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  1. ALEX

    HALOES Design

    Another 2 smileys suggestions, in TOTAL 18!!! halo japanese flip ring man and halo japanese fan transparent female
  2. Can we have more 10 - 20 new smileys Mr Fx?!?!
  3. ALEX

    HALOES Design

    hello guys, the other prototypes are ready, I wanted to thank @RobFerrari, I hope you like it, I did it with love to give importance to the Angel power... haloes angry haloes fire haloes zombie haloes flame haloes inlove female haloes inlove male two of them are missing but our talent is already visible .... Alex and RobFerrari. see you...
  4. penso me ne andrò del tutto..




    Amor te pienso siempre....

    1. Nycton



    2. ALEX


      Gracias 8-)

  6. Hola a todos, yo soy ALE alias ALEX, creo gran parte de la gente de xat com me conoce!!


    https://xat.me/FORYOU el mi nuevo xatspace!! si me quieren conocer estoy en disposiciòn!!


    algunos de los mio trabajo para hacer xat mejor :





    Saludos Da ALEX!!

    1. Magic




      Quien eres?

    2. ALEX


      Tu papi  (hello)

  7. ALEX

    Happy birthday Flake

  8. ALEX

    Happy birthday Vilen!! 

    1. Vilen


      Thanks Alex!

  9. Thank you!! i slightly modified the last two smileys, it looks better, but the first example is good too, i'll let main decide: for the next smileys I wanted to do something with skull, female 2x in style goth8 (probably with umbrella one) fire, rose and halo, do you think they can fit? (not sure but I can try ..)
  10. the idea is to do it like aprincess, more or less the size should be fine, (slightly bigger) as far as animations are concerned, I can't do anything else! however we see once colored as it comes, do you prefer it beige or black? (this is the idea of color)
  11. naaaahhhhh; i pay for make it colored!! Thank you Loba
  12. ALEX

    As Alex figures i don't using the acid one!!

    1. Enter



    2. ALEX
  13. Hello peoples, I wanted to suggest a power in style toad, and not a sticker!! I'm going to color it black with an outline, it seems very nice and a bit difficult at a high level... I added some writing to make it very special, and I need a hand with suggestions, the name is Italian but I also think Spanish, Toretto power: has a gold earring and nose ring. the first smiley is in the style of scamp (scawe) but it has the words amor, a flower and two hearts, eyes with hearts!! send kisses.. the second one holds the jack daniels whiskey, and has yellow glasses, i think they will go well with the black color, i will color the abs beige and the inside of the ears as well the third is love, he seems embarrassed, with him hands behind him back, sweet eyes and nice abs. 4 boxe... with eyes angry he moves his swaying arms left and right, as if he were to fight!! 5 six... have a tail evil and slighty close his eyes, he rubs his hands can you help me with other tips / ideas to get it right? Alex. ps: if you look at it closely it looks like a cartoon!! i hope you like the first sketch...
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