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  1. Flame - Burningheart
  2. Alee

    Power Cupid :D

    Ty @Anas - @maxo !! I did not know how to make the female with the cup: so i post also this !!
  3. Alee

    Power Cupid :D

    I do not know how they come to me, but I added 3 smilies to the design: smilies: ValCup - ExcitedM - Heartbeat2
  4. Alee


    Is an archery game possible or dart?
  5. Alee

    Power Cupid :D

    some smilies example: (the power could be another name) I hope you like: smilies: cutebow - kissheart - ExcitedF - Receive roses - Cupidheart - ValFlower - BellRose - ValCup - ExcitedM - Heartbeat2 - HeartGift - Kissed
  6. Alee


    thx freo, it does not depend on me, I just gave a sketch, like others.. but it's nice your opinion!
  7. Alee


    New smilies added: ► sea-love-umbrella ► cat-umbrella ► luxury-umbrella ► pikachu-umbrella ► egyptian-umbrella Special Thanks at @Anas for the idea!!
  8. Alee

    Suggest smilies for Muertos

    Nice design @maxo
  9. Thx @Anas i got mine prize !! Aleee (101834553)
  10. Alee

    Happy Birthday |-)

  11. Alee

    521 PIGGY

    lol 10+ Nice power Junior

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