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  1. Paul


    Why would we need this? we can do it our self edit and remove the code, there is no point in a power for this
  2. Paul


    pretty sure this can be done with CSS
  3. its like a dream come true!!, you wont be missed
  4. Paul


    I dont think this should be a power, if it was made it should be a FREE feature, plus users could edit the text after and make it be a inapp word! (guessing it be a different packet sent if edited message, bots might not pick this up)
  5. Paul

    Boo Power

    its working, whats wrong with it?
  6. Paul

    Advanced Pawns

    This is nice even though it has been suggested a few times before, we suggested that it would be xavi based and can buy add ons in a store like the xavi one
  7. incorrect, it wasnt "pulled" it was a paid script, I know the developer for it
  8. I heard my name mentioned , yh past few months been really busy with work, so not had time to maintain it
  9. Paul

    BOO 411

    Powers like this are most likely pre planned, its near Halloween so boo was most likely a planed power for Halloween at some point. It was obvious that this power would be made at some point! So no this wasn't based off Zukes suggestion
  10. this smiley works, please try it again!
  11. both look the same to me
  12. Paul


    "Introducing the Surface power, the power that works on multiple devices"
  13. I said glow, not the text colour
  14. Use CSS then to change it your end
  15. I still dont see why this needs to be made, what use will it bring? Maybe we need scrollglow
  16. I dont see any need to change it, explain why it would need to be made editable?
  17. I like this, I had a similar idea but it would of displayed on the left of the chat (where the apps are, like doodle etc)
  18. tthis done right? these are two that could be added '' => array(134, "p1snake), // Snakeban, // '' => array(134, "p1apple), // Snakeban, //
  19. Paul


    Why do you need to re register it?
  20. Paul

    Pop Hug

    I agree, the names should be shown in main
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