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  1. Alee

    Wizards power

    2 new smilies, one how said Anas and one with the hands flame blue
  2. Alee

    514 NOCARA

    some smilies COMBO with accessory
  3. Alee

    514 NOCARA

    curious this Nocara
  4. Alee

    Wizards power

    Thank you Marya <3, Brabo, ok Anas I'll try to do it thank u guys
  5. Alee

    Wizards power

    Hi guys I have designed wizards, they are just a few smileys, I will add others, if you want you can suggest here the third smile is a wizard who has magic in his fingers Hat: hat wizard, the magic stick
  6. Alee

    Seals Power [FLASH]

    Very cute power the art of creating is also a pleasure for small things, good job!!
  7. Alee

    Mafia Power [FLASH]

    Nice design Santy
  8. Alee

    Happy Bday ib2k!!

    1. ib2k


      Thank u Alee :d

  9. good morning all 

    1. Mystic


      Good Morning!

  10. Alee


    Hi Guys.. - what I want to suggest is the power of gestures,some gestures and smiles sets of gestures - I threw down 11 smiles: hello moustache dove hands - give mini plush - put the flower on your head - manicure - hand yoyo - sign rapper - electric guitar - Mimo and Mimo2 (hands rabbit and hat) mimo3 - singer stage - explosion! - (dove hands have a eyebrows like hello, give plush he has the eyebrow that moves , manicure is a back noface and turn her face in front with a wink,, hand yoyo and do a move yoyo, sign rapper is simple have a back, guitar electric adjust the guitar and play it by moving the tuft, mimo have a face amazed color light, mimo2 do a rabbit hands face sad always light hat black and red, mimo3 only lipstick red face light, singer eyes star black with lights as in the stage). - what do you think is better to add?!? HAT: Guitar electric, Yoyo hand, mimo1, explosion
  11. Alee

    509 MONEY

    Richman2 ??!

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