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  1. Just confirming that I have the xats for this contest
  2. should have big ben or tower bridge
  3. test

    1. Paul





      whats happening?

    2. Daniel
    3. Ryan


      i wanna get involved test4



      idk what im testing

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  4. Yes, would like the down vote back
  5. 1. The price never changed, it's still 300 xats in store 2. As other have said xat has the right to change there mind. 3. It says this on the powers page Powers may be withdrawn from sale (so hurry get yours now!) The price of Powers will change up and down depending on demand 4. It was an April Fools power, you should have bought it when it first released.
  6. what is this script called?
  7. so did he make this or is it some script he edited
  8. This isn't the right place to suggest powers, and as Harrison pointed out, this has been suggested multiple times
  9. We don't need any more pawns, 5 is more than enough for the time being
  10. Pretty sure, there are other important things than fixing this glitch, the glitch isn't a major issue
  11. I just tried this, and don't have what you have
  12. Bit unfair though? sine it was never suggested on the official forum
  13. Paul

    Slushie power

    Like the idea, hopefully this will be made
  14. Not hating on the idea, but you should give the creator credit, http://projects.travisluong.com/html5-slot-machine/ other than that I like it
  15. Paul

    New Powers [SBACK]

    I thought that's what you said? when I asked you about it, unless you misunderstood to what I meant?
  16. Paul

    New Powers [SBACK]

    Flags on smilies wont be possible sadly
  17. This is what mazeban does? please explain the point of this game
  18. Only way this could work is maybe have it client sided, so only the user that uses it sees there colours there end. Another way is to have this as a group power, which would save the amount of abuse by it, yes it still be abused but it will be more controllable
  19. This has already ended, but nice choices anyway
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