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  1. 2 hours ago, Five said:

    i just want an actual flag as a pawn that waves. but then again, it'll probably make ranks look confusing unless there could be a little dot that shows you're whatever rank.


    for example, this is a waving japan flag. the orange dot resembles an owner/main owner's rank.

    Thank you, thats one thing that would need to be done if these pawns was this shape

  2. Just now, Alecks said:

    Well the way I figured they would implement it would be like this: 

      Hide contents


    Now obviously they wouldn't do this, due to many reasons I shouldn't have to name. But we do know that if they did, it would likely be it's own power.

    Nice preview

  3. 2 minutes ago, 6 said:

    GH5m1z5.jpg  k19256685.jpg uW52juu.png   bEYTOek.png



    Just an idea to your suggestion. Maybe a flag that will cover the whole pawn's body instead of a pawn carrying a flag?


    Google source.

    That looks pretty neat tbh, I like

  4. 6 minutes ago, Alecks said:

    Hmm, while I see how it could have good potential to be a good addition to flag, I agree that the way you displayed it doesn't look aesthetic and it could also pose issues with being able to actually differentiate the flags from others as they'd be so small. My only guess to make it easily visible and aesthetic is something I'm sure would not be added. (Which would be to just make the flag be the pawn, which if they did that would likely be a whole new power itself. (FlagPawn) plsxat)

    I thought about a new power itself but thought it would be better to make it so you need flag and hat.

    2 minutes ago, Stah said:

    Just something like this would be fine.


    Added to main post and given you credit for this view

  5. 2 minutes ago, Stah said:

    I don't like the way you did it, maybe just have covering a portion of the pawn as a rectangle because as of right now they're far too small.

    I see your point, obviously this way is just a suggestion, if you or anyone else think of a better way to show the flag make a preview and i add it to the main post and say this was a preview how it could look by the user who said it could be shown this way

  6. 2 minutes ago, Stah said:

    It's not fair until no users are being singled out for absolutely no reason.

    I didnt say its fully fair now, I basically said it is now fairer as in they are currently going in the right direction, more things still need to be done yes, since some users will still be affected by this, and these people might consider quiting xat due to these changes that will affect them, why should users be forced to pay (to gt 1000 xats value) to get support?

  7. 3 minutes ago, Arthur said:

    What a shame!


    Is this really happening, users who have xats/days/powers receiving special treatment over normal users? (Yes, they already get special treatment for other services such as e-mail change and short names transfer but account recovering should definitely be a free service and be available for everyone.)


    There shouldn't be any requirements at all. As long as the user is able to prove they own the account, they should receive assistance. Having a minimum account value requirement is just stupid and in my opinion it sounds like telling people who are unable to buy xats or choose not to, they're worthless.


    If xat can't pay people to answer tickets why should we pay to receive support? Seems like they're just greedy.

    Exactly this is just treating people differently that have paid money to use this service, which is 100% unfair, yeah I agree on some departments its needed to be like this, but come on lost access? anyone should be able to get it back even if they have no xats

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  8. I also agree what is the point in this? It's unfair, people have multiple accounts or just cant afford that many xats, if they lose access they wont get helped? even if they have over 1k on another?

    All customers should be treated fairly and equally no matter how many xats they have or don't have, I know this don't affect most people due to them having over the 1000 xats value in store, People may have quit for a while who had no powers and have decided to join back and found now that they cant get there account back, and they could have a 5 dig id which would now be pointless and not used.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Cleon said:

    I can imagine an afk mode or an option to block calls , air plane mode (d) Group calls why not 

    Are you talking about the webcam  app , Nice try paul but it's an app and not and xat app like radio , You can see this like an update for the webcam 

    its also a chat call too, without video

  10. 30 minutes ago, Harrison said:

    Just google "time in GMT" and use that. For example, I tempted someone on Trade at GMT 00:18 last night for 4 hours. I googled "time in GMT" and saw it was about 03:18, so I knew he had an hour left.

    well that depends tbh, when we change time zone, this could get people confused by an hour, I know an hour isn't much but still, I think we need a countdown somewhere along the lines

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  11. 50 minutes ago, FrozenZuke said:

    yup nice idea, this was one little feature of my suggestion Pattern Power


    how is it even a feature of your power?


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