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  1. can others stop thinking for there country? its funny you say that but someone else done the same so dont say that to me. If you didn't care why did you bother moaning about what i said?
  2. Paul


    I don't think we need this, if you truly trusted them you can give them the main link, and if there was any issues, they can remove you with manage power and update pass to change the link
  3. How would this be easy? it should be kept to rank order, plus its good the way it is to have it go by powers etc
  4. march here, so yes it is late
  5. I still think that it should be Family power, plus this power is too late for mothersday now
  6. Come on its gota have todo with SHREK This is my swamp!!!
  7. If i remember it was OFF by default so it's his fault to be honest that it come up
  8. Yes the transfer thing happend by a fexbot, when someone sent techrax xats/days the bot announced it and i guess he didn't like it, to be honest if he didn't want people to see transfers to him on his chat, he SHOULD of turned that log off
  9. Bots used to be able to read transfer logs but then admins removed it But yes, this would be great to have access too
  10. please dont lie, didn't ur parents tell you its bad to lie?
  11. I win guys and girls, I am the king of this topic
  12. I don't think this should be a power since these are standard smilies, there must be another way to add these, without making them a power
  13. Paul

    Country powers

    yeah, that be great
  14. Happy Birthday Gurl, your finally turning 15 haha? just kidding

    1. Lemona


      Hahah you're so funny (ugh)... Not that young ;) thanks xx

    2. Paul


      No Problem, btw this happy birthday message is meant to be for ur bday in 2017

  15. Paul

    updating xavi items

    I have been saying this for a while now, saying that we need more xavi items, Hopefully they will do it soon
  16. Yes as Arthur said, FEX doesn't use your guide, Also I think ARC and Ocean are the same, but i'm not 100% on that
  17. then yes, it should be enforced if its huge pries like that, but it should be down to the staff t decide if they think its being "abused"
  18. Yeah fairtrade could be updated more, but maybe your forgetting some people have school/college/uni, so they cant keep track of this all the time. It depends on the situation, if users are quoting silly prices then yes it should, but if its like 200 xats different I don't see an issue with it
  19. Samsung Galaxy all the way, even though I don't own one, If I was to go back to Android it would be a Samsung Galaxy. (Windows Phone user)
  20. Paul

    PcBack Edit

    or you could use the avatar link? http://www.xat.com/web_gear/chat/av/numberhere.png
  21. You an also use keys to control this, its up key to speed up
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