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  1. nice work with the turtles..

    1. oj
    2. Alee


      they look nice! 400+ view!! Np..

  2. They look pretty, with these legs, i like it
  3. Alee


    Thank you Page!
  4. Alee


    I try to make some smilies different from the suggestion, they're 14 smilies: Is finished yet..Main Smile ManHole and word Turtles
  5. Alee


    Nice Job Noè 😎 i really appreciated
  6. Alee


    Hi.. I make a drawing of this cute power, PIRATES, there are somes smilie below i show u alls, the skull girl pirate (maybe with 2 light points that's moves)color light and hair pink , the greeting hat pirate somes eyes are style manga6, hat brown, Cupim Jack Sparrow, Angry Pirate that sinks the sword, Found gold Band, Captain Pirate with normal smile, open the smile with the light, main smile pirate bomb normal eye, become at have a shelter down of the eye, PirateHat1 (w1 with gun pirate and wink), PirateHat2 with black hat and golden contours all tree, the parrot earring left it just moving little the wing, the witch with sphere band(moves hands), Captain Hook.... I will try to do something nice as always, if anyone wants to suggest I'm happy to listen: Hat: hat Pirate - the witch's sphere... Hug: work in these days!!
  7. Zzz3 2zz 1z Zz zZ Zzzzz

  8. Alee


    Nice IDEA @iNoe Tell to Mike Or Cupim if they can do it, or also me 🤐😆
  9. Alee

    493 KITCUP

    I like more the Kicuwitch, i wonder why!! Nice Job!!
  10. Alex is bored 

  11. Alee

    pcbg color and chat bg color

    nice idea!
  12. Alee

    492 SEASONS

    Nice power!! i don't have see it yet but i like this theme!! congrat who have do it!
  13. Alee

    New power (panda)

    Ty Leozin..., I like the smilie you posted, especially pandahot or fire, I can make the panda with the plant in mouth and put the headband on or the chinese FAN..
  14. Alee

    New power (panda)

  15. Alee

    Happy birthday wish your life happiness always!!

    1. Paul




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