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  1. Sell ID 1532643400

    You'd be lucky to get 50 xats off that one mate.
  2. When my post is deleted but Stah's post stays. Proof of bias.
  3. New Years

    My New Years went like this: A little broad but it turned from 2017 to 2018
  4. Cat or dog?

    Yeah, I'd say cats for sure.
  5. #Yearinreview2017 !

    As long as majority of the English community acknowledge that.
  6. #Yearinreview2017 !

    Always! That shouldn't, and most certainly won't change.
  7. Yes or No

    Yes. Do you like butts and you cannot lie?
  8. Whoever posts last wins!

    Looks like you're all losers. ...(For now.)
  9. #Yearinreview2017 !

    That's irrelevant. Please try again next year.
  10. ur avatar looks like mike 

    1. Angel


      That's because it is him.