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  1. wanna trade? i want belgium i have poland
  2. rankpool would separate you from a chat. what if you and 2 other people wanted to talk smack about someone in the main chat. why switch tabs over and over? smh. yo 42 where u at tho
  3. This is actually a good idea and I could really see it happening. GL Zuke
  4. No, unless staff would find a way around this in the future. Probably just disabled. Good question. I have answered it in images: 2 ideas, personally I like idea 1 more.
  5. i know this has been suggested 100000 times but it still hasnt been added yet and that's an issue (groupchat) The power groupchat would allow a host to hold a private group chat. The power is simple and I feel like it should have been added years ago. The image below gives the options given once you have (groupchat). Anyone would be given permission to leave whenever. Also following you could add (nogc), or just have it be congruent with (nopc).
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