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  1. Paul

    BATHROOM Power

    You forgot a toilet
  2. xat, xat and more xat!!!. haha uh most likely find a part time job and hang out with friends
  3. You need to think about your suggestions and not post everything that comes to your mind, your past x amount have been said before, and the others are 90% obvious that they will be made, there is no need to suggest statuswave and statusgrad since they will most likely follow. When you have a suggestion, think about it for a few days, like how will it work, how it could look like, search to see if its been suggested before (it's not rocket science to look), once you have all that then post the suggestion with lots of examples of it
  4. I also agree on this, as when we tell them its been suggested before etc, they kick off about it, which then turns into drama, which isn't needed.
  5. Paul


    hmm as said, this has been said on the old forum, including controlling the speed
  6. Paul


    Omg the best power suggestion ever 10/10 on ideas. Yes that is sarcasm above, it is obvious at some point this power will be made, no point in suggesting this
  7. NOOO I was a noob and asked what happened , was unbanned after though
  8. Mine is when he forever snake banned me
  9. Buy a girlfriend, lmao uh tbh not really sure, I guess 5 billion dollars worth of xats?
  10. wrong its not £79 its like £35 as I had this and ended it before it charged me
  11. yes thats true, bots can do like 95% though, but what if people ask to test temp mod? should we give them temp owner on xat5 so they can test? since that is a testing chat! obviously that would be a no, but thats what people will be asking next
  12. So your saying like Limited Seasonal, Limited Special, Limited Holiday etc?
  13. @Leonel It is hard to tell when the power gets announced if it will be limited or unlimited, as sometimes that part of pow2 don't get updated. Also they can go up to a week or 2 before admins change it. there is no need to bring this back up, you should buy it as soon as it comes out, instead of moaning about it
  14. Yep thats why I think it could be good, but if it gets made I hope it don't turn out like Xavi and nothing new gets added
  15. Paul

    Muting Raids

    This is happening on xat5 and help alot, these raids are using the same name each time, luckily FEXBots has name detection as a ban so you can add these names on there and it will ban, also these names are often inapp so you can turn the turkish ban filter on
  16. Imagine the birthday kiss with the shark sound (for an example)
  17. Yeah, maybe we need a red nose power then xD
  18. thats with hugs, this is for kisses
  19. Ok then, how about making it so you can change color of the text? Obviously there are probs other things that can be added to this.
  20. I'm not good at making animations, but the idea should be fairly simple to get, if anyone can make rough animations to demonstrate this, that will be good if you post
  21. Hello all, today I am presenting you a new kiss idea. I thought of this new power and think it could be quiet good. How about having an app that allows you to create your own custom kisses? there would be some parts that would be free with the power, but to get additional things, you would have to buy these from a store (similar to xavi perhaps?) this would then allow you to create a kiss the way you want!. The store would include all kinds of things like Sounds, animations, different text types and more. Obviously due to being bale to customize these, these kisses would cost more then normal kisses, maybe the price for each one sent could be 50 xats min - 100 xats max. Anyone is free to add suggestions to this, just wondering on what you think and if you would use it?
  22. I never said it couldn't be made, i was just saying, nothing wrong with that. I know its a power and didn't say it remains important. To be honest this is pointless arguing over this
  23. can others stop thinking for there country? its funny you say that but someone else done the same so dont say that to me. If you didn't care why did you bother moaning about what i said?
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