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  1. Morning!

    1. Crow


      Good morning! It was sunny at 7am this morning for the first time in ages! Spring is coming! :$

  2. Correct, ctrl F5 dont fix that, but if you log out correctly you dont see it
  3. I think it might be cache as I added ?loggedout at the end of the url when I as logged out and I don't see the leaderboard
  4. Did you remove leaderboard's? I don't see it when i'm signed in, but when i'm signed out, I see it
  5. My dream job is to own xat
  6. I agree, this just causes too much drama over a simple like, it should be disabled
  7. I see no issues with saying good luck..
  8. I thought that was the aim of the game? you had to say the word last to in
  9. Last, I win as I posted the word last
  10. if these are put in place, everyone's reputation should be reset, to make this fair for everyone
  11. Paul


    Please read this on how to suggest a power
  12. Paul


    Please read this on how to suggest a power
  13. Yes it should be possible, but wouldn't know how. Most things have notifications for birthdays so I can't see why this forum can't?
  14. I would ban @Maverick since he is mean to me
  15. Paul

    Small Power

    also to follow skype too
  16. yes you can do basic stuff with the powers, but having this would open more options, it could have a simile store similar to the xavi one
  17. what he is saying is, have an app to add ons to smilies, since xavi works like this, he used that to demonstrate his idea. if we had an app to edit smilies, it would make users customization more unique
  18. Nice, some time ago I mentioned something similar too this in the chat, but this way would work better, if it was done. With this we can add new features to smilies, like hats, glasses, headphones etc.
  19. Please remember to no double post, you can edit your original post
  20. Nice steal from me on other post
  21. Paul

    Boys vs. Girls

    this game cheated:(
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