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  1. Hi i have see this topic Fixed: Ticket Status Issue how i see my ticket if i dont have reply to my ticket and my powers was changeit i have check it whit bot but whit fexbots i have 17 powers and whit arcbits have 11 powers the last powers from my account what i have last time!
  2. http://prntscr.com/b5ymtw i have beed banned because i have pray one vol to check my account where is the justice
  3. Need to know who have change it my powers really nobody have acces because mail was lost and i have made ticket and nobody answer now i see powers is different!
  4. People have account locked and have 1 months and no reply shoud one vol reply people message to know how to do!
  5. Hello i have one account on xat.com Name account is DonyHelper I have lost my email in nov because xat.com have problems . I was remember my powers i have noted How i acces my account back ? I have send ticket but nobody answer. I know my security question is normaly if website have problem to resolve it.
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