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  1. I agree that there are many problems, one of the main ones being the support system!
    The current support system is very poor (in my opinion.) Many users are waiting 3 plus months for a simple ticket that can be dealt with in about 10 mins? You all wonder why lots of users have quit and many users leaving, one of the reasons is due to how poor the ticket system currently is. Yes, there are lots of users waiting but still, there doesn't seem to be any excuse to keep people waiting over 3 months!
    The ways you can solve this is by potentially removing the vols that don't contribute much and replace them with other more active and focused volunteers. With the amount of waiting time, we might need more than 5 new volunteers to help with the backlog of the waiting users.


    by doing this it will show the users that they can get help fairly quickly and then as many won't be quitting and it could bring back some older users that quit due to the response time on the support system

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  2. I actually agree, why should someone whos been a volunteer for a few months then resign deserve the title for it? retired volunteer doesn't exactly state if the user has been good or bad, no matter the circumstances anyone that was volunteer for over a certain time should be given the title

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  3. 1 hour ago, Steven said:

    That’s not true at all! I’ve seen some very modern mockups that are still very clearly xat, but with today’s popular design elements. 


    Flat buttons, rectangles, a more modern font, round photos, etc. would make it a lot more modern but it would still undeniably look like xat. 

    How are flat buttons gonna make a huge difference on the look?, way you have worded this sounds like your saying it will completely give it a modern look, which I have edited and looked and it doesn't change much at all 


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  4. 1 hour ago, Samu said:


    I think that would be very uncomfortable and much more if the phrase is long. In spite of that, it would be a good alternative.


    ( ) < try copy it from within the parentheses and make a sentence in the xat.



    What I was gonna say is maybe xat could replace normal space with ALT + 255 ?

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