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  1. Very nice! I love the idea of the point system. The capsule is another neat idea, which would be a big benefit, to be a Sub+ to earn powers/xats/days
  2. Exactly! In my post I know i mentioned about the discount, that was just an idea, it can be a higher discount, I was just using that as an example of a benefit, but yeah I Like your thinking!. Yes the power could either be added automatically to the account, you have made a good point about this, this part slipped my mind about it being a Limited or Unlimited power. perhaps if the power is Limited, you still get some benefit from it, but it wont be as big as it would be on Unlimited powers.
  3. this is completely different, these packages wouldn't be for xats/days.
  4. This new Subscription could be called Sub+ With Sub+ it is an additional package you can buy, which you wont have to have days for since this will be part of the package your subscribed to. You will receive perks for being a Sub+ which would include an additional pawn (everypower wont be required for this pawn, but if you do have everypower, you get another perk on top of this). Also with this depending on the price of the plan, you wll get the power added to your account automatically, which it will deduct xats from your account, with being a sub+ you also get 20% - 40%
  5. It be nice if we had an option, when we trading powers to unassign a group power in the trade app, Im sure a number of times all of us have forgot to unassign a power, and then having to login to find where its assigned so we can unassign it, this would save so much hassle
  6. did i read right that this power isnt required for everypower?
  7. I would also like to suggest to allow us to make "short cuts" this will allow you to drag apps to the side bar, allowing you to open one of the apps you use lots quickly. Example: You open the app menu and click and drag doodle to the side and this will add it to the side panel.
  8. great update! loving the new features, and like how you can collapse the user list. Suggestion: Make a option in settings panel to have the user panel collapsed as default
  9. Paul

    New Markdown Feature

    awesome update love it!
  10. Great News! You Can Now Play This Below Your Chat! Try it here! https://xat.com/xat5?p=4 Short Code: [radiohtml:100%:800:2d78956f5]
  11. maybe also if abused the user loses the power?
  12. this be nice instead of coloured bubbles, perhaps it could be smileys? and call it Smiley Shooter! example:
  13. how about adding another option for hands? using with hand power, obviously hand power would be required
  14. ooo intresting power, will we have an app to make these? something kinda similar to stick power app
  15. how about make it an option in GControl? and maybe have other options too, maybe allow mods to see invisible owners?
  16. Paul

    xat Uno Game

    @Junior what happend with your game?
  17. Paul


    I know its not the same, but we had something similar to this before, but it was for ID's instead! I like this idea, but lets save it for another time!
  18. Nice, i think about using that on on xat5!
  19. Paul

    551 AHAIR

    Nice power! Inb4 Superhair
  20. If you want to test fido and dont have the power head xat_test and use !fido command!
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