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  1.                                   Good Morning xat   !!!  


         (sman)  Good Morning Coffee GIF by Halloween

  2. HELLO GUYS !! - yesterday I spent a few minutes making other smileys about this probable epic power, I really like the first one, I would like to see it with colors and graphics if possible ...for lovers of angry drawing...it's a little scary HaloZombieAngry: while for the second, I found some difficulty in doing it, doesn't seem like much to me but i'll show you HaloLoving:
  3. Hey @Solange thank u! I'm glad you like them, I invented them without copying, maybe I still have to practice for some simple and real ones they look nice anyway of course they are only drawings and not graphics, maybe they looked different and much cooler, however I noticed that it is very difficult to reproduce them for the xat com setting, but you never know...I tried to give an example... i really like the main smiley, it looks like a powerful and well drawn smiley...this type of the eyebrow like a demon I really like!! and the female one with the rose
  4. The Main Smiley: The Design Complete Until Now.... if you have any suggestions please tell me anything, thanks Gretting ...
  5. thank you Enter! thanks Page! anyway is just an idea!
  6. Hello guysss, from Alex!! I edited some smileys and made it as cool as possible, I don't know how real they can be, because of the eyes and some things like haloes for this site, but I enjoyed it! this is the power that I would like to suggest, and that I designed for xat com...Haloes I saw that some liked the first smiley, the angelic one, I'm glad...thanks!! however we come to us, the smileys are drawn and not animated but you can see the still image... HaloBreak and HaloCloud:
  7. if can't be a fixed by angel, i change the suggestion with haloes, I think everyone wants to feel like an angel, so I drew some examples: - the problem is always the eyes!! See you..
  8. Hello i want ask if you @Mihay if is possible (otherwise is ok) can adding 2 new smileys, for this cute power pandacare and affection2 !! thanks...for the attention Regars Alex..
  9. If not Angel can be another power..i only wait your suggestions!
  10. Excuse me but Hat#hh what smiley is?
  11. blinds...ghostwave...interesting...
  12. Nice because i don't want use it..
  13. this is just a sketch of the halo that came to mind:
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