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  1. 6 hours ago, SlOom said:


    Ok Paul, can you stop think only for your country ? Did you think about other countries ? In France, it's in May, 29 so it's not late for a motherday power even if for you, it's already late. (Who even care about anyway ?)


    Plus, a "family" power directly, why not but xat won't working by this way. If they want to make a power for each, they will do it. If they do like you suggested, they will lose money on it (family thing), so that's why they do multiple powers of this kind because of money. (Am i wrong ? I don't think because it's the truth if you see about all animal power, about all valentine power, about all halloween power, about all christmas power .... )


    And anyway, if they were to make "family" power, the next year a new power of this kind will be released again, so useless....


    Btw, this idea is good.

    can others stop thinking for there country? its funny you say that but someone else done the same so dont say that to me.

    If you didn't care why did you bother moaning about what i said?

  2. I don't think we need this, if you truly trusted them you can give them the main link, and if there was any issues, they can remove you with manage power and update pass to change the link

  3. 3 minutes ago, SlOom said:

    If he hated this, why have activated the command? (I do not think she was turned on by default)

    If the message bothered him, he just had to disable and not ask admins to remove the packet. (Coincidentally, the admins have done without pressure.)

    If i remember it was OFF by default so it's his fault to be honest that it come up 

  4. Yeah fairtrade could be updated more, but maybe your forgetting some people have school/college/uni, so they cant keep track of this all the time.


    It depends on the situation, if users are quoting silly prices then yes it should, but if its like 200 xats different I don't see an issue with it

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