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  1. 14 hours ago, Mr.Guppy said:

    I have a video with 65k views (and 3 other videos with 1k+), can I get cyan pawn pls?

    If that's the case, I want cyan pawn because people call me Shrek, and I can do Mr Bean voice

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  2. Best smiley power : FANTASY (because I can do ogre smiley, which is like Shrek):$

    Best function power : NAMEGRAD

    Best group power : RANKLOCK

    Best bot provider : Sorry Jadiction, but it's gotta be ARCBOTS, nah it's FEXBOTS!!!

  3. 8 hours ago, CLassified3 said:

    Another one, matchban glitch, spacewar undefined bug, snakerace problem, chess as usual. 




    8 hours ago, CLassified3 said:

    Spaceban glitched, games glitched, poll glitched, after I traded in xat.com/trade, I could not talk. 

    What's glitched on the gamebans? as far as I knew these glitches was fixed a few months ago, unless these are new ones? please explain the glitch on these

  4. 9 hours ago, iLu4n said:

    i have noticed one error 

    do not know if I was already reported it, or if someone had already watched this error. I do not know if it's due to namegrad but I noticed after the namegrad release.


    With Erro







    it happens to people who do not have this power. I do not know if it's really a  error  more is strange

    How many numbers/letters do you have inside the glow? if it is more or less than 6, make it 6 numbers/letters, unless you are using like #b#r etc that should not affect it

  5. Just now, Stah said:

    Yeah. Although xavi isn't that popular, maybe some more items will bring more intrest?

    Yes that's the problem, if they add more things to xavi it might get used more

  6. Just now, Stah said:


    xat could make their own version of this. They could set up a webpage that verifies your account and gives you a code to put into the forum and it will then verify you from there.

    Exactly, which is why I was providing an example I use, but yes xat should make their own version of this

  7. 5 hours ago, Steven said:

    Hi everyone, I wanted to hear what people think of the contests (and possibly ID sales) sections requiring new threads to be approved by a forum mod before they can show up. From my understanding this was done to prevent contests that break the rules, but Ryan has been an active forum mod and myself and the Contests mains are active in the section to report anything breaking the rules anyway. I feel that this process just slows down things unnecessarily; there are other ways to make sure rules are followed.


    Do you think requiring approval from a mod is a good thing? Or is it unnecessary? I'd like to hear more opinions on this!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why don't they give permission to approve contests too, Trusted Prize Holders, Contributors and Contests Owners? this would take less strain on the forum mods themselves 

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