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  1. Paul


    I know its not the same, but we had something similar to this before, but it was for ID's instead! I like this idea, but lets save it for another time!
  2. Nice, i think about using that on on xat5!
  3. Paul

    551 AHAIR

    Nice power! Inb4 Superhair
  4. If you want to test fido and dont have the power head xat_test and use !fido command!
  5. this is a first, who knows admins may do more in the future? i'd like to see some future powers with stickers with them
  6. Paul

    New Store page

    The cart is only an idea I had, hopefully it gets added
  7. Paul

    New Store page

    And a nice search feature too! . what do you people think of a checkout? (list of powers you have selected to buy shows up on the right of the table)
  8. Paul

    Shortname Page Update

    I agree it would be nice to have another app in the future called "xat messenger" to work how facebook messenger works. it would basically be "xat lite"
  9. I agree the heart would make a good forum emotion
  10. Paul

    Just wanted to say, Happy Unbirthday!

    1. Luig


      Thank you! Where's my gift and my cake? Oh, happy Unbirthday to you too!

    2. Paul


      Thanks buddy,  it's so cool we share the same unbirthday!

  11. I don't agree with one part, and that's the thread part, if you make a thread they should be able to reply to the thread.
  12. please add this ID 192212300 @Admin
  13. Congrats to the new volunteers
  14. Happy Birthday 

  15. Paul


    Maybe a different type of pawn, making a game shouldn't get you that pawn, perhaps a game controller icon would be better?
  16. how about good old classic hangman
  17. here is a screenshot of the game pretty neat game
  18. Paul

    520 KCAR

    new name is kcar
  19. Paul

    520 KCAR

    We have reported this to admin, will update when we get a response
  20. briefly mentioned this to @Maverick this is caused by cache
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