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  1. You like your girls insane

  2. I advise you don't mess with me, I know karate, kung fu, judo, tae kwon do, jujitsu and 28 other dangerous words.

  3. I bow down to pray. Lord, show me the way. Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith.

  4. Page

    Page    Paul

    Happy Birthday my little boy ♥

  5. Happy birthday, Paul! Enjoy your day (hug).

  6. Happy Birthday! :)

  7. Gui

    Gui    Paul

    Happy birthday, Paul!

  8. ALEX

    ALEX    Paul

    Happy birthday wish your life happiness always!!

  9. Happy Birthday Bro

  10. Sending warm, fuzzy wishes to you on your birthday!(goo)

  11. Stif

    Stif    Paul

    Happy birthday mate!

  12. LeJon

    LeJon    Paul

    Birthday wishes to the Emperor (wailing)

  13. Kika

    Kika    Paul

    Happy Birthday, Paul! 

  14. maura

    maura    Paul


  15. ANGY

    ANGY    Paul

    Happy birthday dear 🍕🎈.

  16. Injustice down vote ))) Vols please check this!


  17.  ''Typical'': Fiona, where is shrek? 🙄😂

  18.  ''Typical'': Fiona, where is shrek? 🙄😂

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