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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you all will have a nice Christmas spending time with your family and getting nice presents. What are your plans for this today? What did you get for Christmas?
  2. we not saying remove the time limit, we are saying if it gives you the login error, you shouldn't have to wait 4 mins to buy the power, since you didnt get to buy it on first try
  3. I agree on this!. This is why i re login like 5 mins before the new power releases so i dont get this message
  4. Paul

    Suggest Hats

    How about a pawn that you can only use if your married, you both have a choice of 2 crowns to use, this way you can be king and queen and maybe something similar for BFF people but haven't thought what could be used yet. Or you have any other ideas? I just feel there should be a "unique" pawn that only Married and BFF people can use
  5. Paul

    Chips Power

    Chips in UK and USA are completely different
  6. Paul

    Chips Power

    these are chips
  7. Paul

    Chips Power

    Pringles are NOT chips , they are crisps
  8. if these are perm then it kinda looks like they are
  9. Paul

    Suggest Hats

    I know this isn't suggesting an individual hat, but I had an idea. You know we have seasonal/holiday logos how about having some standard seasonal hats? that get changed during the season? these would only require hat power! Example: During Winter we could have a hat that gives your pawn a hat and gloves, of course there would be other ones added too, I just think that by doing this could get more users to buy hat power if they cant afford a new power each week to get the limited pawn.
  10. Not sure if these are perm but i have just noticed that there are 2 "new" pawns/hats that are added which both require hat power I know we have had these pawns/hats before but then went, are these a first set of the new pawns/hats we might have? Oh and BTW the pawn/hats codes are hr and hf
  11. Why did this dude have to be picked?
  12. Please don't turn xat turn into Nyan cat
  13. Paul

    Gift Payment

    Steam has something like this. I support this idea
  14. Paul

    xavi profiles

    nice idea, this would be useful! @Techy what you think?
  15. I agree that this should be done
  16. this smilie is abit big for an avi! Why is this one bigger than the others?
  17. oo this should be fun! No hug?
  18. Its too late to make him main for halloween! hahah Congratulations!
  19. Paul


    Why would we need this? we can do it our self edit and remove the code, there is no point in a power for this
  20. Paul


    pretty sure this can be done with CSS
  21. its like a dream come true!!, you wont be missed
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