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  1. Hello. I am just wondering how long would it normally take for a volunteer to reply back to my ticket. I have been locked out of my account and I am just trying to get it unlocked so I can go and chat with my friends. My issue right now is that the volunteer who was originally helping me has not replied in a few days which is prolonging this process even more. So how long should it take for them to reply and if they dont reply in over a week what would be my next course of action?
  2. Hello. I submitted my ticket today due to losing my auth on my account and being locked out. I said what I had to say on the ticket and submitted it. Later today I went to check the status, so I went to put in my username and I could not type my username in the username box. It only allows me to type in my password. And I cannot log into my account without putting in the auth, which I do not have available due to losing it when I was forced to system wipe out my computer today unexpectedly. Can anyone help me with this issue so that I could view the ticket and reply back to get my account back up again? Thank you for reading
  3. And from that point forward you can't login?
  4. Your problem occurred when someone hacked you?
  5. I guess I will have to wait the 24 hour period. I unplugged the power to my router for 5 minutes and it's still giving me the same results. Though it is weird because I was able to get onto it the previous day with out any problems.
  6. I just tried all the above you mentioned and I get the same results of not being able to login. Though when I use my phone hotspot for some reason this does the trick. But when I connect back to my router it does the same thing again, do you know why that is the case?
  7. As the title says just have a quick question because every time I try to sign into my account it sticks on the "Please wait..." screen, and doesn't change. When I try to log onto a chat it stays on "Connecting" and then eventually tells me that it failed to sign me in. Is there any solution for this?
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