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  1. Hi Guys, how are you all?!?

    1. elya


      Valentines Day Love GIF by BREAD TREE

      fine ty you |-)

    2. ALEX


      i'm really good thanks for ask <3 



    3. Miel


      Hi Alex

  2. Thank u @xLaming I thought the same thing for the hair power number.. I think not, because I don't see anyone using the powers you mentioned! what I have suggested is a different type, that's why I try to make someone happy!! with different eyes some smiles and the most drawn hair, I really appreciate your comment! (don't worry) if you want you can tell which smiley impressed you the most!
  3. thanks @Dimple i love you so much!! they are not exactly the best but still they are cute! it seems a style of Mike more or less... but with some added detail, you have to see them as power to give a fair judgment! but I really appreciate your encouragement!! I will also try to make a curly or short hair, something more real! (in the next few days likely after tomorrow...) - I will try to make this suggestion something rare at least! my favorites are the first 4 and the long haired girl who smiles!
  4. FORYOU (101834553)
  5. Niceeee niceeeee hat! thanks at me for the colors and idea and transparency at Rob with him talent i receive the compliments from him for this last smiley!
  6. ........?!?!?...!?!?!

    1. SapphireOfficial


      I see you

    2. SapphireOfficial


      you see me or not?

    3. ALEX
  7. ALEX

    SATANIC power

    it looks very good overall, they are only still images however it already renders!! I remember doing it for combinations, and already, you have colored the taurus, really nice color, I had suggested a light purple!
  8. I'm surprised Stif is not in the top 10, he was my favorite xavi, anyway congrat liana enjoy this ruby just for you!
  9.   S_(ccback)_40S_(ccback)_40 S_(ccback)_40200.gif

  10.   Comedy Reaction GIF by Jo Koy  craving lisa kudrow GIF by The Comeback HBO

  11. Happy Birthday Solange!!


    Robin Williams Kiss GIF


    don't waste your time with the baboons ones!!


    Family Grooming GIF by Discovery


    your friend Alex!



    1. Solange


      Thank you!

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