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  1. I wanted to clarify something, I design because there is no I do it anymore, thanks for your patience the support you gave me every day you helped me a lot not to go crazy, I love all your comments except some controversy too, but the I accept! I wanted to thank the staff of xat5, the smiley makers for giving me the idea of practicing something really beautiful, the admin for not having banned me yet, I think I have surpassed myself and I am happy!

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    2. Shizuo


      '' the admind for not having me banned yet '' (maniac) , i appreciate the smileys you make, and they are the only smiley i enjoy and like, so keep it up man ! (hug)(ok)

    3. ALEX


      i'm bad with codes xD

      but i can always learn.. thanks shizuo (hug) thank u all really u all make the person that i'm today !!

    4. Shizuo


      I'm always here to support you man ! (hug)(a)

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