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  1. uh oh yea , i ididnt recognised that we have these smilies in diffrent powers.
  2. some examples 1. Driver - 2.plumber - 3. Carpenter - 4. Painter - 5. Sweeper -
  3. Hi bro . here is my entry . thanks.
  4. yes i like this idea. It is very usefull and very simple @Madison also i have an idea if madion's idea wont work is to just send a private to all chats. like if user is on 4 diffrent chats , he gets pced on all 4 chats . all c hats will get full conversation. so which ever tab user is on , he recieves all the pvt. messages.
  5. Happy mother earth day .. to you too.

  6. Not buying .... No no no.

  7. Actually , yes , its been around 15 montsh i think winners power is in store , but no one can buy it , why it hasnt been fixed yet ?
  8. That power not really have smilies for diffrent occupations. It just have basic working smilies. But my suggestion is little diffrent . Its dedicated to small workers .
  9. Hi guys . I come with a new power suggestion ie Occupation . Since worker/labour day coming on 1st may , i thought we can create a power which can include smilies for diffrent kind of small occupations like 1. Tailor 2. Cobbler 3. Plumber 4. Carpenter 5. Sweeper 6. Driver 7. Painter Etc. We can make 1 smiley for each kind of occupation.
  10. actually , you replied really well . thats 100% truth , really with that video , they look like have no care what so ever is going on .
  11. See all you looking for things just go same . People are getting bored of same thing happening again and again . Releasing new powers with power auctions will have a little change . And mostly all the users can have chance to get new powers. Not like always the faster users. And secondly releasing powers for days , we have released powers for days earlier too . Thats not a big deal . Most to most , powers release 20 or 30 days each . For third , that xat should stop releasing powers weekly , i agree they cant stop that for common reasons . But lets face it . Now xat need some new changes which should attract users back to xat. I am saying just do these things which i have said . But many others users have some good suggestions too .
  12. Thanks for mee too.
  13. Its really looks like too late . xat used to have chats filled with users , but now , except 1 - 2 chats , rest of all chats are just dead . hardly 2 - 3 users . People loosing thier intrest just because nothing new is coming up. well its never late , we can have something new which can create intrest of users back in xat. i hope it hapens . some changes i feel should be done is like 1. Release new powers at power auction , not like always at store 2. or release powers for days ? instead of xats always . 3. and specially need to stop releasing powers every week . and not releasing powers of same kind eg we have 6 - 7 easter powers , love powers
  14. Powers are already little bit down . We can do good Ids auction for like only 1 id of 1 kind of digits. Like 1 x 4 dig 1 x 5 dig 1 x 6 dig 1 x M dig and 1 x 7 and 8 dig And can have power auctions for some epics too