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  1. And also Bee is ready, i think i get a little of PAUSE (color black wings bow light and pink face and bee yellow and black) the Gorilla is blue ...and miss minimon is very hard but i think a color pink can be great with wings black!! :P
  2. NoSense

    New design

    Very nice
  3. NoSense

    579 PUZZLE

    Me and DjCrazy testing the puzzle power in Xat5 !!!
  4. hello guys, I designed the gorilla, the dinosaur bird, minimon, kbee. I'm sorry if the drawing is not colored but I think it's a nice idea to give importance to the current angel ... !!! I show you the current angels that I have invented so far: - the wings are the difficult part to delineate but I think with the nuances they can go well, I would like to see this power, logical! - if you have any animals to suggest I will try to satisfy your requests see you.. Powers rechiest: i will add lion, meow, vampyre and Octo!!
  5. I think the cobra black and yellow can be awesome, face green and eyes yellow red with this tongue very pink - tomorrow i will add others smileys animals angel like gorilla lion and bird dinosaur, the problem are the faces..
  6. Fixed somes details: I think now is much better..
  7. Here your Ninja Rabbit : Fixed somes details: i want thanks everyone for so much view's !! with all work i do until now.. let's continue this angel animals..
  8. Yes, i little modified the wings of this last one, you can see in page 2, also if, before was very "mounstruos" but so much Big , i think, right now is much better, anyway i will add a angel Cobra, if you any cuties animals to suggesting you can say freely @AlexiusZeta ... Angel Cobra..
  9. for you SISTER, when is with all eyes light LOOK... - is a meerkat @AlexiusZeta
  10. i was CLEAR with this suggestion!! the suggestion are 2, one in style angel animals and one in style ninja, for this last if a smiley maker want add something cool i'm happy to watch what can make, i just hope not like umbrella !! (can someone help me with the name of this tipology of lasst draw, i think it's a GOD property...) @DUYGU you not like also This Last One??!!
  11. NoSense

    SATANIC power

    w1 - w2 hair with wings?? you think it's better in the coplex (color..??!!!) i like it so much
  12. F O R NOW.... angel hawk and angel suricata
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