Alaugh fire2, Alaugh cat2, Alaugh nail: powers is in style anime..with somes writing cool !! post your smilie idea and I'll think about it.
  7. ALEX

    Dress Power

    Styles: mini dress, smock dress, sun dress, kimono dress, cocktail dress, ballgown dress, sheath dress, blazer dress, wedding dress, Cinderella dress (princess), sailor dress, xat logo dress, ballerina dress, or santa dress. ..i like very well the kimono one xDD i just imagine a pawn like so.. Maybe creating by Junior?! ?! a Catwoman dress, a sweatshirt dress, the doctor, the nurse (this last two mhh...not really good) jessica rabbit, the bunny dress ...
  8. Hi Guys, good morningg!!

    maybe today I'll finish the Alaugh tip, i don't really know...


    but I hope to surprise you as always !!

    post yours ideas about it


  9. Cuties dog's I love them all eheh can u post anothers ones if u like! or if that make u more happy i like tha back maentionated from Enter interesting thing...
  10. great job, I know very well how hard it is to create smileys where I think this is the first site where it makes them animated (that's why i drew something different but always dangerous for my mind), in order not to get the right compensation for the work done (people are too spoiled and don't aim for real art), I have always appreciated the work of smiley makers and mihay is a guy who despite everything and continues its work with its head held high .. partially making those who truly appreciate and like the power itself happy!! Alex
  11. Hey Looking forward ...


    Haaaappy  Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy !!  enjoy yuor Day Dj Funny 







    1. DJFUNNY


      Thanks a lot @ALEX  and Happy valentine's day!!! 
      Be safe....

  12. Happy Birthday Christina!! you are one of the few people who has seen me grow up !! 


    I wish you the best!! a lot of happiness and a prosperous future...


    Happy Feliz GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants Alex

    1. Christina


      Thank you Alex!


  13. i like this idea of another kind of "married" or "bff" FAMILY ....considerating the spanish chats are still full of 60 persons by day,and they are called, nephew, uncle anyway... about the forum i don't think flower...you would make a caos!! xD
  14. ALEX

    Riches power

    this make me happy, just a sketch i still have to imrpoved xD don't worry i will became a nice designer!! a sweet HUG for u i appreciate your attention!
  15. ALEX


    Hello Duygu, thanks...i can make that one with the arms and eyes blue like he applaude and is inlove always laughing.. did you have anothers ones that laughs?! xD or just explain with your idea and not with photos from google dear
  16. just a opinion...like yours, ah and for info this topic not was close...so regular with the rules??
  17. if you don't like it you just report it, don't make ulterior drama...people trying to explain how they can 20 "years"
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