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  1. Did you have a fun time though
  2. I agree we should have an option to make them flash, so yeah make default = no flash also nice new power
  3. Are you posting this to tell us that we are invited to tag along?
  4. This is correct, it does seem that you need everypower to change the colour, but it doesn't state that on wiki. code used: (glow#0#jewel#ffff00#ff0000)
  5. Another EGGTASTIC power. Good work!
  6. Good Morning!

  7. 💗❤ 

    1. Daniel



    2. Agustina


      oh i was sleeping lol

  8. i win the winning post
  9. Hey, Good Morning!


    (let's see how many other people comments on this now)

    1. Agustina


      Only me because you posted this too earlier, PAOL.

      :$ hi

    2. Paul


      not early for me

  10. meep meep
  11. Ok you win
  12. No problem @Agustina
  13. I won by not trying, @Agustina