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  1. Paul

    New Markdown Feature

    awesome update love it!
  2. iDan

    +1 follower

  3. Great News! You Can Now Play This Below Your Chat! Try it here! https://xat.com/xat5?p=4 Short Code: [radiohtml:100%:800:2d78956f5]
  4. maybe also if abused the user loses the power?
  5. this be nice instead of coloured bubbles, perhaps it could be smileys? and call it Smiley Shooter! example:
  6. Paul

    589 FACE

    how about adding another option for hands? using with hand power, obviously hand power would be required
  7. Paul

    589 FACE

    ooo intresting power, will we have an app to make these? something kinda similar to stick power app
  8. Paul

    Invisible power update

    how about make it an option in GControl? and maybe have other options too, maybe allow mods to see invisible owners?
  9. d64fc4e4 and bf660cea xat5
  10. Happy Birthday Cutie c; <3

  11. happ b day!!!

  12. Have a nice birthday @Paul!

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