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  1. Well there’s only one way Social can be improved and that’s taking some action on where the current issues fall into place. Fellow users, volunteers, contributors and admins please stop avoiding this (I must edit; those who are avoiding the main issue still). This has nothing to do with having so-called “beef” with any of the users running Social, it is HOW they run it. Obviously many people have a problem with how Social is operated if this thread is still relevant days after it has been made. It only takes one bright person to acknowledge that and say we need to take action because nobody else will. If enough people do then surely something will be done about it. If not, fine - Social will die eventually. It took a lot of effort to make Social active again just for it to die out due to unethical moderation and operation of an Official chat. It’s not just users “complaining” because they may not like the users, it’s genuine users being abused and banned, treated unfairly as opposed friends of Staff who are given a slap on the wrist when rules are violated. Can you not all see that? Pretending to be oblivious isn’t going to get Social anywhere. I highly recommend people take acknowledgement and initiate the change if Social is ever going to be fixed. And for the people assuming I’m typing this due to the fact Mike is my ex, that was irrelevant 5 months ago. I’m just not happy with my forever ban over it (which claimed to have a “legitimate reason”), and if so, where is it, where is the evidence and where is a good enough reason for a forever ban and why could I never appeal? Because Mike refuses to talk to me after our past. Completely unjustified. At least Glitch and several other Staff have tried reasoning with Mike to let me appeal to my ban. I just wanted to lay this out so people didn’t get the wrong idea assuming I’m just being a spiteful ex. It seriously hasn’t got anything to do with this as maybe half of you would assume. Bottom line is, and also the last time I’ll say anything here is that Social needs a main owner who will run it equally and fairly with no bias behaviour involved, who will stay active (and yes, I know Mike and Glitch are active), but we all know why it’s impossible to keep them running Social when there’s so much chaos. But chaos doesn’t appear out of nowhere people. Use your brains and common knowledge. Are these really the type of people you want setting an example to everybody and representing xat?
  2. Social needs a new main owner hands down and let’s make it urgent. Not only have I been forevered for no reason but so have serveral other users recently and it’s not fair. I’ve been banned for personal reasons rather than legitimate reasons. I haven’t been on xat in months and the main owner still refuses to let me appeal to my ban. This is disgusting and people like HelperNate should NOT be forevered on an Official chat especially when he’s been trusted to run the chat in the past. Mike needs to pull his socks up and fix Social rather than turning it into a chat only built for the people he’s neutral with or his friends. Get over the beef you have with some of the users on here and stop being childish. The admins trusted Mike to run Social properly with no bias bans, unbans, staff-making of users. Enough’s enough let’s just take Mike out, we’ve established he’s incapable of running a chat box. Perhaps you’re not fit for Official moderating. I rest my case. #FixSocial
  3. Hey everyone, I know most of you probably haven’t heard from me in awhile unless you follow me on both Snapchat or Instagram but I’d like to start up my first and last thread to give people the opportunity to share amongst the community your social media profiles and usernames, so people can grasp a better understanding on your life outside of xat and how you prefer to live it on the daily. That being said, I apologise if there’s already a thread relative to sharing social media profiles with one another but I haven’t seen one so I think the forum is due for a new thread either way. i mainly decided to make this thread because I don’t want to cut contact with everybody entirely on here. I believe a lot of you can immensely make better connections with one another if you all contribute to posting either your Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Kik, Skype, YouTube, Discord usernames etc. In saying that, I’d much appreciate it if you guys wanted to add and follow me on Snapchat @ iangelleigh and Instagram @ iangeleigh - they’re my main forms of social media I use everyday, to give you the opportunity of getting to know me and my new lifestyle a little bit better. I’m also happy to add and follow some of you as well. So what are you waiting for..?! Get posting!!!
  4. Given the fact that I no longer choose to use xat.com, everybody is welcome to add/follow my social media:


    👻 Snapchat : @iangelleigh 

    📸 Instagram : @iangeleigh

  5. Angel

    No regrets, just lessons. ;)


    Thanks for everything. I will repay you.

  6. Why would we forgive him when he’s insincere?
  7. In other words; ”Sorry, not sorry. Reputation matters in 2018.”
  8. You'd be lucky to get 50 xats off that one mate.
  9. When my post is deleted but Stah's post stays. Proof of bias.
  10. My New Years went like this: A little broad but it turned from 2017 to 2018
  11. Yeah, I'd say cats for sure.
  12. As long as majority of the English community acknowledge that.
  13. Always! That shouldn't, and most certainly won't change.
  14. Angel

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you like butts and you cannot lie?
  15. Looks like you're all losers. ...(For now.)
  16. That's irrelevant. Please try again next year.
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