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  1. why we are having repeated powers again and again when there are several good suggestions on forum ?

    1. TinkerDoodle
    2. TrueRedDevil


      Because making smiley powers (I'm assuming thats what you mean) takes much less effort than an actually useful power.


      ez $$$

  2. was there something wrong with CLOUDS powers that we need to introduce this new KLOUD power ?
  3. 1973 also sold . 1993 Last ID left
  4. List updated , 1973 added. And 1221 sold
  5. are you seriously gonna buy any of those if they comes up at auction ?
  6. 1222 2M
  7. Please host a special ids auction on 4th july

  8. 1221 ready in link.
  9. there is already situatio where most of users quitting xat due to lack of intrest . Atleast with this power , they will have some aim . they will try to do profits again makes xats buy good ids . and get special pawns.
  10. exactly , my major reason for sugesting this power was to BOOST prices of IDs.
  11. It is specific PAWN power and have a speciality. that it gives pawns depend to your ID no.s
  12. hi. i would like to suggest numerical pawns for users with diffrent class of ids. Like 4 no. pawn for users who have 4 digit ids 5 no. pawn for users who have 5 digit ids pawn for users who have 6 digit ids and so on. [ just like now , no. pawn will become red with RUBY power , gold with GOLD power , purple with PURPLE powers etc] It can be done with a power name (NUMERICPAWN) or just as a added feature.
  13. Can we please have a good IDS auction on 4rth july @Admin. thankyou.

  14. Happy father's day to all.

    1. ANGY


      Equally for your dad c:

  15. ID - 1993 and 1221 are ready now for sale