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  1. Congrat to me for reaching this number




    Cherry was my 1000 Like!!


    See ya...

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    2. ALEX


      (hug) Enjoy...

    3. Bau


      Hi Alex 
      Not yet 1k likes :o

      Community Reputation 885 [how many people appreciated/likes what you post in the forum]
      CONTENT COUNT 1,001 [How many posts/topics have you made on the forum]

      Congratulations [Keep doing a good job and you will get where you want to go].

    4. ALEX


      already 1,001 ?!?! :d


      :$  Meme Reaction GIF

  2. ALEX

    Happy birthday Toad creator !! 


    Happy Birthday Party GIF by Sky



    Happy Birthday Sapphire !!


    cake dessert GIF

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Thx u bro let's eat (applause) hug you!

  4. ALEX

    Happy Birthday dear ;)

    1. Page


      Thnx smiley master (hug)

  5. peoples that want be cool and make you ridiculous...


     Good Bye Reaction GIF

  6. Gay Hearts GIF Gay Kiss GIF



    and me...


    Happy Food GIF by Regal

  7. make sure of saying all because i want read all u think...

  8. i don't agreee with this new rule of trade chat, i saw a user got kick for 50 xats, kind she buying for 300 and sell for 350...because now i do always drama according to the arbitrage of the mod of trade...I even heard that I do drama for a simple opinion, just for saying 50 xats arbitrage are you serious? take a chamomile, listen to me...

    1. Sydno


      On global markets, you are forbidden to have both selling and buying positions at the same time. Trade is no longer different on this matter.


      There is no risk-free profit. You must show good faith in your offers, that implies offering deals that you would accept on both sides.

    2. ALEX


      it seems a little too excessive to me all here, anyway it is your rule, thanks Sydno.

  9. Entoces...cambio foto, gane?!

  10. Hi Guys, good morningg!!

    maybe today I'll finish the Alaugh tip, i don't really know...


    but I hope to surprise you as always !!

    post yours ideas about it


  11. Hey Looking forward ...


    Haaaappy  Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy !!  enjoy yuor Day Dj Funny 







    1. DJFUNNY


      Thanks a lot @ALEX  and Happy valentine's day!!! 
      Be safe....

  12. Happy Birthday Christina!! you are one of the few people who has seen me grow up !! 


    I wish you the best!! a lot of happiness and a prosperous future...


    Happy Feliz GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants Alex

    1. Christina


      Thank you Alex!


  13. Good morning guys...

    1. DUYGU


      Good evening  

    2. ALEX


      Good morning x2 !!   S_(haspider)_40 S_(mkbored)_40



  14. Good morning @Junior @Mihay



    1. ALEX


      Wash Hands Vine GIF I DON'T GET ?!?!?!

  15. ALEX

    Someone << told me that weird thing.."Alex next volunteer, tell at him i'm more of what he thinks! thanks!"


    i can't do a model and volunteer in the same time! and smiley maker LOL!


    Good morning! |-)

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    2. ALEX




      That's me @Valstein i know you only because u are an ugly turkey xD in 5 years u don't have courage of show your face lol...if so make u laugh better welcome!!

    3. VaLsteiN


      shhh , God watching us LOL

    4. ALEX


      Tell me when u ready pathetic..

  16. Aqua Art,

    Alex pcback's

    nK9wE9P.png 7jNwCjf.png



    1. theFlower


      is that you who made those???

    2. ALEX


      my friend 

  17. Hi Guysss, I changed my name to ALEX, i just hope you like it, thanks to andres for giving me this opportunity, i really appreciate!  Nosense was a little inadequate xD and anyway was a nice name, I'll do the good promised, SEE U kiss!


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