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  1. I see your point, obviously this way is just a suggestion, if you or anyone else think of a better way to show the flag make a preview and i add it to the main post and say this was a preview how it could look by the user who said it could be shown this way
  2. Hello everyone, I have come up with this idea that would make flag power more useful, how about allowing flag power to add flags to your pawn?, you could have a code like hat#flag#wgb which would be United Kingdom flag on the pawn. With hat code (hat#flag#weu#) would be the hat code for the EU flag. This is @Stah view on how it could be done @Alecks view of it This would work with any of the flags xat has, the powers you will need for this power are flag and hat power. What are your thoughts on this? have you always wanted to have a flag on your pawn?
  3. Paul


    I don't see any need for this power sorry
  4. Call it GuessThePower (GTP) for short
  5. I didnt say its fully fair now, I basically said it is now fairer as in they are currently going in the right direction, more things still need to be done yes, since some users will still be affected by this, and these people might consider quiting xat due to these changes that will affect them, why should users be forced to pay (to gt 1000 xats value) to get support?
  6. Even though these changes now seem fairer I still think its bad in some cases, and the point Jedi has bought up is a good point
  7. Exactly this is just treating people differently that have paid money to use this service, which is 100% unfair, yeah I agree on some departments its needed to be like this, but come on lost access? anyone should be able to get it back even if they have no xats
  8. I also agree what is the point in this? It's unfair, people have multiple accounts or just cant afford that many xats, if they lose access they wont get helped? even if they have over 1k on another? All customers should be treated fairly and equally no matter how many xats they have or don't have, I know this don't affect most people due to them having over the 1000 xats value in store, People may have quit for a while who had no powers and have decided to join back and found now that they cant get there account back, and they could have a 5 dig id which would now be pointless and not used.
  9. Paul

    Xat Call

    its also a chat call too, without video
  10. Paul

    Xat Call

    We have a call feature already, why need for another?
  11. Paul

    Temp time power

    well that depends tbh, when we change time zone, this could get people confused by an hour, I know an hour isn't much but still, I think we need a countdown somewhere along the lines
  12. Paul

    Temp time power

    I still think we need a timer, I know its in events but this would help people are are in different time zones
  13. You need to explain what this is, if your not gonan explain this thread might aswell be closed
  14. Nice idea, also if this was made xat should use the xavi guy as the hangman person
  15. lol why would they? when they have a perfect working script already
  16. I also agree on what Jadiction and oj thinks
  17. Paul

    Silhouette power

    Nice idea, I like it
  18. Paul

    Outer Glow

    how is it even a feature of your power?
  19. Paul

    Outer Glow

    Hmm nice idea, when i suggested it people said, just use anime for the glow
  20. Paul

    Suggest ALLHats

    not the only one but yeah still a nice idea, could give credit though since it says about it
  21. Paul

    Suggest ALLHats

    Do you mean it can be set like xavi? there be a xavi app where you pick the hat you want?
  22. Why not make a power called aquarium this then can have a mixture of sea creatures/animals, not much to explain on this cause it would have a mixture
  23. Paul

    BATHROOM Power

    And it seems this user will miss this power
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