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  1. This is a good suggestion and hope it will be added, even if it's just added too HTML5
  2. You can copy messages on html5
  3. Found a bug here, with users using long names, I have tried it out with the bot to get a preview of it. Making it so you cant make the user mod, member or even ban/kick. This should be fixed as people could use this to be inappropriate and break rules making it hard for us to ban/kick them. On flash it makes the name like this and allows you to ban/kick still Perhaps do the same approach. allow the name in a certain area using <div> and if the name is too long it makes the text smaller to fit in
  4. next interview @Maverick ?
  5. stinky

    1. Maverick


      Don't talk about yourself like that! 

    2. Paul


      talking bout u

  6. all users have now received there prizes, this can be closed
  7. Chris has received 3rd place prize
  8. I agree that there are many problems, one of the main ones being the support system! The current support system is very poor (in my opinion.) Many users are waiting 3 plus months for a simple ticket that can be dealt with in about 10 mins? You all wonder why lots of users have quit and many users leaving, one of the reasons is due to how poor the ticket system currently is. Yes, there are lots of users waiting but still, there doesn't seem to be any excuse to keep people waiting over 3 months! The ways you can solve this is by potentially removing the vols that don't contribute much and replace them with other more active and focused volunteers. With the amount of waiting time, we might need more than 5 new volunteers to help with the backlog of the waiting users. by doing this it will show the users that they can get help fairly quickly and then as many won't be quitting and it could bring back some older users that quit due to the response time on the support system
  9. Confirmed I'm holding the prize of 1,500 xats
  10. If you are still having issues you can come to me, Im FEXStaff, you can mainly find me at xat5 chat
  11. This weeks power is called plants! ID: 466 Name: Plants Status: Limited Smilies: plants, plant1, plant2, plant3, plant4, plant5, plant6, plant7, plfeedme, plgrow, plhair, plhold, plleaves. Pawns: hp, hl, ha, hn and ht Price: Unknown Wiki: xat.wiki/Plants Note: Plant1, plant2, plant3, plant4, plant5, plant6, and plant7 can be used as backs.
  12. I think I may if found it https://forum.xat.com/guidelines/ "xat halloween" found another
  13. Paul

    Square Smiley.

    Nice suggestion! How about a power called Shapes, its same as this power but it has different shapes example, Square, Triangle, Star, Circle, Rectangle and many other shapes?
  14. I actually agree, why should someone whos been a volunteer for a few months then resign deserve the title for it? retired volunteer doesn't exactly state if the user has been good or bad, no matter the circumstances anyone that was volunteer for over a certain time should be given the title
  15. test 1 2 3 this still works?
  16. How are flat buttons gonna make a huge difference on the look?, way you have worded this sounds like your saying it will completely give it a modern look, which I have edited and looked and it doesn't change much at all
  17. Paul

    462 MARK

    Think its a user power
  18. If you want to see all the contributors and wiki editors/translators then use these https://forum.xat.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[10]=1 https://forum.xat.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[18]=1&group[23]=1
  19. What I was gonna say is maybe xat could replace normal space with ALT + 255 ?
  20. You can do this if you use ALT + 255 is your spaces
  21. Wasn't this one this was back in 2012 i believe
  22. I forgot how long ago but someone did make an app for the desktop but this was years ago
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