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  1. Paul

    BOO 411

    Powers like this are most likely pre planned, its near Halloween so boo was most likely a planed power for Halloween at some point. It was obvious that this power would be made at some point! So no this wasn't based off Zukes suggestion
  2. this smiley works, please try it again!
  3. both look the same to me
  4. Paul


    "Introducing the Surface power, the power that works on multiple devices"
  5. I said glow, not the text colour
  6. Use CSS then to change it your end
  7. I still dont see why this needs to be made, what use will it bring? Maybe we need scrollglow
  8. I dont see any need to change it, explain why it would need to be made editable?
  9. I like this, I had a similar idea but it would of displayed on the left of the chat (where the apps are, like doodle etc)
  10. tthis done right? these are two that could be added '' => array(134, "p1snake), // Snakeban, // '' => array(134, "p1apple), // Snakeban, //
  11. Paul


    Why do you need to re register it?
  12. Paul

    Pop Hug

    I agree, the names should be shown in main
  13. Paul

    COMICS 403

    Im not a chairman, but I think we should have more than 10
  14. Paul

    COMICS 403

    This would be great if they done this, we could set our own, since there will be diff styles perhaps after cback we do style1, style2 etc ? so it be like (TEXT#cback#style1)
  15. Paul

    COMICS 403

    Here is some ideas too!
  16. Paul

    COMICS 403

    I like this power alot, i think it will be good, but think it be even better if its animated! maybe even add a hug and kiss to this. And for anyone who isn't clear on here the next 5 are our ideas on the power
  17. I used to run a site with someone which basically allowed you to do this, upload images, create own album etc using the right software this is possible
  18. Paul

    Mobile suggestions

    on the old mobile for xat, you had a mobile pawn to show you are on mobile
  19. Just trolling

    (Just wanted to be apart of the Just thing :(, but couldn't think of anything)

  20. No, can we change contributors to green
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