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  1. how about a new kiss that can come with this power, perhaps a pie in the face. one pawn chucks the pie and it hits the other pawn in the face and then the text appears!!
  2. I confirm I am holding the prize
  3. It will work soon, just need to wait
  4. Auto login was done [chat:728:486:5:xat_test:autologin]
  5. If you have the issue I think you do by reading the title, you can only have ONE ticket open at a time.
  6. one of the smilies lags a lot, think it maybe blackhole2
  7. It's only for chats. Reason i said checks would be made is because of copyrighted stuff, it would be kept strictly to stuff people made themselves and free to use stuff
  8. This one should be added too, since this solves the issue too. chrome://flags/#run-all-flash-in-allow-mode
  9. You can't, this was just a preview on how it could be done, if it gets added to the toolbar
  10. been suggested, not sure of the outcome yet, while they are still making a few edits here and their its not worth making this right now. Hopefully once they have finished this. i made a screenshot for this too. this was for the chatrooms, but this would work same way for everything!
  11. nice addition to hug can't wait to see more! maybe the 8ball kiss could be done too?
  12. That will give them more work to do, which I'm sure they are busy enough with doing tickets
  13. You should remove the xat logo on your site. I had a xat styled logo on one of my sites, xattools and was asked to change it.