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  1. Paul

    430 RUBY

    please make it so bots can use them! I'm sure lots of users will want to be able to change it, for their bot too
  2. Paul

    430 RUBY

    is this just with gold? It be nice on blueman I can tell, we should gr given this effect for all pawns
  3. Paul

    430 RUBY

    someone screenshot it? I'm at work currently
  4. if he doesn't want to be signed in automatically why don't he just untick the box?
  5. it would be [chat:728:486:5633523:Trade]
  6. it be [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name] like that but with your chatname nd chat id
  7. It's hard to block every user right away, plus we don't know everyone on xat so some users could have bad codes with innocent xat users getting affected by it before we find it.
  8. The whole reason for this code change is to make xat safer for us, it is found this is the best way to keep xat users safe from users using bad codes
  9. Paul

    430 RUBY

    I think emerald is better than ruby pawn, ruby is plain now
  10. Paul

    430 RUBY

    Or make it Saphire
  11. If one of us makes a new post here with all the [] codes, it be easier for admins to see them all at once. I will start, here are a list of codes that's been suggested: [xatradio:500:700:player/4cd7d0c41.html] [font:Open+Sans] [youtube:name:100:300:VIDEO_ID:autoplay=1&loop=1] [fb:PAGE URL OR NAME] -- Display latest posts from a Facebook profile [fbbox:PAGE URL OR NAME] -- Display Like / Follow buttons [twitter:PAGE URL OR NAME] -- Display all latest posts from a Twitter profile [soundcloud:width:height:TRACKID] You do mean something like this right?
  12. Paul

    xat space issue

    Check this thread, Admin said its been disabled
  13. how about a shoutout box for people that have ME power, this could be linked to offline messages maybe
  14. could add a button for these bbcodes to the toolbar, for an example YouTube, it asks for the size.you want for the player and link. (you could even have a tick option to make it invisible). EDIT: The tool bar on the editor, there should be plenty out there that let's you customize it
  15. technically you wasn't "told" to remove it but ok
  16. infact xat_test was on this untill Arthur removed it
  17. already reported, hopefully, it is fixed soon. This is part of the winner power since you can't buy it without completing the quiz
  18. It's been removed anyway
  19. I had an issue like this and i turned this setting to enabled chrome://flags/#run-all-flash-in-allow-mode
  20. This shouldn't take long to approve them sine I said contributors could approve them, depending on how admin does it if it got done. This would be different from smilies and would allow users to have their own come up on the chat. The copyrighted shouldn't be an issue since that would be one of the rules, and we would check into them to see if they are free to use etc, but mostly it should be user made.
  21. I am presenting you with a new power idea, I thought of this idea from the Stickers feature on FaceBook. I was thinking xat could have something similar to this, it would allow users to create their own stickers, these can either be GIFS (could be done how avatars are done) or still images. To get your stickers added to this feature you would need to submit them to xat, which will need to be approved, to make sure they abide by the rules of xat. The people that would approve/deny them would be Volunteers/Contributors. On special occasions xat could add stickers that they have made, (i.e for holidays and seasons) these could either be free or a price set by xat. Some powers could also include some of these stickers. I can see this being beneficial to xat and could make it more active since we would be giving users a chance to be added to a new feature. What do you think?
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