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  1. | Electros |

    Look now @BRABO if u like...i change it in ELECTRO remember u someone?!?! we can add new smilies, I worked a lot these days, is a nice point of make a change to this site among other things, it goes very well with my other suggestions
  2. ValentinesRose - AliveFlame

    I apologize if I have modified, but I have made them as complete as possible and I sincerely thank you for the numerous points of view!! Ale.
  3. BlackWidow

    i suggest another powers in a few min, I understand that you want to teach because you are an expert but dedicated to your life, i already have a father
  4. BlackDustMagic

    two light points i set many smilies for the gorilla like Aura black dust, sea swaves, Winding it is as if I saw the powder form focus in the middle and ends like when decorating a pastry, is a nice combo for other smilies, the dust have only 2 color Black and Gold and the back, doublefire it's like two fire soul, than there is a Rain like matrix but glitter gold and black and for end the big one Scorpion of mortal Kombat and the Pyramid Black Dust allineament Gold
  5. BlackWidow

    OK but i try to give another typo of graphic so it's not similar at my point of view!!
  6. BlackWidow

    What have of similar? arachnid BlackWidow, just because I think the designer can do better means I do not have to suggest? I seem to have explained the smilies..or I have to put it all the times "is not a similar power"?
  7. BlackWidow

    yes just 5 cuz is poisonous and bad, maybe a paw that moves, what do you say? A ban also could be a nice idea with this hug: 1) step: see her walking without web 2) step: a users could be trapped in a web, you have good idea i like your hugs it can be done! do we even a pawn is bitten and becomes black?
  8. BlackWidow

    Hi guys.. a power simple and with only 5 smilies!! BlackWidow!! N.b. = It's not like Arachnid power, it is more outlined and realistic, below with @Crow I gave an example of how it could move and some Hugs by he and me. Hat: BlackWIdow 3rd imagine - Smilies: BlackWidow down - BlackWidow up (all both maybe with shadow)- BlackWidow Spider web - Spider web - BlackWidow (1 paw moves)
  9. |Pawn| |Silver| |Chess|

    so you realize xat is a selling point and it's going badly, you do not do anything to avoid it, because what's there is too expensive, Well we all need a telephone cuz is a innovation I think some like it like the iPhone 8 look only what i suggestion for make anothers powers like this
  10. ScaryBats

    a small death-bearing bat - Price 250 xats Limited ScaryBats!! Hat: ears + Sickle Light - symbol Japanese - Scarybat. Smilies: ScaryBats - ScaryBat ahah sickle - ScaryBat sickle and moon light - ScaryBat Argh Light (open a big mouth) - ScaryBat desappers in Cosmo like chameleon remain eyes and sickle red eyes light - ScaryBat eyes and sickle Light - ScaryBat symbol Japanese become ahead red light open close light eyes - ScaryBat become ALL Gold red eyes light - ScaryBat Vertical look eyes light and red - ScaryBat light eyes and sickle + Grrr floats - ScaryBat desappers remain eyes and sickle light - enclosed with sickle, open the wings eyes light open close and place the scythe on the shoulder - give sickle attack with red light eyes but telephone sound and he answered eyes becomes light with exclamation
  11. BlackDustMagic

    Hi guys, another elements in my mind!! This power is very cute, who don't like have it a magic dust?!?! maybe Black, Gold, i want set it Magic with mini glitters like this but less dust for any smilies: BlackDUSTMAGIC - Hat: MagicDust a dust around a pawn!! The smilies can Be: BLACKDustMagic - WindingDustMagic - RainDustMagic - chandelierMagic handsDustMagic SandGold Poisonous flower NOTE: BLACKDustMagic is GOLD and BLACK only, and have a back, WINDING the smilie all black are set like a dust forms in the middle - end Little, RAIN is a RAIN dust black with mini glitter gold as gone DOWN, chandelierMAGIC FORM the black dust it GOLD ON like a chandelier - handsDustMagic is a magic dust goes down blackDustGorilla the Gorilla with mini mini light eyes, - doublesoulBLACKDUST - it's a species of two fire soul type fire point horn (like tohypno Gold 1 fire Black 2 fire but movements fade). - AURABLACKDUST is a Aura of dust black gold like flame graduated trasparent down little black flame UP gold in middle. - SEASWAVES - it's like a as if the soul disappears but BLACK mini glitter gold. - SCORPION ninja- smile the hand raises the magic dust black, this turns around the face Black, return in hand Gold - SCORPION attack- Smile SCORPION ninja the dust magic Cylinder moviments(WHIRLFX) gold around the face the dust from above goes to the hand, it becomes flame black mini glitter gold and with hits with a vortex arm black and gold - SCORPION the smile normal like imagine without burning gold, becomes with this last effect with a ritual pray - Pyramid - The Black Dust Pyramid with allineaments Gold. - MagicBlackRitual it's skulls ritual release the spirit of Scorpion - Absorption: The smile absorption a dust magic with hand, dust around with he look hand + sleepy aura GOLD , he turn in with becomes ALLBLACK eyes and a tail scorpion
  12. |Pawn| |Silver| |Chess|

    This is Royal, my is SILVER
  13. |Pawn| |Silver| |Chess|

    Ok guys lemme explain how i want set this new pawn and future: (power required silver chess) Silver Chess the color is little darker and silver (king - queen) Silver CHESS Everypower : a pawn like a CHESS (2 options) king - queen set brillant diamond ruby and emerald pawn chess Silver, Gold ROMAN and 2 imagine - for 42 a bronze chess set like a 6 pawns with this Silver Chess
  14. New set of blasts ?

    Finally Thx @Admin and @Crow BlastGod Egypt with the only the most known gods
  15. HumanDevil |man-woman|

    After RoseGirl the friend of Aprincess, i want suggest another duo but Devil - Price 350 xats Limited Hdevils why H?!? stands for HUMAN, the smilies are set by this two examples: HDevilMAN HDevilWOMAN - (also here i want your support, someone can suggest and help me in smilies names, it seems logical to me add a fork for one smile in devil MAN, a heart love for WOMAN, the eyes are red, anyway, everyone can sodisfy it self fantasy and tell me what think is, better to do!! This post not is just a suggestion, but a species of support ) COMMENT WITH WHAT U THINK THE SMILIES CAN BE SET UP!! smilies suggestion by me: MAN - burning - whip - stayoff - fork - beefy - think - uhuh tail // WOMAN - magic - back bye bye - heartlovehands - take a tail - pose - lightingThunder - give kiss light eyes red Main smile: !??! Hat: The horns of MAN, ears and tail of WOMAN