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  1. I have noticed that when you receive a message from someone using the message function below the chat, depending on the language the user who messages you has set, the default part in the email you get will be the language the user has set that messaged you. I think this should be changed to the language that the main owner has set as their default language, or maybe the default language the chat is set too. Example if the user who messages you has the default language as Spanish, the title of the message would be: grupo de xat: xat_test - Mensaje and the default part at the top of the email would say this: Hola Paul, , Un visitante en tu grupo de chat xat_test ha hecho click en el botón de Mensaje y ha enviado el siguiente mensaje. (RECOMENDAMOS NO HACER CLICK EN ENLACES O LINKS). So what I'm saying is this should be changed so it is the same language as the receiver, not the sender.
  2. Paul


    i did but its fixed now, i was testing something
  3. Paul


    is this cool or what?
  4. Strange I am using Latest version of Chrome and it works for me, have u tried inspecting element then load the page? to see where the script is meant to be loading? might be able to identify it then
  5. text is abit hard to read

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    2. oj


      sorry what'd you say i couldnt read it

    3. Paige


      (toj) creasing @oj

    4. Bau


      Yes you are right! 
      But @Admin can change this color for wrinting :$  it's easy, Start from here Forum.xat.com/Admin , Good luck :$ 
      This new Upgrade need more stuff to be added. 
      Just need to be patience, to have patience. (rolleyes)

  6. Great power When I saw the name I thought of Ford Fiesta the car haha
  7. Contest is now over. Any entries submitted now won't be entered in the contest but may still be used. Thank you for all your entrys
  8. Not sure if this is a troll suggestion or legit
  9. 5 more days guys, no pressure!
  10. Ok i lied Agu is the winner, I must obey my master
  11. Sorry guys i'm the winner
  12. Nice to see some nice backgrounds
  13. UPDATE: The prize fund has been made higher 1st place: 5k 2nd place: 3k 3rd place: 2k 4th place: 1k xats A TOTAL OF 11K IS NOW UP FOR GRABS
  14. Paul


    This is actually a nice idea, I could see it working well, it could also boost ID prices up since most people may want a low number pawn
  15. I can confirm that I will be holding the prizes
  16. Sup everyone

  17. Text: Paul Subtext: Paul's Private Chat Colors/Theme: Blue/Purple Images: n/a Other information: n/a
  18. Paul

    442 Neon

    I agree we should have an option to make them flash, so yeah make default = no flash also nice new power
  19. Are you posting this to tell us that we are invited to tag along?
  20. This is correct, it does seem that you need everypower to change the colour, but it doesn't state that on wiki. code used: (glow#0#jewel#ffff00#ff0000)
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