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  1. I think is a great idea, many smilies noobs can be create in differents combos, how cupim say to me, we try to do a story in expression of smilies!!
  2. Feliz Cumpleaños!!

    1. Solange


      Muchas gracias, Ale!

  3. i wonder when they make one of mine suggestion just to be curious
  4. at work


    what can come to me?


    1. Kopas


      He has the expression of having done some mischief, I like it.

    2. NoSense
  5. Hi Guys, it's meee!! the big and unique ALEX!!

    1. Anas


      Hi bro! (hug) 

    2. Vritme
  6. to tell the truth I really wanted to do all kinds of armies in the world, but then it was a mess to do all the different types of hat and setting, but it can help as an idea !! Ty Marya 💗 can always change with some idea of cupim anyway !! 💡🍕 Ty @Amyyyy !!
  7. ahahah maybe I exaggerated with the angry smiley setting!! you're right, Marya the better can i doing: Hey @Solange thank you, we'll see xd Thanks @Maxo i appreciate all your comments!!
  8. This is a great idea Mihay!
  9. Hi Guys since I found military a little old, I decided to suggest a new military I added some nice smilies, I don't know how normal they can be and I don't know if the power suggested by me is complete!! anyway... some smilies are muscular with a hat, others represent some military states, the walky toki the bomb smilies who is off and angry because she doesn't explode, snowy because I found it nice to increase this power, they are in style SINS...i hope you like it!! I also wanted to add the military boot I'll leave it to the smiley makers!! i also added this, but I don't know how real it can be these are some examples created by me:
  10. we can have it like the moving of power flag? otherwise with a colored team background
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