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  1. Paul

    450 Fiesta

    Great power When I saw the name I thought of Ford Fiesta the car haha
  2. Contest is now over. Any entries submitted now won't be entered in the contest but may still be used. Thank you for all your entrys
  3. Not sure if this is a troll suggestion or legit
  4. 5 more days guys, no pressure!
  5. Ok i lied Agu is the winner, I must obey my master
  6. Sorry guys i'm the winner
  7. Nice to see some nice backgrounds
  8. UPDATE: The prize fund has been made higher 1st place: 5k 2nd place: 3k 3rd place: 2k 4th place: 1k xats A TOTAL OF 11K IS NOW UP FOR GRABS
  9. Paul


    This is actually a nice idea, I could see it working well, it could also boost ID prices up since most people may want a low number pawn
  10. I can confirm that I will be holding the prizes
  11. Sup everyone

  12. Text: Paul Subtext: Paul's Private Chat Colors/Theme: Blue/Purple Images: n/a Other information: n/a
  13. Paul

    442 Neon

    I agree we should have an option to make them flash, so yeah make default = no flash also nice new power
  14. Are you posting this to tell us that we are invited to tag along?
  15. This is correct, it does seem that you need everypower to change the colour, but it doesn't state that on wiki. code used: (glow#0#jewel#ffff00#ff0000)
  16. Paul

    440 EGGIE

    Another EGGTASTIC power. Good work!
  17. Good Morning!

  18. i win the winning post
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