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  1. Any Auction Planned FOR VAlentine's Day ?

    IDs or Powers auction

  2. Exactly. As i always said , release one power a month with price is better than releasing a new power every single week. Releasing a new power every week brings lack of interest of users in new powers . Till the time someone tries to raise a new power or try make some profit with it , another new comes in and everyone forgets about the last one . There is a real now to stop doing it every week . Its high time i believe . Definately Trade covers a huge pecent of total no. of user of xat. Also i would like to suggest , Rather than Releasing powers agin and again in Store , you can do some Power auctions Just like done with DROP or KBEE. These things Bring ineterest of Users and a attraction towards a NEW POWER.
  3. Nice suggestion @Bau
  4. hey @Bau and thnx for your support I am not saying to use same name but atleast its something different Idea. We are having already same kinds of powers again and again . Maybe we can name it Freevalentine or Lovegifts
  5. HEy all . I would like to suggest a power for Valentine's day SUPERVALENTINE or LOVEGIFTS How it Works - It allows Married or BFF pairs to send Free cards are Gifts to Thier Partner Restricted to 2 or 3 Gifts Per Day Since Its allows Free Gifts , so it could cost bit expensive . Lucky (917210101)
  6. I dont care about suggesting IDs. But i am gonna go hard on 4 digit ID which ever comes at auction.
  7. lcky

    ID Auction

    Thanks for such a wonderful Blackfriday. Good luck everyone . Good night <3
  8. people are waiting for auction , dont dissapoint them .

  9. lcky

    ID Auction

    FIRST OF ALL , i would like to c learly say that Trade event has nothing to do with IDs auctions. and secondly , not every people on xat belong to those countries where the celebrate thanksgiving so it is not so easy for them to win anything else there . Also , different people on xat and fdifferent interest . many users expect to get some good IDs during some special event or some special days which was used to be xat's theme . so i would like to say to @Admin to please look for interest of each and everyone . many people are supporting you , so they expect to get some thing for them aswell . and considering blackfriday , many inactive users come online to see something special happens. just like they had earlier like IDs auction and powers auction and Store releases . so i completely support @GABIEL , @MagicDesing , @Dani-De-Virreyes , @Teddy
  10. Bring some blackfridays to store pls . :$

  11. wow , amazing . Something good for Blackfriday . thanks @Admin , @Addict Lucky (917210101)
  12. anything planned for Blackfriday ??

    1. Addict


      Admin is sponsoring an event for Black Friday


    2. lcky


      ill be looking forward for some IDs auction aswell :$

  13. i would like to say this again , there is a huge difference between 1k and 100k. like 90% of xat users can afford power like 1k - 1500 rather than power cost 100k which is not affordable by every one . Also there is a need to change in everything . so why just keep doing same again and again . atleast give a try and see what can we get with new changes rather than just keeping thinking and let it die .
  14. ok , now let me be honest @SLOom not much but i thinks last 30 - 40 powers have been released at such cheap rates like 200 - 300 which had no good impact on market . and talking about those small users , if you see the position of trade , those users doesnt even care to keep those powers , ultimately , big users have to buy them and which gives them nothing but just loss of xats . Infact , if the powers will release at expensive prices , those small users will have higher chances of getting more profit as well as it will improve the market condition of Trade . Also , people have lost thier interest in all of these small powers since every week one comes , and people forget about the last ones . If there will be a power release once a month , they will get some time to get involve with a power . some can collect , some can profit . Rather than just buying it once and throw it into the bin when next week another one comes . and secondly , there is a big difference between 100k and 1k . it is completely unrealistic . The major issue is most of the Trade users doesnt even have accounts on forum , so they cant edxpress thier condition . But once if You go yourself to the chat and ask users about this issue , they will tell you what is required . Releasing a power every week is just making a good power useless . even if some no use power release and people get time to get involve with the power , that power wil automatically become favorite for many users . all they need is to spend some time with every new power . releasing 4 powers a month @ 200 - 300 , its better to release one best power @ 1000 - 1500 and let people collect them and raise it . Also when they release 4 powers a month , it become way much difficult for those users to keep adding new power to everypower , and its getting very hard to remember all those powers to trade Everypower safely . Powers a re adding to list very quickly , it has already crossed the mark of 500 .
  15. Hi Guys . I am Lucky , a Regular xat Trader. I am looking at the postion or market of xat from last 12 - 18 months , it getting worse . I just want to say there is a need to implement some good changes before it gets too late . Everyday i see some good suggestions on forum which should be implemented to improve Trading position of xat but now its like 12- 15 months those good suggestions are being posted by users and now they are at 10 - 11 page of suggestion . If this keep going , xat trading Section would be completely dead . I would like to say Instead of Releasing powers in cheap cost , release them at bit expensive prices like 1000 - 1500 xats each . releasing cheap powers every week just kill the purpose of trading . even if someone tries to raise it , he cant cross 500 - 600 xats each . and its not all about that , releasing a new power cheaper every week makes some good old powers dead . people forget about those good powers which drop the prices of those good powers so instead of releasing 200 - 300 costing power every week , Release ONE expenive power once a month , so atleast users can get chance to get involve with that power , some can collect , some try to raise it . atleast they will get fair chance with a POWER . Not like once a user try to raise a power , and in next 5 - 6 days , another powers comes out and users loose thier intrest in old power . I hope Traders can Understand exactly what i am saying . If @Admin , dude u can see that so many ids are out , and you should stop doing auctions for some time , i Insist you should do the same way with powers . it is now required .
  16. lcky

    506 PCPLUS

    I was thinking PCPLUS would allowed 3rd person to add to private chat of 2 users . But its is completely out of the way . I really not understand why will someone keep nopc then . random users can iritate now even if i have nopc.
  17. any auction ?

    1. Mystic


      Their is no auction right now

  18. i think similarly can be done with epics Like SUPEREPIC When someone gets all the epics , he gets SUPEREPIC
  19. this is very nice power after a long time . Very impressive . This can help raise value of other powers . Lucky (917210101) Xattrade moderator
  20. lcky

    497 HATS

    thats what we are saying bro . Those could be added to old (HAT) power if they are just hats . Lucky (917210101)
  21. lcky

    497 HATS

    do you think 10 hats for 500 xats is ok ? When we already have 1 hat power with several hats for 100 xats. YOu cant always be correct dude . Lucky (917210101)
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