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  1. pcback contest!

    Syndra collected prize http://prntscr.com/gkfg55
  2. Manu has prize now http://prntscr.com/gjybq9
  3. pcback contest!

    Ethan collected prize http://prntscr.com/gjw9ul
  4. Jean has collected prize http://prntscr.com/gjizd1
  5. 3rd place has there prize http://prntscr.com/gjdsac
  6. Abandon the Contributors.

    I am handling it professionally. I don't suggest people cause they tell me too, I know if I should suggest the or not without them telling me.
  7. Abandon the Contributors.

    Lol most of this was rubbish, rememeber when you begged me to suggest you as a contributor? All this facts you "say" is not even true. People are suggested if they do stuff that helps xat
  8. Rent-A-Pawn

    and i suggested this before on old forum in depth
  9. Hi

  10. I confirm I am holding the prize
  11. Hi

  12. pcback contest!

    Confirmed im holding the prize of 5k
  13. test

  14. test2