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  1. you need to explain how they are bugged, like what is wrong with snakerace?
  2. If that's the case, I want cyan pawn because people call me Shrek, and I can do Mr Bean voice
  3. Best smiley power : FANTASY (because I can do ogre smiley, which is like Shrek) Best function power : NAMEGRAD Best group power : RANKLOCK Best bot provider : Sorry Jadiction, but it's gotta be ARCBOTS, nah it's FEXBOTS!!!
  4. What's glitched on the gamebans? as far as I knew these glitches was fixed a few months ago, unless these are new ones? please explain the glitch on these
  5. How many numbers/letters do you have inside the glow? if it is more or less than 6, make it 6 numbers/letters, unless you are using like #b#r etc that should not affect it
  6. Paul

    Post bug

    It signed me out too, but soon as you click a post etc. it puts you back in
  7. I don't think we would need this either, if i'm honest, I don't see the point for it.
  8. I also agree that this should be changed, it also gives users a chance to test the power before buying it
  9. lots of stuff was cut out for mobile to keep it neat and clean
  10. Paul


    Yes that's the problem, if they add more things to xavi it might get used more
  11. Paul


    I have been saying this for a while now on xat_test, they should make some powers come with Xavi items
  12. Works fine for me http://prntscr.com/abunwq
  13. I like the idea, but hopefully this forum will help users out too, since the user groups stand out better on here
  14. Exactly, which is why I was providing an example I use, but yes xat should make their own version of this
  15. Why don't they give permission to approve contests too, Trusted Prize Holders, Contributors and Contests Owners? this would take less strain on the forum mods themselves
  16. I have something on my websites that has this, but using a bot to confirm the user, http://prntscr.com/abtlse it gives you a randomly generated code, maybe (if its possible) to allow us to put our regname/ID on the login under more it gives us a verification ode which we would put on the forum, when we are adding our xat info
  17. Paul

    New Power : Clans

    If you want a clan thing, then just make a new chat for it and make it members only?
  18. Like the concept of the idea, it could work well
  19. As the title says, what is your favorite video game? My favorite video game would be Grand Theft Auto 5
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