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  1. Mafia

    Hi guys!! I tried to be patient, and I made a sketch of this power MAFIA trying to be as sweet as possible: if someone wants to help me, I can get along, the name can be also Gangster if mafia is so bad: HAT: The mafia hat - Lady Boss - the hand jewel - the pitbull the main smile is the microphone with the hat, then, there is golden teeth, jelly face, gangster1, gangster2, girl chinese mafia with the hands that say I'm waiting!, jessica rabbit, the lady of the boss with long cigarette, baby biberon (maybe if the bottle releases the drop of milk), the pitbull (not very come well xD), the hair collected on the shoulder of mafia cineseman like drawing (open and close eyes or simple like this eyes open and close to give it the effect, the American with the jewel hand, and the face money, with the booty and the classic hat some smilie are combined, or so it seems.. if you have any better ideas I'm happy to hear from you!!
  2. 486 CUPS

    put LIMITED samba and cups!!
  3. KBuffalo

    Hi guys a cute animal, K-Buffalo below any smilies setting ( u can suggest and i drawing what u want !!! ) work in progress... Hat: Buffalo RoseFanBucket - Buffalo Spaghetti - Buffalo chinese // Hug: it snows and you meet the buffalo with the sword which places it (main smile) - Spaghetti - RoseFanBucket2 - Chinese - SnowSwordflaming - Xmas - BurningCandle - WitchThrowheart - DeathService - clockButterfly - Devil (little burning) - FrenchCannon - TurkeyWhip
  4. How sad

  5. HOrgans | Human Internal Organs.

    Holiver | Liver-shaped smiley screaming and vibrating
  6. KTaurus

    hey Crow you gave me the idea of smilie, teeth steak !! i like the hug and the hats (i put them) I'm working for the others right now, soon I'll do something nice, anyway i think is better TAURUS because the buffalo in another typo
  7. KTaurus

    Hi guys!! a pretty animal when u can Help me with setting smilie ideas...with differente combos setting: K, -Taurus i like if u suggest something of cute so... main smile (Glitter) - smilies: BlackAngel - HatWildwest - BurningBeer - MehRing - SignFurious - ToroSeduto - Torero - Birds (win) - Rose - ChineseSteak - HeheBeard - InloveGun - PoseCoolNecklace - Music - BandidChilli - TFurGirl - THeartGirl - TfurGirl2 hug and hat: see crow below - HAT: Taurus burning beer - Taurus Gun - wildwest - music


    Kwh - Goo
  10. Ksewing | Sewing-themed smilies.

    nice idea, we need this, another cute kawaii
  11. NameDiamond

    hi guys, a simple tip just to spend two minutes in the forum this is a example how can be the Name NAMEDiamond: (NEWexample1) (DiamondEdge-example3) - change of color only on the edge of the first example, - alldiamonds and edge change FOR HAT, I ACCEPT SUGGESTION
  12. GkCheshireCat

    Close then
  13. GkCheshireCat

    greeting!! idk if this power I do it can be done Gk - ChesireCat SMILIES: CHESIRECAT - SO (look you mouth open) - LOVE (Crooked EYES little) - HEY (the eyes have effect how look you with HEY!) - TAIL MAGIC (with a tail sx dx of face) - MAD (smile normal little big) - INVISIBLE (desappers) - MOON (smile moon) - MAGIC (glitter wave) - DREAM (the hands are learning on face) - SIR OBSCURE (only eyes and smile) I HOPE SOMEONE.. LISTEN ME..
  14. hello @alee(hug)

    1. Alee


      hey @Ruzo(hug)





    BRAVISSIMO!! very good