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  1. I know its not  the same, but we had something similar to this before, but it was for ID's instead! I like this idea, but lets save it for another time!

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Solange said:

    The fact that xat is adding stickers is really nice! However, I'd prefer a power that would allow us to send different types of stickers, not only dog stickers.

    this is a first, who knows admins may do more in the future? i'd like to see some future powers with stickers with them

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  3. 1 hour ago, Deymien said:

    It looks really good, the design is simple and pleasing to the eye.


    It is also much more productive to show the "cart", makes easier the selection of powers.

    The cart is only an idea I had, hopefully it gets added 

  4. And a nice search feature too! (goo) .


    what do you people think of a checkout? (list of powers you have selected to buy shows up on the right of the table)


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  5. On 2/10/2019 at 3:12 AM, Actavus said:


    They do but its bulky and ugly.
    If i want to talk to friends outside of xat I must use the clunky mobile app.
    Maybe I just want a simple chat feature stripped of all the bloat such as pawns and flashy avatar.
    Have the little "xat messenger" just allow you to talk and use regular xat smileys and thats all.


    That way people on xat have option to use regular xat (with all the bling and features).
    And secondary simple xat chat for regular Private Messages similar to how facebook messenger is..



    (Obviously this is just a suggestion. I doubt this is on admin priority list. I only suggest it because it may help make xat more "modern" with todays generations)


    I agree it would be nice to have another app in the future called "xat messenger" to work how facebook messenger works. it would basically be "xat lite" 

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