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  1. can we pls have an id auction ? 

  2. Very nice suggestion further .
  3. Any hopes for auction ? 4th july is here
  4. We have already around 600 powers . I guess it will be enough to rotate randomly . Even if we not add further new powers to it . Since max ban is 100hr so max 100 powers will be used at once.
  5. do we have a game like this before ? i dont think so i am not much good at this work , but it should be something like this . FOr 10hr ban , it should be 10 powers floating , as soon as someone click all 10 powers , 1 by 1 according to the Name pop up to find , user will get unbanned .
  6. Hii everyone . I like to suggest a new Gameban power which is - NAMEBAN DESCRIPTION- In this Gameban , the no. Of hr a user gets ban , same no.s of powers will float in the air just like meteors in the spaceban ban . 1 by 1 , name of a power flashes and user have to find the floating power from several powers . Just like if 20hr ban , 20 powers logo will fly . User have to find them 1 by 1 as their names flashes . When user finds all the powers , the ban is over. Soon i will show some images which can help in understanding it in a better way
  7. Thank u so much amna for being there on xat for me all the time . Thank you oscar and thank you @Lemona Appreciate such a wonderful contest .
  8. This will never happen . Just like i mentioned above , there are all type of traders on xats who makes profit on different things . Some do with powers and some with Ids . So very rare chance that users will loose intrest in IDs ever. Just like some never loose intrest in Powers even though we have a new power every 2nd week . Also , not only 4-5 but auctions can include 7-8-9 digits which everyone can try to buy . Atleast one can suggest and try get the id he wants . We cant just say that one have high xats will win .
  9. just need to wait and see what @Admin have to say ..
  10. well thats what market is , prices never remains stables just like powers on xat , prices goes up , prices comes down , and again go up same with IDs on xat . time to time , demand increases and decreases . but just like we have continuous release of new powers every 2nd week , releasing IDs in 4-5 months wont affect prices much .
  11. rushing ? its been 4 months bro . atleast we can have auction 3 times a year every kind of community is there on xat . some like buying powers , some like buying ids should be fair for all
  12. HII . Can we Please have 1 IDs auction please . its been more than 4 months . waiting for good IDs . please if possible .
  13. can we have 1 ID auction please ?

  14. looking for everypower . (xp)

  15. finally an amazing power introduced . Thank you so much to JUNII for such a brilliant power .
  16. Hi . I would like to suggest something which i think many trader will like to have . usually when we buy something like EVERYPOWER , something which cost almost around 500k now , it is very risky . not easy to check weather the seller has put all the powers or not . i want to suggest if someone sells me a EVERYPOWER , then an everypower logo appears where the user puts powers so it can confirm weather seller has put all the powers or not . thnx
  17. Wow its been 10 years . I was on xat . Finally , I quit xat . Thank you so much all those who helped me at every stage . First of all , i would like to thank PRINCEGARG , First person who become my best frnd on xat . Thank you so much Also , AMNA , Thank you so much . Youre the only one who supported me through out during last few years . Since we met first day on DEAL , AND till now . Youre so special person . BRYAN , Thank you aswell buddy . We had several ups and downs , but we have always been good buddies . "DA" WILL MISS ALL OF YOU AND MANY OTHERS . special thanks to all the CHAT which gave me good time during these 10 years CONTESTS , DEAL , DEALS , TRADE LUCKY Dont forget the name .
  18. Any Auction Planned FOR VAlentine's Day ?

    IDs or Powers auction

  19. Exactly. As i always said , release one power a month with price is better than releasing a new power every single week. Releasing a new power every week brings lack of interest of users in new powers . Till the time someone tries to raise a new power or try make some profit with it , another new comes in and everyone forgets about the last one . There is a real now to stop doing it every week . Its high time i believe . Definately Trade covers a huge pecent of total no. of user of xat. Also i would like to suggest , Rather than Releasing powers agin and again in Store , you can do some Power auctions Just like done with DROP or KBEE. These things Bring ineterest of Users and a attraction towards a NEW POWER.
  20. hey @Bau and thnx for your support I am not saying to use same name but atleast its something different Idea. We are having already same kinds of powers again and again . Maybe we can name it Freevalentine or Lovegifts
  21. HEy all . I would like to suggest a power for Valentine's day SUPERVALENTINE or LOVEGIFTS How it Works - It allows Married or BFF pairs to send Free cards are Gifts to Thier Partner Restricted to 2 or 3 Gifts Per Day Since Its allows Free Gifts , so it could cost bit expensive . Lucky (917210101)
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