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  1. confrmed prize holder, will post again when got prize
  2. I can confirm that I am the prize holder of 4500 xats
  3. Give the admins a chance to get stuff added
  4. still does not work, use the latest chrome Version 69.0.3497.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  5. nope, make sure you have the latest chrome update, Google said this themselves
  6. Wrong, please look at the latest chrome, doing what you said blocks it
  7. Also, you don't have to allow the flash plugin each time you open xat. (recent change on chrome)
  8. the new tab button on the right, is weird, but i will get used to it
  9. All uses have now received there prizes
  10. Keep and LUNALA have received their prize
  11. confirmed that im holding the prize
  12. i have banned phin for being banned on chats
  13. I have zipbanned @Cupim cause YOLO!!!!
  14. Phin has received her prize for 1st place http://prntscr.com/k7hwvg
  15. Luna has received her prize: http://prntscr.com/k7fj84
  16. Confirmed holding the prize, good luck all
  17. ENGLAND!!!!!!

    1. VaLsteiN


      OWWW  boss Happy !!!

  18. Happy Birthday

    1. denise


      Thank you!


  19. Thanks, I mention this when I speak to admin next, I forgot about these two. @Admin
  20. Today Admins have added 3 pawns for the worldcup, to use these pawns all you need is HAT power. pawns: hw, hl, hg, hs, hj, hf Enjoy!
  21. Wow awesome this looks good, I guess its worth mentioning that you also need hat power for this
  22. @Admin how about adding seasonal/holiday pawns to this power? I think we should pawns for the season we are currently in etc
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