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  1. test 1 2 3 this still works?
  2. How are flat buttons gonna make a huge difference on the look?, way you have worded this sounds like your saying it will completely give it a modern look, which I have edited and looked and it doesn't change much at all
  3. Paul

    462 MARK

    Think its a user power
  4. If you want to see all the contributors and wiki editors/translators then use these https://forum.xat.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[10]=1 https://forum.xat.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[18]=1&group[23]=1
  5. What I was gonna say is maybe xat could replace normal space with ALT + 255 ?
  6. You can do this if you use ALT + 255 is your spaces
  7. Wasn't this one this was back in 2012 i believe
  8. I forgot how long ago but someone did make an app for the desktop but this was years ago
  9. I liked the way it was originally done if admins won't go back to it how about do it like https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/smiliesshow.swf?r=p1nameflag2 but the background on the pawn would be flagged and perhaps the pawn can be neon
  10. Jean has collected prize http://prntscr.com/gjizd1
  11. 3rd place has there prize http://prntscr.com/gjdsac
  12. I am handling it professionally. I don't suggest people cause they tell me too, I know if I should suggest the or not without them telling me.
  13. Lol most of this was rubbish, rememeber when you begged me to suggest you as a contributor? All this facts you "say" is not even true. People are suggested if they do stuff that helps xat
  14. maybe mobile doesn't support flag yet?
  15. Paul


    and i suggested this before on old forum in depth
  16. testing 1 2 3 4 5 6 testin
  17. I have just noticed on a Moderator report that the Un-Mod link is missing, it says "Click link above to Un-Mod" which there is no link. yes you can still demote the user in the chat yourself, but if there is meant to be a link there this should be fixed, or if you can't get it to work just replace the text with something like "You can demote this staff member manually if you feel the need to" and then make it list the regname and ID. Here is a screenshot I have also tested this for myself, the link does work, but if the user doesn't talk for some time and then bans the user breaking rules, you can't click to demote them, as you can see in this screenshot. So maybe add a link above or next to where it says "click link to Un-Mod" so users can still demote them by the link
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