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  1. 6 hours ago, Guinho said:

    When we talk about creating a new subscription plan, we aren't talking about simply adding new packs of xats+days in the store.


    I believe that idea is a door that can open new horizons for xat.


    Thinking about creating a new subscription plan means creating new and exclusive functions for the members of that specific group, and I literally find that amazing!


    I don't think it's a good idea to consider removing Days permanently (at least for now).

    Remember that users can also choose not to purchase this new subscription and still want to use their powers.


    On the other hand, users who choose to become Plus should receive additional benefits and new features to use.


    Here are some benefits that I would find interesting;

    • Plus subscribers will not need Days to use their powers and if they have days in their accounts, they will automatically be frozen until plus subscription ends up (they still can sell their days without restrictions).
    • Discounts when purchasing Chats, Short Names and Chat Promotions¬†(20/30% maybe? idk).
    • Plus subscribers can promote a chat of their choice for a free week (also for xat ads).
    • Exclusive contests for this¬†group.

    Another interesting point would be the introduction of a roulette and points system. I called it xat Capsules and Plus Points.


    Using Plus points you can open one capsule per week and get the chance to redeem xats, powers and if you are very lucky, a rare/epic power maybe?! A new surprise every week!!




    Each week xat would add a new collection of items in the capsules for you to redeem.


    How to get Plus Points?

    • Chatting (you can get X amount of points per Y minutes connected on¬†xat).
    • Sending Kisses, Gifts (this would encourage the use of these features in chats even more).
    • Promoting Chats.
    • Sharing xat on social media¬†(a share button can be created and made visible in all chats).

    **Any user can accumulate Plus Points, regardless of whether they are a Plus member or not, however, they can only use their points when purchasing a Plus subscription.**


    Plus members could also earn Levels and appear on a Leaderboard / Hall of Fame that shows users with the most xatPlus Points accumulated of all time.


    Remember that this is just one of many ideas that can be implemented.


    What do you think? Open your mind and leave your ideas for us to build this together!


    - Guinho




    Very nice!

    I love the idea of the point system.


    The capsule is another neat idea, which would be a big benefit, to be a Sub+ to earn powers/xats/days 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, xLaming said:

    I like your idea, mainly because of the benefit.


    But I still think it's better to have more discounts, for example. 500 xats on the buy page is 5 USD. By subscribing to the Sub+ plan you buy 1 and get 2, so you will benefit from subscribing. It can also be a percentage of discounts, eg: Uber you subscribe to a monthly plan and have 30% discount on trips, this would make the price of the xats more viable.

    Exactly! In my post I know i mentioned about the discount, that was just an idea, it can be a higher discount, I was just using that as an example of a benefit, but yeah I Like your thinking!.


    3 minutes ago, Abrahan said:

    You mean that every time a new power comes out in the store, the subs+ will have it automatically? If so, it would be ideal that they can only obtain the unlimited powers that xat launches in the store, they would have the advantage of having these powers first of all without having to be attentive to the store. If users want to have more than one power then they will have to watch the banner counter / store or buy it when it is fully released.

    Yes the power could either be added automatically to the account, you have made a good point about this, this part slipped my mind about it being a Limited or Unlimited power. perhaps if the power is Limited, you still get some benefit from it, but it wont be as big as it would be on Unlimited powers.

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  3. This new Subscription could be called Sub+


    With Sub+ it is an additional package you can buy, which you wont have to have days for since this will be part of the package your subscribed to.

    You will receive perks for being a Sub+ which would include an additional pawn (everypower wont be required for this pawn, but if you do have everypower, you get another perk on top of this).

    Also with this depending on the price of the plan, you wll get the power added to your account automatically, which it will deduct xats from your account, with being a sub+ you also get  20% - 40% off the price in store on powers (epic powers would be excluded from this discount)


    What are the payment package?

    They could be monthly, 3 months and a yearly package.


    There can be more perks for this too, but need more ideas what could be added to make this more beneficial.


    Why Sub+?

    Looking at Xbox for an example with GamePass you can get games for free and discounted for being subscribed to it.

    This will also bring xat into the modern area, instead of needing the use of days all the time.


    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and additonal idea's for this plan.

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  4. I would also like to suggest to allow us to make "short cuts" this will allow you to drag apps to the side bar, allowing you to open one of the apps you use lots quickly.




    You open the app menu and click and drag doodle to the side and this will add it to the side panel.

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  5. great update! loving the new features, and like how you can collapse the user list.




    Make a option in settings panel to have the user panel collapsed as default

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  6. I know its not  the same, but we had something similar to this before, but it was for ID's instead! I like this idea, but lets save it for another time!

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