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  1. I will cross you off the list once you have claimed your prize! 1st Prize goes to: LiLiLianax (1523633872) = Ruby https://prnt.sc/12nehhx https://prnt.sc/12neias 2nd Prize goes to: KARY (137919842) = 4000 xats https://prnt.sc/12otp78 3rd Prize goes to: FLake (160987981) = 3000 xats https://prnt.sc/12pz3an 4th Prize goes to: TED1 (10001000) = 2000 xats https://prnt.sc/12neldk 5th Prize goes to: Leandro (1010206) = 1500 xats https://prnt.sc/12ovedg 6th Prize goes to: Amyy (1000033) = 1000 xats 7th Prize goes to: Page (10000053) = 900 xats https://prnt.sc/12otcpw 8th Prize
  2. Stif

    Happy birthday Paul!

  3. Happy Birthday Paul

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    Paul walker


  5. HBD paul wishing u more wishes to come

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  6. Page

    Happy birthday bro hope u have a nice and amazing day 

  7. Liana

    Happy Birthday Paul


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  8. Nathy

    oo happy bday paul *gives a cake* i wish the best for u (hug)!

  9. I have a simple wish for you. May all the wishes you have made come true on this day.

    Happy Birthday @Paul!


  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day, enjoy it.🎂🎈

  11. Miel

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your day🎈🎉🎂

  12. Happy Birthday Paul(hug)!

    1. Paul


      Thank you 

  13. HBD! I wish you all the best!! 

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    1. Paul


      Thank you

  14. You can now collect your prizes from me. I will cross you out on the list once you have received your prize 1st. Lidacry (581767823)= 43% points | 10,000 xats https://prnt.sc/114zle4 2nd. FORYOU (101834553) = 42% points | 5,000 xats https://prnt.sc/1150jlc 3rd. iiiYaguito (1531497660)= 41% points | 3,000 xats https://prnt.sc/119vwb1 4th. Stif (344107857)= 34% points | 2,000 xats https://prnt.sc/1150gsw 5th. xELIF (1010203)= 32% | 1,500 xats https://prnt.sc/114zjug 6th. thefLowery (1531162882)= 29% points | 1,000 xats https://prnt.sc/1152lom
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