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  1. Paul

    Mobile suggestions

    on the old mobile for xat, you had a mobile pawn to show you are on mobile
  2. Just trolling

    (Just wanted to be apart of the Just thing :(, but couldn't think of anything)

  3. No, can we change contributors to green
  4. To be honest I dont have an issue if people post pics from Google as long as they say where they got them from and give a reference. (smiley makers need some kind of reference to work from, this would save them time trying to find some them self)
  5. Paul


    could be combined with this suggestion, if it got made
  6. Paul


    Fex already has this, you can do it by using !baninfo
  7. Paul


    Not 100% sure what u mean, but i have sent this to a fex dev
  8. Paul

    Punch- Smiley Punch

    We have to punch a bunny @Rida
  9. Paul


    Nice and yeah maybe
  10. Paul


    pretty sure he means send the doodle in the chat so everyone can see, even if they dont have doodle open. Do you even read the thread?
  11. Paul


    I can picture what you mean, I think it could work, once i find a screenshot I will post it to confirm if you mean something like this EDIT: Do you mean something like this? It's not the thing im thinking of, but close to it.
  12. Paul

    Forum Status

    Should be possible since there are mods for IPB
  13. Paul


    Have xats HQ there hahah and yeah, the traffic would get more intense the longer the ban is or the difficulty set on the gamerace
  14. Paul


    There is another game that i used to play on the PC but can't find it but this is the closest to it
  15. Paul


    I thought of a new type of gameban which could also be turned into a race game too, this game is called CarBan and CarRace. Here is a preview of the idea With this game you would need to dodge obstacles such as Oil, Water, Holes, Cars, Cones, Trafficlight and any other objects that you can think of that would make the game more fun. Obviously the higheer the level the harder the game will be, that could be anything from more obstacles to doge or even the game running faster. I think this will be challening since we will never know whats coming up next. The controls would be the arrow keys. Smileys could include: Car Wheel Oil Cone Trafficlight and a few more of the obstacles thats in the game. What are your views on this game?
  16. I knew I saw this somwhere
  17. Paul

    Nameflag with num

    with that its limited to 3 letters, this wuld have no limit
  18. I have an idea which could possibly work so you know you can use num on flag like this how about having it in your name? kinda like dynamic text. Currently don't have a preview but you should be able to imagine how it could look, but i'm hoping to have a preview soon. You would basically have a blank name, so the code would just be like (glow#flagnum#TEXT_HERE) and the flag would display your name, obviously you would be able to have a flag as the background with your name on it
  19. I cant see it working well, they will need to go though it alot, and what code would you use to use your flag? flag#urlhere?
  20. Paul

    Pickles power

    oh god its plankton from spongebob
  21. Paul

    Flags with xavi!

    I agree, we need someting to make xavi more useful, since its so outdated now and not used as much
  22. Nice and yh maybe
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